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Badboy Suga x Reader - College Au ~ A/F

Part 17; Yoongi thinks about his feelings

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♠ Tacenda ♠ - Part Eighteen (END) 

Part Seventeen<< >>Bonus 

A/N: We all reaches our limits at one point, from our own suffering. But sometimes, the demons inside of us, is also represented in the people we meet. 

But ending it, isn’t the best option. There are people who’s there for you, don’t give up. 

Warnings: (Winter) “Depression”, Anxiety, Stress, Self-harm, Body image, Suicide

Cars we will see on The Grand Tour season 2 (so far)

Bugatti Chiron

McLaren 720S

Mercedes-AMG GT R

Audi TT RS / Ariel Nomad / Lada Niva

Rimac Concept_One 

Lamborghini Aventador S

Honda NSX

James May & fire truck

(I belive it’s lada turned into fire truck)

Lancia 037 / Audi Sport Quattro

Jaguar XJ6 

And… something weird…


♠ Tacenda ♠ - Part One

>>Part Two 

(A/N) This is a sequel series, to Metanoia. If you’re a complete new reader, then I shall welcome you! To chop it off and make it simple, you’re a girl member in BTS, but it’s way easier to read Metanoia first because there are stuff coming up in Tacenda that links to Metanoia (obviously).

This series is about drama and romance (in one way or another). I have decided to top it up a notch, and go a bit further. It might make you feel uncomfortable/confused, but to put it simple, a few of the things, is based off my own experience and research. If you don’t like it, then you are free to stop continuing to read it. I have listed the warnings of the types of subjects I will be jumping into through the series and it will be shown in each part as well. Before I have scared you away, the things I will mention, is not something I will go in full depth on but, it will be noticable and discussed. When you read this, I will have to ask you, to have an open mind about it. Everything comes in various of forms, which you are not used to but it still exists.

Enjoy our new journey together, and I’ll hope I can do well!♡

Warnings: (Winter) “Depression”, Anxiety, Stress, Self-harm, Body image.

i saw a girl so prtety. ii st,arted c,rying??? i im justM,ediately felt,, compelled ;;to,, GIVE her ;;the   nine dol;lars i,, had in m y   u rse   aNd   say u r gt  hebest  looki,,n person i have eve r seen so i tdhinK  u desErve it AND i wa,s goin to buy myl unch with .t his but wyh..aete,v ;;er but dee cided, against it and the;n, iu starteod cr;;yin,,nnggg…… i seri,ou,,ls.y criedfo r an ohu;r… i ran, to the bathroom and   came out later and i wa,s even mor e tire,,d beeo;;fre,…. i.. was overitread and Btw I am  ad g,,ir,l….. idk why  i cried beyc aus  e off that aand,, she ;was be..tter llookin than al,l the moedls id se;;en ever


have you ever seen a literal angel…………………..


♠ Tacenda ♠ - Part Five

Part Four<< >>Part Six 

A/N: Before anyone asks, this is fiction. This has NOT happened to me, but I know someone who has gone through this. (Regarding my A/N note in the first part)

Warnings: (Winter) “Depression”, Anxiety, Stress, Self-harm, Body image.