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“Yuri on Stage” translated bits from /a/... AGAIN

Disclaimer: don’t know where anons got the below picture, sorry. If anyone knows the source, please let me know!

>They were practicing Boston Crab.
>V: You are stiff. If your body was more flexible, your performance would be improved.
>Y: It hurts! Of course I’m not as flexible as you. But “that one” is more flexible than you…
>V: That one? Who is that?
>Y: Ah? That is Sha…chihoko!
>V: Sha…chihoko?
>Y: No one can be compared to that one when it comes to flexibility.
>V: That Chihoko is that good?
>Y: Once you has seen him, you would never forget. And he’s gold glittering.
>V: Gold glittering…
>Y: He’s always doing back bridging posture(not sure how to translate this) on top of Hasetsu Castle!
>V: …
>Y: Victor, why are you angry?
>V: I’m not angry.
>Y: You are clearly angry…
>Victor wrote “surpass Chihoko” on Yuuri’s back silently.

Boston Crab, by the way, is a wrestling move. Also slight mistake: “aitsu” is a gender-neutral word, since Yuuri is drunkenly describing a giant fish statue on Hasetsu Castle and not an actual person. Victor mistakingly thought Yuuri was referring to a (non-existent) ex. KEK.

oh my! XDDD @chrisdoof what a ridiculously cute combo! HAHAH!!! thanks for giving me something so sweet and fun to work on! (> ///w///<) just one more to go from these requests! (O   v O) and it’s a hard one! oh my! i wanted to finish today~ but noooo! (>   v <) <3

Reblog if you are Spanish-speaker!!! (Hamilton fandom)

Hi!! I wonder how many people in this Fandom are Spanish speakers. I love the Hamilton fandom and i think i could write some good fanfics, but I can only do it in Spanish (u know, because i am spanish :v).

[Español]>> Eso era básicamente todo: quiero saber cuantos hispanohablantes hay en el fandom. Y no sé, siempre es agradable encontrarte a gente que hable tu mismo idioma ;)

makochibana replied to your post “Hello. About that whole thing about victor, yuri, and chihoko, where…”

The seiyuu themselves were voicing the lines. And the whole event was recorded and will be released on dvd ^^

Ah!!! thank you for the precision!!! I wasn’t sure if it was a video with seiyuus or only seiyuus dubbing the lines or else x)) I’m glad it has been recorded for sure >v<

Para los chicos que están participando en “Diamante Negro” les presento a uno de los 2 tipos malos

PD:Yo soy la hermana mayor por idea de mi querida *cof*odiosa*cof* prima (voy a matar a esa hija de su madre >:v por culpa de ella ahora me quieren violar)

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Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity! 🍇💜💕

Thank you because it’s always good to remember happy things at the beginning of the day ;D <333 I’m happy with :

- The YOI event and all the victuuri feels >v<
- Korrasami first kiss ;______; 
- Sormik reunion hug ;A;
- Little Haru offering his hand to little Makoto >v< <3
- It’s my mom birthday today and we celebrate it in family so that makes me happy ^v^

Hello, everyone! 🎃

We’ve been collaborating with the amazing tourniiquet on an extra Pocket Mirror theater lately! Can you guess who it is for? ( > v ‘ )

You can find her both on Tumblr and Twitter, so be sure to go check her art out!

Stay tuned for more news and updates on what we’ve been up to! Until then, enjoy this teaser by tourniiquet! 🕯️🎃🌙⭐️