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So since I’ve a large amount of ableist slurs on my dash I thought I’d list some alternatives ya’ll could use instead of ableist slurs so we can tone the ableism down in the simblr community and make it a bit safer! (not putting this under a read more thing or tagging it because it is very important and shouldn’t be ignored)

- some alternatives for l*me;

> cruddy

> annoying

> rubbish

> corny

> rotten

> no good

- some alternatives for d*mb or st*pid

> illogical

> obtuse

> silly

> foolish

> senseless

> ignorant

> irrational

- some alternatives for cr*zy, ps*cho or ins*ne

> ridiculous 

> wacky

> wild

> eccentric

> unpredictable

> absurd