Not Useless

 Get ready for some late night Patton angst (and fluff, at the end). Hope you guys enjoy!

 Patton’s usual grin wasn’t present, which sort of tipped Logan off. Logan wasn’t one who really understood emotions, but he liked to think he knew Patton enough to tell when something was wrong. And a lack of any sort of smile was a huge tell.

 “Patton? Is something bothering you?” Patton jumped at his voice and turned to look at him. He smiled, but it was clearly forced.

 “Yeah! I’m fine, don’t worry teach.” Logan watched as Patton stood up and stretched.

 “I think I’m gonna hit the hay early. Night Logan!” Patton started walking off toward the door that led into the wall, still smiling. Logan’s eyebrows furrowed. Something was clearly wrong. Logan sighed and put down his pencil. He then reached his hand over to grab Patton around the middle. Patton yelped in surprise and immediately started squirming in his hand.

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An Accidental Flip pt. 6

Author’s note: psst… this is the last part of the intro! If you want to read more of Amanda and Allison’s adventures (and who doesn’t?) be sure to send in asks or ideas of what to do next to us! WE WILL WRITE THEM!!


Mark and Jack returned to their room after the long last day of Vidcon.

“Man, I can’t believe it’s over.” Mark tossed his backpack down on the ground near his bed.

“I know dude! I wish I could stay longer.” Jack let his own backpack drop to the floor. “But my flight starts boarding in an hour.” He continued. He looked around the messy room. “I gotta hurry and pack all this stuff up.” He started reaching for a shirt on the ground before suddenly pausing. His hands went to his head.

“Mark? Do you have my hat?”

“No, I think you left it in the lobby.” Mark reminded him.

“Dang it.” Jack walked to the door. “Guess I’ll be back.”

“Here, I’ll come with you.” Mark offered, jogging out the door after his friend.

“NOW!” Amanda shouted, running full speed out from under Jack’s bed and towards his backpack. She jumped up and grabbed a hold of the zipper to open up the main compartment.

Allison followed close behind her and watched her friend get the zipper down. She started her job as lookout, watching the door worryingly.

“Just hurry up, okay? They’ll be back any minute now.”

“Where is it?” Amanda hissed, frantically digging through the mess of cookies, clothes and candy. “It’s got to be around here somewhere…” Amanda’s eye suddenly spotted a shiny object down near the bottom of the bag. “There!” Amanda practically dove to the bottom, now completely out of sight.

“Did you find it?” Allison asked, but was cut off by a distant voice and the handle on the door jiggling a bit. Allison’s face went white.

“Amanda!” She banged on the side of the bag. “Get out of there! They’re back!”

“I’ve almost got it, give me two seconds!” Amanda’s voice was muffled by the clothing. “Go on, i’ll join you in a moment, don’t worry.”

Allison bit her lip and watched the door open, revealing the two humans. She ran under the bed and then turned around, hoping to see Amanda following her.

“Alright, leave anything else important behind?” Mark teased his friend, tapping Jack’s hat. “Your shoes? Your weird earring thing? Your dignity?”

“Ha ha, you’re hilarious Mark.” Jack said sarcastically, smiling. “I think I have everything, just need to put the rest of these shirts away.” He said, motioning toward the few shirts scattered around. He started to pick them up and, not wanting to open up his suitcase again, decided to stuff them in his backpack.

“There, all set.”

“Got it!” Amanda grabbed her hook triumphantly, only to feel something soft and heavy fall on her head. “What the…? Uh oh.” Amanda could only watch as more shirts were stuffed into the bag, covering up her escape route. Quickly she tried to squeeze out of the mess without being seen.

“Alright, well it’s been great rooming with you this weekend.” Mark smiled, pulling his friend in for a hug.

Jack laughed and welcomed the hug before pulling away. “Yeah, we should do it again sometime.” Jack laughed and zipped up his backpack, pulling it onto his shoulder. He then grabbed his rolling suitcase.

“We’ll have to set up a collab soon, maybe with Bob and Wade.” Jack said, already heading towards the door.

Allison’s face had paled considerably as she watched the scene unfold in front of her. Amanda was still trapped inside the bag. The bag that was now several feet in the air, closed, and about to be on a plane to England.

She was gonna be sick.

Amanda tried to hold back a yelp as she was tossed about in the bag swinging from Jack’s shoulder. “This isn’t good.” Amanda muttered to herself, trying to dodge a candy bar that came dangerously close to hitting her in the head. Was Jack really gonna leave with Amanda as his unknowing passenger? How was she going to get home?

Amanda was trying very hard not to panic. What had she been thinking? Amanda had done a lot of stupid things in her borrower days, but she had also always been able to get herself out of trouble. This time, however, Amanda wasn’t seeing a way out of this.

Jack’s phone dinged and he pulled it out to check it, his eyes went wide. “Okay, yeah. I really gotta get going now. See ya!” And with that, Jack was out the door and on his way to the airport.

It had all happened so fast. One second there, the next completely gone. Allison’s mind raced with an overwhelming amount of thoughts and feelings. This wasn’t supposed to have happened. They were supposed to be going home together!

Allison felt the tears roll down her cheeks and she found herself breaking into quiet sobs. What was she going to do now?

“Bye, Jack!” Mark waved goodbye to his friend. He pulled out his phone and jumped onto his bed, deciding to kill some time on twitter until he had to head home as well.

Jack made it to the airport on time, thankfully, and had boarded the plane without a problem. He put his backpack between his legs and pulled out his headphones and phone, finding something to listen to for the long journey ahead.

Amanda took a second to breathe when her surroundings finally settled down. She could hear the distant roar of plane engines signalling her doom. Amanda stretched her limbs, already sore and bruising from being jostled about so much in the cramped backpack.

“What am I gonna do?” Amanda groaned to herself. There was almost no chance of her ever returning home. She took a bit of one of the cookies in the bag and began to nibble on it sadly, pondering her options.

“I suppose i’m just going to accept this new life.” Amanda gave a sad shrug. “I hope Jack’s house doesn’t have other borrowers already, I don’t want to intrude. What is England like? What’s Jack like?” Suddenly Amanda’s bit of cookie dropped out of her hand as she remembered Allison. The poor girl was probably running around panicking like a chicken with its head cut off, and it was entirely Amanda’s fault. She should have listened to her friend and gotten out while she still had a chance.

Amanda let out a sigh, burrowing down under one of the hoodies with her cookie parts. It was going to be a long flight.

Allison wiped her tears. She lost track of time of how long she had been crying. But every time she thought about it, she wanted to cry again. Amanda was on a plane to England right now. A place across the ocean, a place a borrower could never get to on their own. Was Amanda lost forever?


No, Allison could not accept that. Amanda was her only friend in this cruel, giant world. She couldn’t just give up on her like this! But what was she gonna do? She was in a world made for giants. If she ever wanted Amanda back she would have to…

Allison’s eyes widened at the idea that entered her mind. She sat against the wall, hand rubbing over her face. That was crazy, she was crazy for even thinking that.

Her shoulders slumped at the thought of going home alone, though. She crawled a bit closer to the side of the bed and looked to see what Mark was currently doing.

“Oh, I should probably pack up too.” Mark said, taking a look at the time. He began to gather his clothes off the ground and put them into his suitcase.

Allison bolted up. She needed to get in that suitcase before Mark finished. Waiting until his back was turned, Allison ran out and hopped into the luggage, burrowing herself into the folds of clothes.

 (This is very old and I’m sorry for taking this long to answer). Interesting fact, Anthony and Ian were the first youtubers I wrote Gt for! I kind of grew out of my obsession of them a bit before starting this blog, which is why I didn’t include them in my au, but I do have a few unfinished works from back then.

 This is from, like, 2014, so I’m sorry if it’s really bad.

 Ian had considered himself lucky. He lived in a pretty big house with only an older lady to worry about. She was almost never home and when she was she never strayed far from her room. Ian was basically allowed to roam the house whenever he wanted. Borrowing more than enough supplies for him to live and even enough to allow him some small comforts back in his room in a wall.

 But he knew his luck had run out when the lady had moved out and a guy around his age moved in. For the whole of the moving day, Ian had to stay in the walls. There were too many people out and about, and he had to start being more careful. At least until he figured out the guys habits.

 It took eight hours, but the movers had finally gone and all that was left inside the house was the owner. Ian left the wall and looked around the living area. Boxes scattered to floor, the height of at least a two story house. The only thing Ian could see from his position on the floor was the human, who had already started unpacking. Ian ran back into the wall, in fear of being seen. As he made his way back to his little room, a part of him hoped his life would go back to normal. But the other part knew nothing would ever be the same.

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First Look: The New BMW M8 GTE

BMW Motorsport presented its new top-of-the-range model for the international GT racing scene at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main: the BMW M8 GTE. Before the BMW 8 Series Coupé goes on sale, the race car will compete on the track next season, including in the FIA World Endurance Championship (FIA WEC). It is with this series that BMW Motorsport will also make its return to the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans (FRA).