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i’m not sure if someone’s already written about this (if this is common knowledge already, mea culpa, but i was personally shook)

in the iconic le Carrot Peeling scene, we see yousef smiling to himself a LOT– right after he grabs his drink. i thought that this was ALL in reaction to sana handling the peeler, and IT IS- but only the second time around. 

the first time he smiles to himself, he’s noticed the (telling) change in radio stations, i.e. sana’s attempt to reduce the tension by shutting ed sheeran the hell up 

(screencaps below)

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alexparrsih  asked:

First and current impressions of the crow children? :)

Then > classic captain character, reliable
Now > absolute dork and I love him for it, not as mature, still an awesome captain

Then > soft spoken, kind, will support his kohai through everything
Now > sweet but deadly, will definitely blackmail you with your third grade crush, still supports his kohai

Then > soft, insecure, a lil mysterious, probably has some overly dramatic backstory
Now > zero mystery, had a bad day for a few months, will still slam that ball, tries to be wild but isn’t

Then > !!!! this guy’s gonna kick some butt!!! after he tones it down a bit
Now > dork, angry cryer, flattery gets you everywhere. I admire his hardiness

Then > too flirty, put ur shirt back on
Now > precious boy, I love him and his haiku, future ace, give him love

Then > (how do I describe my immediate love for him and accurately portray the characteristics that reminded me of myself from the first episode without sounding narcissistic) he’s got ethics about hard work, just rough around the edges, trying his best, perfectionist
Now > HOW FAR YOU’VE COME MY BOY, still trying his best, I love him

Then > typical enthusiastic protagonist with bright hair
Now > sweet child, ily, will kick your butt with his eyes closed and will come out of the whole thing as your best friend

Then > (literally my first thoughts upon his appearance) “wow, what a jerk. I’m gonna love him later on, won’t I”
Now > I was right, I love him, super smart, just a bit prickly on the outside, you want him for you and not against you

Then > the tall one’s lackey, freckles!!!
Now > future captain, will throw shade if necessary, a friend ™

Since i got bored seeing this two woohooing  like rabbits nonstop , and because i had a feeling i’m going too easy  on them i decided to sell their house,move them on other lot,buy them this stuff you are seeing on this pic and then in the end to set their family funds on zero >:D I have also changed their lifetime wishes so now they both have living in the lap of luxury ( have a total net worth of $100,000 simoleons) LTW so basically my goal is to see how fast they will get there (thought i believe they won’t take long since they already have almost 10.000 simolens after just three sim days)

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Hi! Sorry to bother you. I've been wondering how much Sakura has (or hasn't) been changed between the original Japanese script vs the localized one? I know you're more of a Takumi person when it comes to Fates meta/translation analysis, but I was hoping to get some insight. tyvm ^^

Oh no it’s fine. Sakura is actually among my top favourites as well, so I am more than fine with talking about her.

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musical meme: The Scarlet Pimpernel?

I haven’t heard it!

…and to be honest, that’s intentional. I read the book once long long ago, and it will probably surprise no one that my enjoyment of a story about a Heroic Rich Guy subverting the Villainous French Revolution was zero. >_< I get why people like it! There’s swashes buckled and all! But I just. Cannot.  So I’m giving this one a pass. 

 Okay so I re-read VK from Vol 1 through to Vol 19 and I have concluded:
>I still hate Kaname (no hate for when he was a tiny little child though, he was innocent too back then tbh)
>Yuuki has a massive guilt complex and blames herself for everything that goes wrong like…ever 
>Arc 1 Zero is emo af 
>Kaito speaks the truth 
>I wouldn’t even mind Maria x Zero
>I still ship Zeki, and the progression in Memories is good but…I can see why people think Zero is sloppy seconds and Yuuki doesn’t feel that strongly for him (if you’re a surface reader, I can see why you’d see it that way)  
>I still don’t get why Kaname went nuts after Yuuki said she’d try to be his equal, the only explanation I took from it was he was so pleased with himself for destroying the senate that he couldn’t stop there no matter how hard he tried to fight it
>Aidou being smacked around multiple times in just the first 3 volumes is not cool
>Yuuki being referred to like an object that Kaname wants Zero to protect for him until he can just selfishly take her away is not cool
>Kaname calling Yuuki a terrible fiancee is not cool 
>Yuuki not giving too much of a damn about Kaname doing what he did to Zero’s family is not cool 

Overall…I love Zero but he deserves far better than Yuuki. I embrace his choice because in the long run it’s what made him happiest and I just want Zero to be happy tbh. 


Zero is in a shipping war!~
Arith Vs Kina!? Who will win?!
Stay tuned on my Tumblr! >w<
Arithmetic: Zero Is Mine! 💢💢

Kina: No! Mine! 💢💢

Zero: I like both of em,cause their sweet and talented,also I dont know what’s goin in here…😓😓
Zero belongs to me
Kina belongs to @/kiinayu on Instagram
Arithmetic belongs to @trashy-artzy-me


** planning to take traditional commissions ! **


{ prints, postcards, bookmarks }

<< /// = tentative & wip >>> 

Re:Zero : Rem & Ram + genderbend

Nier Automata : 2B  /// 9S 

Overwatch : Genji, Hanzo, Dva, /// SombraxReaperxWidowmaker

Pokemon : {STICKERS} Zubat, Rattata x2, Tentacool /// caterpie & weedle

====additional tentative==== 

+ Final Fantasy XV

+ Love Live {Muse}

+ Touhou : Reimu, Cirno

+ Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure 

Professor plz

>checks grades
>sees one grade is a zero
>me: question mark???
>checks assignment
>knows for a fact I turned it in
>recalls that due to weird circumstances, I had an extension and I had to email it (and I was given a different assignment because I couldn’t actually do the original one. I had to interview a writing center. I couldn’t get in contact with someone. Professor changed the assignment to a research paper)
>Me: don’t fucking tell me….
>knows I emailed it and knows he received it
>sent an email asking wtf going on, explained I’m used to zeros = I didn’t turn something in.
>gotta wait on a response
>generally doesn’t give a fuck if it’s a failing grade, just care it isn’t a zero

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