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1978 Lotus Esprit S1 // 1973 Alfa Romeo GT Junior by Pieter Ameye
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Some of Giorgetto Giugiaro’s finest work.

ST rant (kind of an evil Billy rant idk)

so I’m kinda mad and just need to vent rn.

This was a rant about ST and lazy writing but it kinda morphed into a Billy rant which I’m ok with.

unpopular opinion but I feel like the Duffer brothers really slipped in Season 2 especially upon rewatching from the pilot till current episodes.

It’s full of unfinished story lines and seemingly unimportant character arguments and accidental homoerotic tension. Then hearing the news that Billy gets worse next season was like a kick in the gut bc they had set him up so well for redemption.

It mirrored the whole Asshole s1 Steve > amazing s2 mother of 5 Steve and I was so excited to see how the party could help Billy but if he gets any worse he and his actions will be indefensible and he’ll just morph into his father which is such an awful waste of potential and really upsets me greatly.

now don’t get me wrong I LOVED s2 and I’m in no way a professional critic but it felt like they jammed way too much in. with the mind flayer, D'art, Billy’s existence and El’s journey of self discovery it all felt like too much.

I feel like the whole thing with El and Kali should have been at the finale to set up for s3 because that one episode felt like a wierd filler when binge watching (this is deff just me nitpicking)

ALSO why was Max even in this season?? what did she add except a token girlfriend for one of the main characters (I liked her but fr did they just feel they needed another girl). she of all people had potential to help Billy who is being PSYCHICALLY ABUSED BY HIS FATHER

(to anyone who forgot and disregarded him as just a dickhead. like ik he’s a dick and I get where the antis are coming from but all of his dickish actions can be explained by his fear of and anger towards his dad. and that in no way justified his actions but I figured most people would be hoping he gets a chance to be better in s3 not just full on hate him bc he seems like he’s having a tough time but that’s just imo)

Max knows abt the abuse right? she has to. I avnt fully remember is she sees or hears but they live in the same house so she must…. know? she’s like 13/14 right. she’s past the age of ignorance. yet she also just disregards her brother as a dick even tho he gets beat on the daily bc of her actions. (not hating or antimax obvs she’s a little girl I don’t expect her to jump in from of her step fathers fists and ik Billy doesn’t really take well to her advice and is a dick but a simple ‘he’s going through a lot’ says a wholeeeee lot without needing to say very much at all)

Billy could be such a good addition to the party and use his anger and shit to desecrate demodogs like easy. like I can legit see him taking down 5 on his own and all the kids being like wtf… but no. we ain’t getting that apparently.

//and I HATED the fact that Will danced with that girl that called him zombie boy wtf. like if you’re an outcast/been bullied you shouldn’t just forgive it all bc a pretty girl wants to dance w u at prom (andwillisgayanyway) but I digress.//

I don’t know if I’ve made any sense but if they continue with this level of production value then s3 won’t be great and it will feature a Billy that didn’t get the help he needed and is a VILLAIN and I’m not sure if I can handle that bc I’m a weak bitchhh and I hate seeing villains that had the potential to be good bc it makes me lose faith in the world.

s1 was amazing. s2 was crowded. it’s like that cover of Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Queen B. I absolutely love them both and thought it would be my dream, but I prefer the original bc it didn’t gel like I thought it would.

lastly. and omg this is so long I apologise bit I saw a theory on Tumblr that speculated that Billy had powers. I feel like that’s not cannon bc the dudes said they wanted a human antagonist but if it is I hope y'all know that he’d deffo be a villain and El and Kali would have to whoop his ass. ✌🏾✌🏾

//in this vid the guy explains the sitch with a lot less emotion and a lot more clarity so maybe check him out >> //

(ps it’s late and I probably haven’t worded this as well as I should but I just wanted to get a few thoughts out)

hey goths do u mind if i uh

post a list of all the adventure time episodes marceline appears in?

> Evicted s1 e12

The Duke s1 e19 (cameo)

> Henchmen s1 e22

> It Came From The Nightosphere s2 e1

Power Animal s2 e7 (cameo)

> Go With Me s2 e20

Video Makers s2 e23

> Heat Signature s2 e26

> Memory of a Memory s3 e3

> What Was Missing s3 e10

Holly Jolly Secrets Part II s3 e20 (cameo)

> Marceline’s Closet s3 e21

> Return To The Nightosphere s4 e5

> Daddy’s Little Monster s4 e6

> I Remember You s4 e25

Finn The Human s5 e1 (Farmworld Marceline)

Jake The Dog s5 e2 (Farmworld Marceline)

> Five More Short Graybles s5 e3

All The Little People s5 e5 (cameo)

> Bad Little Boy s5 e11

> Simon And Marcy s5 e14

> Sky Witch s5 e29

Time Sandwich s5 e33

> Red Starved s5 e38

> Betty s5 e48

Ocarina s6 e12 (cameo)

> Sow, Do You Like Them Apples? s6 e3

> Princess Day s6 e14

Jake The Brick s6 e20 (cameo)

Astral Plane s6 e25

Dark Purple s6 e33

Hoots s6 e36 (cameo)

Be Sweet s6 e39

The Comet s6 e43 (cameo)

> Varmints s7 e2

*> Marceline The Vampire Queen s7 e6

*> Everything Stays s7 e7

*> Vamps About s7 e8

*> The Empress Eyes s7 e9

*> May I Come In? s7 e10

*> Take Her Back s7 e11

*> Checkmate s7 e12

*> The Dark Cloud s7 e13

President Porpoise Is Missing s7 e18 (cameo)

Crossover s8 e23 (Farmworld Marceline)

> Brooke His Crown s8 e27

Beyond The Grotto s8 e29 (Purple Flower)

> The Music Hole s8 e36

Wheels s9 e3 (cameo)

The Invitation s9 e7

The Light Cloud s9 e14

> Skyhooks s9 e15 (Marshmaline)

Bespoken For s9 e16 (cameo)

> Hero Heart s9 e22 (Marshmaline)

Skyhooks II s9 e23

> Ketchup s9 e25

Whispers s9 e27 (cameo)

Bonnibel Bubblegum s10 e4

> Seventeen s10 e5

> Marcy & Hunson s10 e5