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I kinda stopped uploading my inktober pieces cuz i wanna make them a booklet  ^^;;; but i couldn’t hold myself back from showing these beauties to the world. these are a few of my favourites i did this year ^^. + a small thingy i did in my sketchbook. It is Persephone and Hades from @usedbandaid webcomic Lore Olympous . My god I ship it. It has deffinately become one of my favourite shipps of all time along with Piper and Jason from Heroes of Olympous (whom i also drew.. >.< don’t judge ). As a greek I am usualy hunting for these kind of stories and my god did i get hooked.!! @_@

p.s. I made her kinda skinny and i am regretting it ….agh..i made her juicy tho ;)


Was inspired by this amazing song:

I love Skillet, and i love their songs. I don’t know why, but i felt like to draw angels today, plus this song inspired me to draw them even more. Also, it’s a small art for @monathehegehog @pyrokitten and @chattier80

These pictures also have small stories.
On the first, Anoli decided to send a positive message to Nevan (i hope i didn’t mistake >.<“). On the message was "Whatever happens in life, never give up. There is always someone who cares about you”.
On the second Anoli and Mona are looking at stars. Anoli points on a beautiful one. And she said “It’s you. You’re the amazing and beautiful person”. And it’s true, dear :)
And the third picture is about that Anoli can’t be always positive angel. Sometimes she has such sad moments. But she doesn’t want to share them with others in case of not making them upset. But one angel, Zeno, noticed it, and wanted to comfort her, saying “Don’t be afraid of letting emotions go. Sometimes, it’s okay to cry.”

Well, i hope you will like it. Stay awesome)

Anoli belongs to me
Mona belongs to @monathehegehog
Nevan belongs to @pyrokitten
Zeno belongs to @chattier80

anonymous asked:

Alibaba gets kidnapped , how would Kougyoku, Aladdin and Hakuryuu react


> Upon getting the notice, she’s shocked. Who would kidnap someone like Alibaba and why would they do it? Kougyoku would definitely be on the search-team side, letting her servants gather all kinds of information and going in for the rescue once they found out more about it, storming the enemy’s base as one of the people in the front


> The magi can’t believe it, when he hears it for the first time. Aladdin is so much around Alibaba that it feels sickening that something build a border, they can’t overcome easily, between them now. He’s really unhappy but will put his best efforts in finding out about his friend’s whereabouts and his rescue, using magic and his logical reasoning


> At first, he really thinks it’s a joke. After he confirmed it several times, Hakuryuu can’t help but think that Alibaba must have been really dumb in the moment of his kidnapping, otherwise no one could have taken advantage of him, his strength or his complex thinking. Nevertheless Hakuryuu will join the rescue team, expecting his strength to be needed if the enemy was able to overthrow Alibaba in the first place