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Part 2 to this –> (X). I got really hyped about this sequel.

Everything had been just fine, until that asshole of a friend decided to fuck everything up. Why did he have to do this to now? You were on the right path of  creating a love life that didn’t involve him, and keeping him at bay. Now things were unclear. Things became more….complicated once again. 

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i’m screaming you are absolutely correct, that outfit fits mei SO WELL?? what the heck mei. stop that. and no more perfect a shirt for miyuki honestly. hhhaha.

i was gonna redo these bc i wasn’t happy with how they turned out at all but more requests came in so now i’m just gonna keep moving forward. >n<


> Hello
> This is Jin
> What are you guys doing?
> VAPP+ is a really good app
> I can talk to everyone like this
> I will make a 삼행시/samhaengshi using VAPP
> Burritos are delicious
> This is delicious
> App..?
> ..?????
> Everybody put your hands up
> Everyone must have a great day today
> Yes, please do that
> ARMYs have to be happy in order for me to be happy
> Byeeeeee

삼행시 is a three-line word poem with each line starting with each letter of a name or word

trans: jhope-shi | do not repost without giving credit

i saw a girl so prtety. ii st,arted c,rying??? i im justM,ediately felt,, compelled ;;to,, GIVE her ;;the   nine dol;lars i,, had in m y   u rse   aNd   say u r gt  hebest  looki,,n person i have eve r seen so i tdhinK  u desErve it AND i wa,s goin to buy myl unch with .t his but wyh..aete,v ;;er but dee cided, against it and the;n, iu starteod cr;;yin,,nnggg…… i seri,ou,,ls.y criedfo r an ohu;r… i ran, to the bathroom and   came out later and i wa,s even mor e tire,,d beeo;;fre,…. i.. was overitread and Btw I am  ad g,,ir,l….. idk why  i cried beyc aus  e off that aand,, she ;was be..tter llookin than al,l the moedls id se;;en ever

When Time Flies

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Requested: By no one but myself

Pairings: Harry Styles x Soulmate!Reader b>

Summary: Y/N hasn’t looked at the timer counting down on her wrist in a few days, but her soulmate was on their way.
Warnings: I don’t think that there are any

Word Count: 1,811

A/n: I really hope that you guys enjoy this, because I can honestly say that I did not see the day that I would be writing Harry Styles fanfiction again. That being said, I really enjoyed writing this, and I am eternally grateful to @secretschuylersister for all of her encouragement, as always. And thank you to @fragmentofmymind and @butlinislin for listening to me ramble about this lovely human last night.

You were going to murder Janice as soon as you got to the office. You couldn’t believe that she had called you at midnight. On the other hand, you could believe that your boss would do such a thing. She had not been afraid to drag you out of bed at five a.m., so why should this be any different?

Your hair was still a mess, and you had found a small stain on your white shirt a few minutes after you left your apartment. In between ignoring your phone’s constant wringing and attempting to throw on a little bit of mascara at stoplights, you wracked your brain for a reason as to why Janice needed you to be at the office this late.

You ruffled through your bag, and after five minutes, concluded that you had forgotten your key card amid the chaos. You sent up a silent thank you that Katie worked reception, and wasn’t allowed to leave until all of the artists finished their sessions, and pulled out your phone in a last-ditch effort to not piss Janice off any more than she was bound to be.

Thankfully, Katie picked up the phone on the second ring. “Did you forget your keycard again?”

You rolled your eyes. Katie wasn’t one to let things go. “I don’t know what all of this ‘again’ nonsense is about, but yes I did forget my key card. Because as you may have noticed, my boss called me into work at an ungodly hour.”

You hung up the phone as Katie held the door open for you, giving you a look that could only mean that she was feeling pretty great about herself. “Did you forget her coffee again?” Kate asked, but before you could answer, she handed you Janice’s usual order. You only had time to give her a grateful smile before she took her seat behind the front desk and you hurried up to the studio.

If it was someone important enough to make you get out of bed at this hour, you knew that Janice would be in Studio C, her favorite. She always claimed that C had the best acoustics, but you knew that all of the rooms were exactly the same. You weren’t going to be the one to tell her otherwise.

You rushed into the room only to hear a loud beeping that was echoing loudly around the room. Janice had begun to yell, but you were too focused on the noise that was coming from your bag. You began to dig around in your purse, annoyed that you didn’t think to put your cell phone on silent before coming into work that morning. “I’m so sorry about this,” you said, mostly to yourself as you dug through your unsurprisingly cluttered work bag. But then, you noticed that the timer on your wrist was flashing zero.

You hadn’t looked at it in days, not wanting to know when it was going to happen. You kept yourself occupied with work, hoping that you wouldn’t psych yourself out. Clearly, it had worked, but you did find yourself wishing that you had taken the time to brush your hair, instead of haphazardly finger combing it in the car.

You took a moment to calm down, to remind yourself to breathe. Your soulmate was here, in this room. As much as you had been dreading this moment, you also knew that this was going to be something that you remembered for the rest of your life. You were pulled from your thoughts by a deep voice saying something that you couldn’t completely make out.

You shifted your gaze from the timer on your wrist to the man that was standing in front of you. And you immediately began to laugh. Of all the days that the universe could have decided to play a huge cosmic joke on you, this was not the day that you were hoping for. Your eyes searched the room for someone who had a matching timer on your wrist, but much to your chagrin, the only person with a matching time stamp was already standing in front of you.

“You have got to be kidding me.” The words had tumbled from your mouth before you realized what was happening.

Standing in front of you was Harry Styles, as in the Harry Styles. The Harry Styles who you were supposed to be helping your boss record with today, apparently. Harry Styles who was looking you up and down, from your messy hair to the worn out flats on your feet. Harry Styles that was your soulmate.

“Hi,” he said, voice surprisingly soft. You forced yourself to meet his eyes. He gave you the smallest of smiles, before glancing down at his wrist. “I was starting to worry that you were going to be late.”

You saw Janice shuffling herself and a few producers out of the room from the corner of your eye, and you couldn’t remember a time when you had been so thankful for your sometimes overbearing boss.

“I wish I had a witty retort for you, but I am kind of still processing this,” you said, motioning around the studio. You would have thought that you were prepared for any response that he could have given you, but as his laugh filled up the entire room, you felt a strange kind of tug in your stomach.

“You look like you need to sit down,” he said quietly, as if he was afraid to startle you. Harry placed a gentle hand on your arm, guiding you to one of the couches that lined the walls of the control room. “Are you okay?” he asked softly, brushing a piece of hair behind your ear.

“Not if you keep doing things like that,” you said, staring at your hands in your lap. Your heart felt like it was going to pound out of your chest. You could feel the heat rising to your face, and there was no way for you to escape this situation.

You had imagined meeting your soulmate a million times, in the most cheesy meet-cutes that you could think of. But this was ridiculous. He was supposed to be a sweet boy that you met at a coffee shop, or at the park while he was walking his adorable puppy. This was ridiculous, and this was actually happening to you.

“Is there anything that I can do? I can get a water or-” His voice was impossibly soft, and you could feel the butterflies intensify in your stomach.

“It’s not fair that you know exactly what to say.” You said, refusing to meet his eyes.

“I would have liked to think that was one of my better qualities.” He huffed, but when you finally looked at him, he winked at you, sending a shiver down your spine.

“In that case, I guess you should work on being a little less perfect.” You said under your breath as you sank further back into the couch. “I think they made a mistake,” you said, voice barely a whisper. Although you thought you had said it so quietly that no one would hear, his laughter immediately faded.

“Who did?” he asked. You attempted to ignore the warm feeling in your stomach at the sound of his voice.

“I don’t know, them,” you said, gesturing up at some unknown cosmic force. “They with a capital T.”

His hands wrapped around yours, and suddenly, you felt grounded again. “I don’t even know your name yet, but I already know that you are absolutely perfect. Do you want to know how I know that.”

You couldn’t formulate a response, and simply nodded your head.

He placed your hand on his chest, fingers splayed out over his heart. “Because I can feel it.” He held your hand a little tighter, pushing it closer to him. “Here.”

Your forced yourself to take your eyes off of where your hand met his chest, and attempt to formulate a response. After a few seconds of coming up blank, you simply muttered your name, figuring that would at least take care of that problem.

Harry was beaming at you, and you couldn’t help but beam right back.

“I would ask if you wanted to go and get a coffee, but I guess that it is a little late for that.”

“We could always get decaf.”

It took the both of you a few seconds to even realize that you had made a joke. You were both consumed in a fit of giggles. After you finally regained control of yourself, you realized that you had fallen over into Harry’s lap, and as you stared up at his smiling face, you were in no hurry to get up.

“Don’t you have music to record?” You asked after a few minutes of contented silence. Harry had taken to tracing the lines on your palm, the metal of his rings heating up as time went on, and although you would have been happy to lay there on that couch with him for the rest of your life, it had occurred to you that he had a career, and there was a reason why he was in your place of employment.

“I think that it could wait, at least until tomorrow.” He said, his voice slow and even.

“Well then,” you said, hopping off of the couch and offering him your hand. “How about that decaf?”

He took your hand in his, and lead you out of the studio. He gave Janice and the producers an apologetic smile as he lead you down the corridor. “Are you sure that you should be leaving like this?” You asked, not wanting him to get into trouble with the studio.

“I think that they will be okay with a few extra hours of sleep.” He laughed.

You spotted Katie at her desk, trying her absolute best to act like a normal human being. “Give me a few seconds?” you asked Harry. He glanced over your shoulder and pecked you on the cheek before making his way over to the couches and pulling out his phone.

“What is going on?” Katie practically squealed, eyes darting between you and your soulmate.

You simply showed her your timer, which was finally done counting down.

“Are you kidding me?” She asked, grabbing your wrist, examining the timer.

“That’s what I said,” you laughed, a little too loudly. Harry’s laugh echoed through the empty lobby, making your face heat up all over again. “I know that it sounds crazy, but I think that it is really going to work.”

“Well, I hope so, because damn,” she said, wiggling her eyebrows at you.

You rolled your eyes at her, but promised to call before you grabbed Harry’s hand and dragged him to the, thankfully empty, Starbucks around the corner.

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have you ever seen a literal angel…………………..

Mutual Destruction - Jeff Atkins x Reader // Part Two

Part One>

A/N: I really hope this lives up to expectations guys! Apologies if it doesn’t quite and i’ll see how it goes concerning a part three.

Playlist (optional):
Weak When Ur Around - Blackbear
Bloodfeather - Highly Suspect

“I should’ve listened to Jeff!” Monty spat at Y/N. Quite the crowd was beginning to form around the two of them at the lockers.

“Jeff, huh? And what did he say about me?” She smirked.

“You’d break my heart. Or, in so many words.” He looked at her despairingly. His jaw clenched.

“Jeff’s a smart guy.”


A few nights ago; Rosie’s Diner

The atmosphere was cheery and bright, almost as though she really had been transported back to the superficiality of a commercialized 50′s diner. Except the place had been refurbished a little. Dim lights, oversized clocks with touchy hands and artificial grins. She knew the place well, but something of it haunted her tonight. Maybe it was the way the Jukebox laughed at her for the memories she’d had here. The memories shared with one Zachary Dempsey, who she’d begged to put coins in the Jukebox, and who’d picked the ever appropriate ‘A Teenager In Love - Dion & The Belmonts’.

A loud cough from Montgomery de la Cruz, who was now sat across from her, broke her from those thoughts.

“Cruz. I was beginning to think you were a no-show.” She looked up through her painted lashes at the freckled boy before her. He looked good. Really good. Possibly even better than he had the day she had approached him. It reminded her why he was even here.

“You think I’d stand you up?” He scoffed, eyeing her up.

“I wasn’t sure…” Y/N stirred her milkshake absentmindedly.

“Guess you don’t know what kinda guy I am.” He smirked. He’d regret saying that, she thought. Because she did know, and knowing how he was, and what she was doing, would almost make her a little guilty, if she tapped into her emotions.


Although she didn’t want to admit it to herself, she’d had a good night. Monty was funny, and surprisingly sweet, not to mention those devilish good-looks. So she’d decided to take the plunge and take a little Montgomery. His lips were unexpectedly smooth, moving against hers with obvious hunger. Her arms fell loosely around his neck and his gripped her ass tightly. When they broke apart, both were breathing heavily and smiling to themselves.

“Wow.” Monty panted.

“Wow.” She repeated.

“When I asked you out, I wasn’t really expecting a yes.” He revealed. She chuckled.

“Honestly, I’m not sure I was, either.” She revealed, tracing his jawline with her index finger.

Monty didn’t always quite understand the way she spoke to him, but he made the mistake of liking that about her. And he made the mistake of starting to like her. Monty wasn’t big on mistakes, but this was a BIG mistake. The baseball player liked to think he was a player player- he was wrong about that too. He ended up getting too involved and getting burned. Jeff always helped him, but he knew that Monty wished he was more like Jeff.


Monday’s number one priority was avoiding Montgomery until she had decided where she wanted this to go. She still wondered what flavour girl baseball players were into, but would be lying if she said Monty wasn’t a bit of a liability.

If she was being completely honest with herself, Monty’s friendship with Zach was a driving factor in this escapade. She wanted to hurt him the way that he had hurt her, not really caring who else got hurt on the way.

She saw Jeff Atkins on the way to her first period, wondering what it would be like to tutor him. He was with a group of guys, messing around and laughing, and she thought he was probably just as she imagined.


“How’d it go man?” Jeff brought his bat down to his side to meet Monty.

“Yeah, really good I think.” Grinned Monty.

“Really?” Jeff attempted to hide his surprise, but to no avail.

“Yeah, she was really into me.” Monty was determined.

“Have you spoken since?” Jeff brought the bat back up, wanting to avoid his friend’s eye contact. His eyes always told the truth.

“She said she’d call me.” He shrugged, leaning against Jeff’s batting cage.

“And has she?” Jeff cleared his throat.

“Well…it’s only been a few days.” He shuffled his feet a little.


“She does like me, I’ll prove it to you.” Monty’s anger came through in his voice.

“Go ahead.” Jeff hit the incoming ball with force.


Something she kept to herself, was the amount she visited the school’s library, so she knew the inside out of it. She was a little early for her lunch revision session with Jeff. The table in the very corner called to her, and she set up her psychology things, ready to tutor. She still wasn’t entirely sure how this boy could really need a tutor in psychology, but the extra credit wouldn’t go unappreciated. Just as she was putting her glasses on, Jeff slid into the seat opposite her.

“Hey, Y/N, I’m Jeff.” He reached out his hand for her to shake, which she did, but laughed at his introduction.

“I know who you are, Jeff, your reputation precedes you. I couldn’t count the number of home runs you’d had, literally and metaphorically.” She casually noted as she passed him a red pen.

“Well you’re not shy, are you.” He raised his eyebrows at her forwardness.

“Or maybe I am, It’s all to do with psychology.” She tapped her brain demonstratively.

“That was a clever change of subject.” He chuckled.

“So, exactly how bad are you at psychology?”

Y/N and Jeff spent the next 30 minutes in complete concentration on what she was teaching him, he listened with intent and asked questions when he needed to. This was a surprise to her, because she had assumed Jeff was failing because he didn’t care enough to try, and that he was too busy with his other ventures. She started to think that maybe she had been wrong about him.

It was common knowledge that Jeff Atkins was a bit of a womanizer, and she had noted to stay away from that trouble, she much preferred to create her own.

Out of the corner of her glasses, she noticed a familiar figure coming her way.

“Hey…you never called me back…” Monty played with his bag strap nervously, coming up to the head of the table she and Jeff were sat at. Monty was shocked by Jeff’s presence, but it was too late to turn back now.

“I know.” Her voice was cool and detached. It shot Montgomery right in the chest.

“But I thought-” He faltered.

“What? That I owed you something?” She scoffed.

“Well I mean-” Monty continued to stutter, clearly feeling uncomfortable discussing this here.

“I think it might be best if you leave, dude, we’re studying right now.” Jeff piped up, calm and collected. He gave him a pressed smile, something in his eyes saying; we’ll talk later, which struck with Monty, and he left.

“Thanks. Let’s carry on.” She motioned to the textbook and smiled sweetly, hoping Jeff would ignore what had transpired. But, of course he didn’t.

“So you didn’t call him?” He smirked knowingly. “Could’ve picked someone easier, L/N.”

She remained stoic for a few moments, before looking up at him; “Where’s the fun in that?”

“Touche.” He flashed his bright teeth, before seeming to remember something. “But Monty, he’s-”



“So was little Lacie King. She was distraught when she realized she wasn’t so special anymore.” She pouted, mocking sad.

“So that’s how you wanna play, L/N?” He crossed his arms over his broad chest.

Her shit-eating grin said; bring it on, Atkins.

Reaction to Your EX Telling Them to Break Up With You. . .

@littledevilgilraen-blog said: can you do a got7 reaction to your ex telling them to breack up with you like you did for exo and bts? thank in advance ♡

Reaction to Your EX Telling Them to Break Up With You…

[BTS Reaction Here >click, Exo Reaction Here >click]

A/N of course, no problem. thank you all for the kind requests and sweet feedback. honestly i didn’t think this blog would become much, or that my writing is something to read and enjoy. but you guys are here and enjoying, so thank you so much! you guys really make this blog all the more better and have so much more meaning to it than when i first started ♡

Kai Eonni ~


The moment the words “Break up with Y/N.” came out of your ex’s mouth, Jeabum had heard enough. He’d have to really hold himself back and control his temper. He didn’t want to start something and cause trouble for you by getting you involved which he knows would happen if he were to act on his desire to punch the moron in the throat. The phrase repeating in his head to ‘protect Y/N’ would be what’s holding him back. Jaebum would reply with a short and to the point response so he could quickly get out of there before his control over his temper snapped. Later when you guys meet up, Jaebum would still be tense from the run-in with your ex, but he wouldn’t let it out on you. He wouldn’t tell you either, knowing that your ex was in your past and he wouldn’t want to stress you out by making something small into a big deal.


At first when your ex suggests such a thing, Jackson would genuinely ask, “What did you say?” thinking he misheard your ex. However, when your ex replies with a snarky remark like “You heard me.” Jackson’s aura would change completely. Jackson would become really offended with your ex thinking that Jackson would even entertain the idea. You’re so precious to Jackson, and honestly, he’d think your ex is a dick, so there would be no way that Jackson would allow you to go back to your ex. He’d become aggressive, though not physically, and would tell your ex off with absolutely no mercy. He’d be another that wouldn’t tell he had seen your ex, wanting you to have nothing to do with anymore. Though he’d be much more clingy and affectionate with you, and you’d know that something was up. If you ask him what happened and continued to ask until you get the truth, he’d tell you, but you’d have to really beg him to tell you. If you don’t ask, he’d let it go and wouldn’t tell.


This would bring the most extra side of Jinyoung people have yet to see. He’d honestly snicker at idea. The fact that your ex had the audacity to suggest something like this would just be so entertaining to Jinyoung. He’d take this lightly, not finding your ex the least bit threatening. He’d think of it as, if your ex were to do something, then that would just get you pissed at him and not Jinyoung, so either way Jinyoung wins. Jinyoung also knows that, despite not being physically threatening, he has six other members that would not hesitate to fight anyone that tried to mess with him. He’d be one to tell you about what happened. Just because he had found it funny and would want to share the amusing afternoon he had had and not because he wants you to do anything about it. The last thing he would want is you to become stressed over it.


Mark would actually get really pissed off about this. It’s disrespectful to both him and you. He’d see it as, your ex had a chance and blew it and should now leave you alone to move on and live your life. He’d say very little to your ex, mainly because he’d find it a waste of time, believing he shouldn’t waste his words on people like your ex because they don’t listen. He’d be in a bad mood when he meets up with you, but wouldn’t take it out on you, but would need to find comfort from you, becoming clingy and affectionate.


He wouldn’t know what to say. He wouldn’t want to cause a fight, knowing that would just trouble you and therefore, he’d just politely nod in acknowledgement – not in agreement. This would be really uncomfortable for him, and he’d want to get out of this situation as soon as possible. He’d first rant to his members about what happened before speaking to you, needing to find comfort in his members first. Later, when he sees you, he’d cautiously bring it up, not wanting to upset you, but not wanting to keep things from you either. He’d quickly tell you that he’s okay and he knows it’s not your fault, not wanting you to mistake his honesty for blaming you.

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This would be your ex’s worst mistake. BamBam talks a lot and has quick wit, so once your ex says what he wants, BamBam is unleashing all holly-hell on your ex – holding nothing back. To be getting insults from someone as cute and good looking would put anyone’s self-esteem down, like really down, like down low to the point of no return. BamBam wouldn’t feel threatened by your ex though. BamBam just really dislikes people like this, and so, he’d want to put your ex in his place so he doesn’t make the same mistake and bother someone else in the future. Later, BamBam would not be able to wait to tell you the events and would call you about a minute later. He’d go on and on about what happened, starting from the very beginning before he ran into your ex right up to the point when he made the phone call to tell you. He’d feel really proud that he was able to defend himself and ‘protect’ you, asking for your thoughts, “You have to admit, those were some pretty good insults huh? I’m such a good boyfriend defending my girlfriend.” He wouldn’t let you hang up until you confirm that yes, yes he is a good boyfriend.


Again, he would be polite about it, even though he was offended and  more than just a little pissed at your ex suggesting such a thing. Yugyeom would first want to try and deal with this like civilized people, talking it through. Though if your ex was getting more aggressive, then he’d try and get out of there immediately, not wanting to cause a problem, thinking of all the trouble it would bring you. If his members were there, he’d call Jaebum and Jinyoung over to help him diffuse the situation. When he sees you, he’d rely on you and talk it out with you, needing to reflect and get all his confusion and frustration out with your help. He’d want physical contact afterwards too, to help him calm down, the soothing feeling of you against him being something that comforts him immediately.

I Still Get Jealous

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Artist/Person : Kim Jiwon

Group/Crew : iKon/MOBB

Genre : Angst/Smut

Word Count : 2010

Requested:  Can i please request a bobby smut? something where reader and bobby are classmates and are secretly having a no-strings-attached kind of thing. but you get strangely jealous when your best friend and him are flirting with each other >.<

A/N: I’m sorry for the wait.

Breathy moans filled the humid room, along with the distinct sound of the bed frame hitting the wall and soft whimpers. It was dark, only moonlight shining into the room through the open window. Then everything went still, the only sounds were quiet huffs and puffs of uneven breathing. A loud groan pierced the silent room, the male moving to the side. Then the sound of ruffling blankets, then another groan, then the soft sound of bare feet hitting the wood flooring. More rustling ensued, before the soft whisper of a girl bid goodbye, walking out of the room and through the house. Finally getting to the front door, she looked at the time on her phone. ‘02:59’ glared at her, causing her to squint her eyes in discomfort. At the time, she kissed her teeth and rolled her eyes, slipping the device into her back pocket and walked out the door. The air was slightly chilled, making her hug herself just a bit tighter as she hurriedly made her way across campus to her dormitory.

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“Y/N, where are we going?” Nyota asked, though she was sure she already knew.

“Ummm… quick stop to medical, then to the cafeteria,” you grinned.

Your friend sighed, “Why can’t you just ask him out like a normal person?”

“What are you talking about? I have to fix the security camera in McCoy’s office. Anyway, if he doesn’t want to be annoyed, he shouldn’t be so frowny all the time.” You weren’t sure why you kept denying your feelings for the CMO. Nyota had caught on not long after they’d developed, but admitting it still felt like too big a step. “Besides, everyone else enjoys it; it’s good for morale.”

She grabbed your hand and stopped you, “It’s not gummy bears again, is it? It took months for him to pawn them all off on the crew.”

You shook your head as you covered your mouth to keep from bursting out into laughter. “No,” you began when you regained your composure. “But you just gave me another idea.”

“Oh no…”

“Relax! This one just uses a few tweaked comms,” you assured.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Leonard was not having a good day. He was at his desk, resting his head on his hand when he heard static and a low moaning coming from his left.

“Wooooooooo… I’m a ghooooooost.”

“Dammit,” he groaned. He didn’t need to wonder who was behind this nonsense.

His whole body whipped around as static sounded from his right. “I haunt the offices of gruuumpy dooooctoooors,” your voice called.

“Y/N! You cut that out and get these things out of my office!” he yelled at the room.

“What are you yelling about?” The shouting had caught Jim’s attention.

“It’s that damn woman again, Jim. She’s driving me insane!”

This time, the static came from above, “Wooooooooooo.”

“What the hell is she doing?” Jim tried and failed to contain his laughter.

“She’s pretending to be a ghost,” he grit his teeth. “God help me.”

A/N: So this just kind of happened… There are a few more parts to it in the works. :) Also, I feel like as if I made a really big mistake that I haven’t caught. If you find it, please let me know before too many people see it and I die of embarrassment. ;)

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an earthquake in s and m brother's houses 😂bye the way ı love you and your blog ( ˘ ³˘)❤

You love it?! Aaaaaa thank you so much I’m so glad you love it!! WAIT YOU LOVE ME AAAAAAAAAA >//////<
-Admin N

Shu: lets be honest would he even notice it? ^^; (shu: zzzzzzzzz). I think at most he would stumble and be like “oh dang I guess that’s a thing”

Reiji: He would be pretty chilled out (probably felt the first few tremors and knew it would happen) and would make sure any guests (s/o or otherwise) is okay. It wouldn’t cause much of a ripple in his schedule

Ayato: he would definitely find the whole situation annoying, as he has to make sure that the dishes and glassware didn’t break (Reiji assigned him onE J OB)

Laito: I would like to say that he would run around screaming like a baby, but in reality he is a vampire, so he would probably just notice and then go make sure his s/o is okay


Subaru: he would go to a balcony and watch everything shake and fall (trees, weak houses, etc). Aka a lovely day to watch the world finally go to ruins

Ruki: He would take immediate action into securing the mansion. Nothing would break in his house!! >:0

Kou: hoAH MAH GO Y D (ruki: and to your left you can see a screaming kou desperately trying to save all of his awards)

Yuma: He would be the one to protect (you/s o/his or his brother’s s o and or their child/ etc). He would take them to safe ground and make sure nothing happened to them until the earthquake was over

Azusa: yes… y e s… YES… Y E S (he gets really giddy and enjoys the tremors he’s chill about it)


Puerto Rico Comic Con 2017!

(( Part 6 ))

Hm, I think this is the last one (too much photos omfg (?))

Thanks to everyone for take a picture with us! This year was amazing! Thank you so much guys! <3

Candela -> @airi15uzu-mura

Spark -> @harleyrivera

Puppet -> Gabriela N. (she don’t have Tumblr)

Freddy -> me.


Jasmine Cephas Jones x Reader

Summary: Reader have feelings for Jas, and she goes to reader’s house. And decare each other love. (I don’t know how to write summaries)

Warnings: None >?


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You weren’t sure how it happened. You didn’t know exactly when, but one thing was for sure. You were completely in love with Jasmine Cephas Jones.

Wise men say

Only fools rush in

But I can’t help falling in love with you

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