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BTS reaction to their girlfriend telling them to smile more because she loves their smile.


He would be so happy that you tell him how you feel and he would kiss you while smiling and chuckling.

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He would look at you with a shy grin a bit surprised by your request, and would thought a lot about it. He would try to smile more often after that.

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This little Sunshine would smile brigthly at you :

<< Of course I can ! I will do everything for you princess. >>

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<< If it’s for you, I can do anything Y/N. >>

He would tell you that with a soft smile on his face.

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<< Oh my god Y/N ! You’re so cute ! >>

He would hug you tightly during a long time with a huge smile.

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He would take your hands in his, feeling so lucky to have you by his side and telling you how much he loves you.

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He would be a bit shocked by your request and would be a bit shy to look at you in the eyes but your smile will make him feel at ease and smile widely.

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Mine [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Can I request a Sebastian Smythe X reader where he’s super overprotective of her when she visits his school, he likes showing her off but at the same time doesn’t bc he doesn’t want the others to see u since he’s possessive. Some guy escorts u to the warblars practice room and u give him a smile as thnx and Seb gets jealous and is about to pounce on the guy but u stop him and his anger goes away? Srry I just really love Seb so pls don’t think I’m crazy >.<

a/n: nah, im crazy too heh

It’s no surprise that Sebastian Smythe has a temper… Well, not really a temper, more like… he’s overprotective. Especially when it comes to you. He doesn’t like anyone being around you when he’s not present. But, he is your boyfriend, so you decide to give him a surprise visit.

Another Dalton boy appears in front of you. Great, a guide! “Hi, can you show me where the Warbler practice room is?” you ask shyly, crinkling your eyebrows together. He nods, mumbling a ‘yeah, I’ll show you.’ before leading you through the grand hall. “Thank you so much!” you grin, converse following his dress shoes. “My boyfriend is actually in it. I’m surprising him.” you over share, pulling your grey letterman jacket around your yellow tank top.

The boy hums, not really responding, yet still acknowledging that you spoke. Biting your lip, you brush your hair from your face, shifting side to side. When he stops at the door, yanking it open, you smile. “Thank you again!” you beam, looking back at him while you walk in.

“Sebastian!” you hear a group of voices shout, shoes squeaking on the floor. Whipping your head towards the room, your eyes widen, seeing both Nick and Jeff holding your boyfriend back.

The Warbler captain scowls, striped tie hovering in the air due to him being hunched over. “Did you not see the look he gave my girl?! Lemme go!” he snarls, rainforest green eyes staring at his teammates, filled with rage. He shifts in their hold, attempting to break free.

Stomping into the room, you clear your throat, arms already crossed. Sebastian stumbles when the two let him go, dusting off the shoulders of his navy blazer before walking to you. “What have we discussed?” you say softly, grabbing his hand; he pouts, lowering his head. Sometimes he can act like a child. “Sebastian….” you warn, eyeing him.

“That I need to be less overprotective and jealous…” Sebastian mutters quickly, under his breath. A sound of confirmation comes from you. He nibbles his lower lip, “I’m sorry.” he apologizes, keeping his voice low.

You giggle, pecking his cheek. “You’re so cute…”

“Babe, not in front of my boys….”

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Then can I touch your other cheeks? ;) Aww you are a really cool demon but for me, you're adorable especially when your cheeks go all red like now~~ So cute~~~ I just want to squish your cheeks all the time if I can get this adorable reaction<3 *gently squishes cheek*

> [Xiumin] “N-No, none of my cheeks are for squishing! Keep your naughty hands to yourself!”


have you ever seen a literal angel…………………..

Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove. . .

Anonymous said: hiii kai! i love your posts, i was wondering if you could do a bts, exo and got7 reaction to you setting the oven on fire, like you just started cooking, but somehow you set fire?? (if you can’t do all three then you can choose one to do, i cant choose lol) thank you so much! love you! xoxo <3

Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove…

[Here is the BTS Reaction >click, Here is the Got7 Reaction >click]

A/N finally the last one. this was so much fun to write, mainly because i can sympathize. i once had to wake my mom up because i set my eggs on fire. i dont know, all i know was i went to get my backpack for school, and i come back and my breakfast was then up in flames. lets just say my mom was not too happy with me that day.

love you too babe!



Suho would be having a heart attack due to the worry of your well being. He would be like a stressed mom. However, he would man up and step in to help you because you would be clueless as to how to put out a fire on a pan. After the fire was quickly extinguished, Suho would look to you and make sure that you didn’t gain any injuries from the scare. Afterwards he would ask you to never do that again, he already has nine (9) other children to look after, and he’s not sure if he’s gonna make it to sixty (60) due to the stress and worry he’s under everyday. He’s also worried if you’ll make it to sixty (60) because of how accident prone you are. But he still loves you to death, which might be more legit than you think. 

Suho: “Stop worrying me okay? I’m not sure how much more my heart can take. I’m serious Y/N, and I don’t know how much more luck you have left before you get seriously injured.”

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He would give you the ultimate judging look. And yes, it would be because he’s disappointed in you. How could you have only started cooking about two minutes ago, and you already set something on fire? He would leave it to you to deal with, thinking that this would be a good time for you to learn how to care for yourself while under the watchful eyes of your boyfriend making sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process. He would guide you in how to put out the fire. Afterwards he would cook for you while he has you sit in the living room so nothing else catches on fire and you don’t blow up the house.

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Lezz be honest, he would forget who he was with and the first things he would do is let out a string of swears. Then, Chanyeol would be a panicky mess. He would be so concerned for you that he would momentarily forget about the burning fire in your kitchen and would ask if you are hurt? Did you get burned? Should he take you to the hospital? You would need to remind him that there is a fire in your kitchen and you should probably handle the first before worrying about you. He would act quickly, mainly because he wants to tend to you as soon as possible. He would know what to do, and it would seem like it was him just using logic to put out the fire, not actual knowledge. Not that you would be complaining, after all he did just save your kitchen from burning down.

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He would be in your shared bedroom working when you call him into the kitchen in fear of the fire in the pan. When he heard you scream his name he would bolt out of the desk chair and run into the kitchen to see you standing in the kitchen and the pan on fire. He would deal with the problem maturely, but ask you to leave the kitchen, not wanting you anywhere near the danger. He would know what to do because he knows weird random things like how to put out a kitchen fire in a matter of seconds. Afterwards he would chuckle lightly and kiss your nose while holding you closely saying that only you would know how to do something like that. But that’s something he loves about you. You always know how to keep him on his toes.

Xiumin: “Only you Jagi, but that’s what I love about you. You know how to keep me on my toes, don’t you?”

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Lay would be the perfect person for a situation for this. He would be worried, but would be able to control himself until the flame is put out. He would then demand to look your arms and hands over to make sure you weren’t burned. If you were hurt he would also know immediately what to do, he would get the ointment and band aids or gauze if needed and would tend to them. If you aren’t hurt he would ask what happened, but wouldn’t be mad or upset, just simply wondering what happened. He would probably find this incident funny and would make a joke about thinking back to this moment when you two are old and bored, laughing at the thought. Then he would get embarrassed about admitting that he thinks of getting old with you.

Lay: “This will be a good moment to look back at when we’re old and sitting in our rocking chairs huh?”

Y/N: “So you think about us getting old together?”

Lay: “Well… … … Yes.”

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I love Chen, lemme just start with that. He would find this freakin’ hilarious. He would burst out laughing while you scurry around the kitchen trying to put out the fire. He would ask how you managed to set air on fire. He would then say something like, ‘Only I would be able to find a girlfriend that could set air on fire.’ You would probably end up getting pissed at his reaction to the fairly serious situation of having a fire blazing in your kitchen. Chen would then try to sober up and help out, though just proving to be a useless person in this situation. He would suggest throwing water on the flame, throwing a towel over the fire, or just turning off the stove, but you would know that water would simply spread the flame, the towel would catch on fire, and turning off the oven would simply not help at all. But you wouldn’t want to make him feel useless so you wouldn’t say anything and just grab salt and throw it on the flame. Chen would actually find this interesting and would ask why you threw salt on the flame, and the end of the day would turn into a learning session of how to put out certain flames for Chen. To which he would be greatful for.

Chen: “Oh, so I guess that suggestion to throw water on it was a bad idea huh?”

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Kai would also find this funny, he would tell you to relax and pull you to the side while he handles the flame. He would make sure you know what to do in this situation so in case this happens and he’s not around for you, you would know what to do. He would then offer to order take-out and watch a movie. He would pull you down on the couch with him while turning on the T.V. and calling the restaurant and ordering for you and him. He would then ask how your day was while stroking your hair to calm you after the fright of the fir, his arms tight around you and your head resting on his shoulder.

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Baekhyun seems like the type to react like Chen as well. He would approach the situation with a joking manner, but unlike Chen, Baek would know what to do and how to approach a oil fire. He would also make sure that you are okay and unharmed. However, he would be like Lay in the sense that this would be an event that he would look back upon with fond memories, maybe even going as far to joke about it being a story to tell the kids so they learn how to handle their first oil fire, but also not to be a bad cook like thier mother. However, when you point out that he just admitted that he thinks about your future together, Baek would simply shrug it off, not being embarrassed about that fact. In fact, it would fill him with happiness knowing that he actually met someone that he could actually picture his future with.

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Hah! Luhan kind of reminds me of my grandmother, with that sensitive and fretful personality. So I can see him getting very flustered over this. He would handle it, but wouldn’t utter a word to you. He would be upset with you for putting yourself in harms way.After the fire is out and he knows you’re unharmed, he would snap at you. He would scold you for being so clumsy, clumsy enough to set a fire on the stove. He would be pretty harsh about it. It would seem like he’s blaming you for being clumsy, but you both know that that’s just part of who you are. It would be hard to tell if he’s upset because he’s worried about you, or if he’s simply upset because he’s sick of dealing with your mistakes. It would come off as the latter reason, however that would not be the case at all. Luhan would never be upset over something so shallow. He would just be so worried about your well being that he would get upset at multiple things. First for him not being able to prevent things from happening to you, he would take it so far as being mad at the fire for starting in the first place, no matter how childish that may seem. If something messes with you, they mess with Luhan.

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Tao would not have time for this. He would get pissed that you actually had the audacity to set the kitchen of fire. He would blow this situation out of proportion and you think with how he was acting that you had set his mother on fire. However, he would of course, in the back of his mind, be concerned for your safety, but he would have you deal with the fire. If you didn’t know how to put out the fire, he would of course help, but he would make a big scene of it, sighing, complaining, cursing at the flame and the pan for starting this mess, and probably come at your cooking skills while he’s at it. In short, you would not hear the end of it, and he would not allow you to live it down for as long as you’re with him. In his mind you were asking for too much out of this relationship when you decided to set the kitchen and his dinner on fire.

Tao: “You’re asking for too much after you decided to set the kitchen and my dinner on fire. Y/N, how are you going to make this up to me?” *gif hinting at what he wants*

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Lol, Sehun is gunna be an ass about this. He would believe that this event would be news worthy and would announce it to all of EXO. He would find it hilarious and would always bring up the incident whenever you’re in the kitchen like, ‘Lol, remember that time you set fire to the empty pan?’ or when you’re out to dinner and he gets his food he’d be like ‘Hmm, this reminds me of that time I was deprived of my dinner ‘cause someone decided to start a fire in the kitchen.’ or when he’s annoyed with you and being a brat to you and you complain about it he’d be like, ‘Well, maybe if you fed me properly and didn’t decide to start a camp fire in our kitchen, then maybe I wouldn’t be so moody.’ But like, it’s been two months now and you’ve made him plenty of dinners since then. Or before bed he would be like, ‘I can’t believe you actually decided to set fire to the kitchen rather than feed your own boyfriend.’ Or when he see’s a bubble tea while you two are walking down the street he’d be like, ‘You’re gonna buy me bubble tea, you at least owe me that after killing my dinner that night.’ But his favorite time to bring it up would be in front of the other members to see you get all flustered, because he’d never admit it, but he’d find it so adorable.

Sehun: *queue gif* “Hey guys, but you remember that time Y/N…”

Y/N: “SEHUN!!”

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He would simply be dumbfounded at how you could have possibly set nothing on fire in a such a short amount of time. Like, it was only a minute ago that you announced you were going to make dinner, and now suddenly there’s a fire in the middle of the pan with nothing in it. He wouldn’t care much about the fire, he would put it out with out barely even thinking about it. What he would care more about would be an answer as to how you managed to start a fire.

Kris: “How’d you do this? I mean, any normal person would have to try really hard to do this Y/N…”

Y/N: “I honestly don’t know. It just… Happened.”

Kris *chuckle*: “You’re one of a kind Jagi.”

(i love his smile! GOSH he’s so freakin’ handsome!!)

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A/N this was a cute reaction and i absolutely loved making Sehun’s ‘cause he’s such a brat, but like it love it ‘cause he can be sweet and lovable underneath it all <3 anyway, keep the requests coming peeps!


Damian Wayne and Supergirl!reader Headcanons

Prompt: Damian Wayne meets Clark’s daughter (reader); who is the new Supergirl. She’s like her dad. Fluffy and full of justice.


Being the newest Supergirl and meeting Robin would include:

> Your fathers introducing you both since Batman and Superman are apart of the Justice League.

> “(Y/n) Kent, the newest Supergirl. Daughter of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.” Robin, of course did his homework on you.
“Yep, nice to meet you Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul. The 4th - no 5th Robin because Spoiler counts. Us girls gotta stick together.”
“How did - father how?”

> Going on missions together and actually working well.

> “I can take care of myself!”
“You’re welcome Robin~”
“…Thanks.” It was hardly audible but with super hearing, you just caught it.

> “Need a lift?”
“I have the Batmobile.”
“Bet I’m faster.”
“Do you want to test that theory Kent?”

> Being one of the few, if not the only person he calls by first name. Sometimes.

> Having a similar relationship to that of your mentors but being closer friends to everyone’s surprise.

> “I suggest assassinating them.”
“No! You can’t just do that Damian!”
“You’re so easy to rattle Supergirl.”
“Did you just - did you make a joke? I am shocked Robin.”

> Actually making Robin smile, it’s small and basically unnoticeable. Batman sees it though, he thinks it’s great you’re both good friends.

> Going on missions together as you’d confide in each other if you needed to.
“I want to work alone on this one.”
“Robin, c'mon I’m your big brother.” Nightwing pleaded, not missing a chance for some brotherly bonding.
“Can I come please?” You flew in after hearing the possibility of helping someone out.
“Of course.”
“Say what?! Why does Supergirl get to go?”

> “We’re doing this for justice, right?”
“I’ll take that.”

> Hovering next to Robin to make yourself seem more intimidating. Damian trying not to smile because he thinks it’s ‘cute’. You later found laser vision is more effective though.

> “We should go to the park.”
“How about showing me around Gotham?”
“I’ll show you Metropolis?”
“Training with katanas?”
“You could use the practice.”
“Great! Let’s go!”

> Helping each other live fairly normal lives since you’re half alien and Damian grew up in the League of Assassins.

> Becoming a member of the Teen Titans later down the line. Still being his go to teammate out of all of them.

Protector |jughead jones imagine|

<p>Jughead x reader <br>
Relationship: protectors❣️ <br>
Y/N = your name
Y/L/n = your last name <br>Requests are open!

<p>You used to walk down the halls everyone saying hi to you, everyone knowing you’re name. After three ‘hello!’ You knew it would be okay, it was like the reassurance that you were still known, still loved. But that reassurance was soon gone.

The 8th of July. That was the day your mother died. Your father saw it coming, so he drunk away the days leading to your mothers death, then continued after too. You saw it coming too, but your little sister Bethany didn’t. She didn’t talk to anyone in months. You felt her pain from a mile away. It was hard for you too though, your mother dying and on the same day you’re father became an official alcoholic then your sister refusing to talk for months. The halls were different then. No one knew about you grades or father. But everyone heard about your mother and felt as if you didn’t want to be greeted but the truth was that was all you wanted. You wanted that reassurance, you needed that reassurance.

After the downfall of your family your grades and popular reputation was destroyed and the only thing keeping you and your sister afloat was your one job at pop’s. You had this job when you were popular except now you needed way more shifts. So everyday after school you would go to pop’s and work a three hour shift, grab the leftover food and then go home to your sister and her homeschool tutor who luckily didn’t mind not being payed in cash but food instead.

“Hey pop’s.” You called to him and you walked in after school. You walked over to get your apron where you saw a dark haired boy sitting by the window with a beanie on. Jughead you thought he was always here but you didn’t really notice him. He was one of those people who is you took baths with when you were little but now, don’t even talk to. You guys were neighbours since you were two until you moved out when you were nine. He went to your school but you’d never really noticed him till now, till you weren’t popular anymore. You tied your hair up and grabbed a notepad. Hermione, Veronica’s mum when to serve Jughead but you stopped her.
“I got this Ms lodge.” You smiled at her kindly and she smiled back, moving to several other customers that need to be served.
“Hey Jughead…” You said shyly.
“Y/N… hey” he said nearly as awkwardly as you did.
“What would you like today?”
“Burger with the lot please”
“Sure thing” you said slowly walking away.
“Oh and Y/N?”
“I’m sorry about your mum…”
I gave him a small smile but it didn’t mean anything. What he had said didn’t change the fact that she was gone but you appreciated the fact that he had said something. When his order was ready you brought it out to him.

You put your apron on the hook and went to grab your pay check. You put your coat on and examined the customers still in the restaurant.
“Y/N want to walk home together?”
“Jug…I mean Jughead, we don’t live next to each other any more you know?” You clarified.
“Y/N you moved two blocks away, our houses are in walking distance of each other.”
“Hahah okay then.” You laughed.
You and Jughead made your way out of the shop and through the streets. You talked about everything, your mum’s death, why you moved, how he was going, his writing, everything. It was nice talking to him he asked all the right questions until he asked:
“Why did you stop talking to me?”
“I don’t know, I guess we just moved apart from each other?”
“C'mon Y/N, it was because you were too popular and I wasn’t popular enough.”
“It’s not that.”
“Yes it is! Admit it!”
“Jughead stop!” You yelled at him and immediately regretting it. “I’m sorry Jughead, I’m sorry I just can’t deal with this right now.”

And then after that you continued to not talk just like it was before. You came and went into pop’s ignoring Jughead.

It was a Friday afternoon and you walked into pop’s. Jughead was there but Dave was too, Dave was an asshole. He was older than you and pop’s lets him take care of the shop while he’s busy, but Dave is cruel and abusive but nobody knows that. It adds to your emotional life that didn’t need adding to.
“Y/N! You’re late!”
You checked your watch it was 4:01pm and you were meant to be there at 4:00.
“It was one minute! Don’t be an ass!” You argued.
“What did you call meh?” He yelled causing heads to turn including antisocial Jughead.
“I said don’t be a ass…” you said shyly wishing you didn’t. He brought back his hand and then slapped you. The sound echoed in the restaurant as you let out a shriek of pain. Your cheek burned but you had the strength to kick him in the balls.
“Asshole!!!” You yelled angry as ever. Jughead rain over to straight as you got hit. But before he could comfort you Dave got up but Jughead, without a second thought punched him in the nose. Jughead took you home and took care of you.
“I’m sorry Y/N.”
“I’m sorry too jug” He grabbed you and hugged you as you hugged straight back.

Préfixes communs

A ‘préfixe’ is a syllabe you can add to a word to create a new one and change its meaning. For example : faire (to do/to make) > refaire (to do again), faire (to undo), parfaire (to finish, make perfect).

Here are the more common prefixes in french language! The words will be followed by either n (noun), v (verb), a (adjective).

a-, ad-, ac-, ag- (going towards, getting closer from) > abordage, n (boarding, on a boat), admettre, v (admitting), acquisition, n (purchase), aggraver, v (making worse).

co-, com-, col- (together) : coexister, v (coexisting), comporter, v (consisting of/containing/including), collatéral, a (collateral).

im-, in-, dé-, dés-, il-, ir-, mal- (opposite) : immobile, a (still/ motionless/ stationary), indémodable, a (that won’t ever go out of fashion), colorer, v (bleaching/fading), désabonner, v (unsubscribe), illisible, a (illegible/unreadable), irresponsable, a (irresponsible), malhonnête, a (dishonest).

hyper- (intensity) : hypermarché, n (hypermarket, superstore), hyperactif, a (hyperactive).

multi- (number) : multifonction, a (multifunction)

para- (protection) : parapluie, n (umbrella), paratonnerre, n (lightning conductor)

re-, ré-, r- (repetition) : revoir, v (seeing again), écouter (listening to again), rapporter (bringing back)

tré-, trans-, très- (passing, going through) : transposer, v (transposing), trépasser, v (passing away).

Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove. . .

Anonymous said: hiii kai! i love your posts, i was wondering if you could do a bts, exo and got7 reaction to you setting the oven on fire, like you just started cooking, but somehow you set fire?? (if you can’t do all three then you can choose one to do, i cant choose lol) thank you so much! love you! xoxo <3

Reaction to You Setting the Stove on Fire…

[Here is the BTS Reaction >click, Here is the EXO Reaction >click]

A/N lollllllll this is hilarious. but of course I’ll do all of ‘em, I’m a sucker for all these bands, so, of course I’m gunna suffer for them. they will be three different posts though. hope that’s okay.

love you too babe! <3



You were trying to make pancakes that morning for your boyfriend. Things were going well, Jaebum was still asleep in bed, the batter was ready to be poured in the pan, and the stove top was warmed up to the supposed right temperature. You had turned your back for a moment to check the time on your phone, but when you turned around, you were face-to-face with a red flame in the pan that was supposed to be for the pancake batter. You froze for a moment, then quickly ran out of the kitchen and called for your boyfriend. You burst through the bedroom door and shave him awake.

Y/N: “Jae! Jae! Fire! There’s a fire on the stove!”

Jaebum quickly gets up and runs into the kitchen without hesitation. He looks at the situation, and pauses for a moment, then grabs your phone.

Y/N: “What’re you doing!? We gotta put it out!?”

Jaebum: “Well I don’t know how to put out a stove fire, so I’m looking up-salt.”

Y/N: “Huh?”

Jaebum: “We need salt.”

He speaks and grabs the salt and throws it on the fire and in no time the fire is out. You guys open the windows and Jaebum grabs your hand.

Jaebum: “You’re not hurt?”

You shake your head.

Jaebum: “Alright, that’s enough cooking for the day. Let’s go back to bed.”

He drags you back to the bedroom where you two cuddle and fall back to sleep.

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You both were in the kitchen, you were cooking dinner while chatting with your boyfriend. You hadn’t yet put anything in the pan, but you turn it on to heat it up at a low temperature. Jackson had distracted you with a ridiculous reply to your question and were laughing with him about it when his eyes widened and he was looking behind you.

Jackson: “Is that supposed to happen?”

You turn and see a fire coming out of the pan. You scream and put the pan under the faucet and the fire fizzles out. You turn to Jackson with wide eyes of astonishment.

Y/N: “How’d that even happen!? There was nothing in the pan!”

Jackson laughs at you out loud, not hiding his amusement.

Jackson: “You have some talent to set an empty pan on fire Y/N.”

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Jinyoung was helping you try to cook. Both standing side by side while you were getting the pan ready to cook the mixed veggies that Jinyoung was cutting for you. Suddenly the pan went up into flames. Jinyoung pulled you behind him quickly while backing up from away from the stove. He acted quickly and pulled out the salt from the cabinet and dumped it on the pan. Immediately stopping the flames. He turns to you.

Jinyoung: “You’re not hurt are you?”

He asks, pulling your hands into his and examining them.

Y/N: “No, I’m okay. Thanks Jinyounggie.”

You moved to go back to the stove, but instead Jinyoung pushes you out of the kitchen.

Jinyoung: “You’re not going near that stove for the rest of the week. We don’t need anymore miracle fires. I’ll do this and you watch something.”

Y/N: “I’ll help with the veggies then.”

Jinyoung: “No, no, no, you’ll find a way to set those on fire too. Out. Go sit down.”

And with that he kept his word and kept you out of the kitchen for the rest of the week and would scold you whenever he found you in the kitchen.

(Jinyoung kicking you out of the kitchen, but reminding you he still loves you, ‘cause he’s a sweetheart like that)

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Mark would prevent the fire from happening before it even happens. So there would be no problem. After he would probably do the same as Jinyoung and move you away from the stove so there are no more chances for you to start a fire or get hurt. He wouldn’t want to risk it. You getting hurt being the last thing he would want to happen.

Mark: “Alright, how about you… Pour us the drinks, okay? And I’ll continue cooking the eggs, okay?”

You pout but listen to him and pour two cups of juice for you and Mark.

(Mark being satisfied with himself after getting you out of harms way)

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Lmaoooo, omg, Yongjae would be a mess. He would scream and panic all at the same time while trying to fix the problem for you, but not knowing how. You would have to get your act together for him and find a way to get rid of the fire. Afterwards you would need to comfort poor little puppy Youngjae, talling him you’re alright and that the fire is out and he doesn’t need to keep panicking anymore. After he would probably feel bad for not “manning up” and in a way protecting you and putting out the fire for you. But you would reassure him that it’s fine and you still love him for himself and not for the “man” he’s supposed to be. He’s a man enough for you and that’s all you could ask for.

(ignore cute little bean Jinyoung and focus on the screaming Youngjae)

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BamBam would just be plain disappointed in you. Like you are BamBam’s girlfriend, you better know how to cook. The moment you started that fire with nothing in the pan, BamBam would take a moment to stand there and look at you like ‘you seriously went and started a fire on air?? tell me HOW’ kinda look. He would then heave a big sigh and grab the salt, go out of his way to look at you pointedly, and you’d be like ‘there’s a fire?? maybe we should put it out??’ then  BamBam would proceed to dump the salt of the fire. Without a word, push you gently out of the kitchen and go back to cooking. No words needed, your boyfriend is beyond shook.

(unamused BamBam trying to give you comfort, but just can’t find the ability to. you set fire on air, and it’s going to take some time for him to get over it. [you are Yugyeom])

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Yugeom would probably be amazed, not sarcastically, but like, genuinely amazed. You, his girlfriend, set fire to an empty pan. That takes talent. He would then of course act quickly and help you set the fire out. He would then comfort you after and offer that maybe you two just order take-out. He would give you more affection for the rest of the day to show that it doesn’t bother him that you may not be the best cook. He still loves you endlessly regardless. He would find it funny as well, and when you get pouty about it, he would assure you that he’s not laughing at you, but your cuteness.

Yugyeom: “It’s okay Jagi, want to just get take-out?”

Y/N: “Sure…”

Yugyeom: “Cheer up. I love you Jagi~”

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ontae being punny.

66) similar colors, face, feel, neckties and shoes, they’re all similar.  who are you?

⌒.⌒) *pulls something out of taemin’s hair*  i am kimiko

6v6) a girl *laughs*  if i were a girl, i wonder what my name would have been

⌒▽⌒) since your [name] is taemin….temae

6v6) if that’s the case, onew-san would be omae (*means you)

⌒▽⌒) *nods in approval*

note: omae means you.  more often used by men, usually of higher status.  can be considered rude.  taemin’s name is spelled te-mi-n in japanese (te-mi-n -> te-ma-e).  that’s why onew (o-nyu or o-n-yu) would be omae (o-ma-e).

Frenemies |jughead jones imagine|

<p>Jughead x reader <br>
Relationship: frenemies <br> Y/N = your name Y/L/n = your last name <br>Requests are open! <p>You walked into pop’s cheerful as usual. “Hey pop’s!” You waved to him at the front counter. <br> “Hey y/n!” Just the usual?“ <br> "Oh pop’s you know me so well!” You smiled as he laughed. You looked around and sighed when you saw your big brother sitting with stupid Jughead. You walked over anyway. <br> “Speaking of the devil…” jughead said under his breath as you reached the table. <br> “Aww nice to see you too jug!” You said giving him a fake smile, that he returned then sitting across from him, next to Archie. <br> “Why do you guys hate eachother so much?” Archie asked obviously annoyed his best friend and little sister weren’t getting along.<br> “I’m not saying I hate him…although I would unplug his life-support to charge my phone.” You admitted while smirking at jughead. <br> “Y/n I love to see things from your point of view so that one day we could actually have a chance at seeing eye-to-eye but unfortunately I can’t seem to get my head so far up my ass!” Oh boy! The challenge was on. I slurped at the remains of my milkshake.<br> “Until next time.” I said leaving pop’s in defeat. <p> “Arch you’ll be fine!” You reassured Archie. <br> “See ya jug” he said as you swerved your head around to the side of the bleachers. Jughead was here, great. <br> “Oh wow! So glad you came dumbass!” <br> “You know it’s better to let someone think you are an idiot than actually open your mouth and prove it.” <br> “Stupidity can come in all different shapes and forms, some even look like people! Now sit down, give your mind a rest - it obviously needs it!” I snitched. Jughead kept quiet the rest of the football game and I couldn’t have been happier. <p>I was late for a catch up at pop’s with Betty, Archie and Jughead. Honestly I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to see the handsome dickhead but I knew I had to, for Betty and arch. <br> “Sorry guys I’m late I was trying to come up with reasons not come.” I said taking a seat next to Betty in one of the booths. <br> “Well you obviously didn’t find one now did you?”<br> “Oh I did, you were here. But I realised it’s not bloody about you” I smiled. He whispered something like a curse word under his breath and then jumped from indeed the booth to out, storming out of pop’s. Archie shot me a look and I knew I had to go check on him. I ran out of pop’s and saw that it was raining. I saw him walking away. <br> “Jughead! I called after him "Wait please…I’m sorry.” He stayed still but he didn’t turn around. “I was rude I know but I always thought it was our special…way of communicating you know? No offence was meant to be made or caused just backchatting. But I’m sorry if I hurt you.” Then he finally turned around and even though it was raining I could see his glossy eyes in the dark. <br> “You’re right. But when you end up realising that all this time you’ve loved this person and hasn’t realised, well that’s when you take it all personally, it sounds different. And everything changes like the urge to fight with them isn’t even strong where as the urge to kiss them is. It’s hard for me because I’m not usually like this y/n. You don’t understand.” <br> “I don’t understand! Jug I’ve been trying to avoid the fact that I love you up till now, I always knew it was true but always tried to ignore it. It was hard for me too. But I’m happy that I can say I love you and finally admit it to myself.” He didn’t say anything he just cupped my face and kissed my lips. I never knew that Jughead jones could be such a good kisser. The rain was falling making the kiss even more romantic than it needed to be. He moved his hand from my face, down my body and then to my hips. I pulled of his beanie and ruffled the hair underneath. Once we pulled apart I started laughing. It was so perfect. Who knew two frenemies just became a couple? The best couple riverdale’s ever seen!

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Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove. . .

Anonymous said: hiii kai! i love your posts, i was wondering if you could do a bts, exo and got7 reaction to you setting the oven on fire, like you just started cooking, but somehow you set fire?? (if you can’t do all three then you can choose one to do, i cant choose lol) thank you so much! love you! xoxo <3<br>

Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove…

[Here is the EXO Reaction >click, Here is the Got7 Reaction > click]

A/N lollllllll this is hilarious. but of course I’ll do all of ‘em, I’m a sucker for all these bands, so, of course I’m gunna suffer for them. they will be three different posts though. hope that’s okay.

love you too babe! <3</p>



Namjoon would understand where you’re coming from when you accidentally set the empty pan of fire considering he too was clumsy as all heck himself. Namjoon is smart though, and has probably set the stove on fire himself, and would know what to do. He would make sure that you’re away from the fire then set the fire out himself. Afterwards he would check to make sure that you’re not injured and would scold you for being so careless. However he wouldn’t mean it, it would just be from him worrying about your well being. Afterwards he would offer that maybe you two should just order take-out and watch a good movie together.

Rap Mon: “You need to be more careful and pay attention to what you’re doing Y/N, you can seriously get hurt.”

(dad Rap Mon scolding you, you’re sexy ChimChim)

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Mom Jin would be shocked. Since he cooks often for the rest of his children members, he would be a little lost as to how you had set fire when you legit just started cooking two minutes ago. Jin would quickly put out the fire, not really thinking of scolding you because his top priority would be to check you for any injuries that might have occurred from the fire. However, once he sees that you’re okay, Jin would escort you out of the kitchen and seat you on the couch. Telling you to rest, as the fire might have stressed you out. He would then retreat into the kitchen and make you some warm tea and a snack.

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Yoongi would find this amusing. He would tease you about it and give you a hard time about it. Yoongi would be sitting in the living room when he heard you scream. With a sigh he would get up and walk into the kitchen to see you grabbing the salt, a pan on fire and would immediately wonder how in the world you were about to set legit nothing on fire. He would smirk as he watched you toss some salt onto the fire. Once the situation was settled and there was no more fire, he would ask what happened and how you managed to cause a fire. Get ready to have Yoongi never let you live down the time you set air on fire.

Yoongi: “Do I even wanna know how you managed to cause a fire, or no?”

(i absolutely love this human. i can’t get enough of him. he’s so precious <3 )</i>

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Ahh J-Hope, where to start…. Well, be sure to expect shouting and hysterics as well as a very flustered Hobi. He would know what to do, but there would be too much to do, that he wouldn’t know what to start with. Does he put out the fire first? Does he check to see if you have any injuries? And if you do, then should he take you to the hospital? Or should he just tend to your wounds on his own? Does he call the fire department? Should he ask how you started the fire? Should he call Namjoon or Yoongi? Should he make sure you go into another room so you’re not in harms way? Should he pull the fire alarm? Should he call his mom in case this is his last moment? He never got to own a cat?? What if he does something that makes the fire worse? Should he look up how to put out a fire? Should he open the windows? Get water? How should he put out the fire? There is too much going through J-Hope’s mind that he would get nothing done and you would need to handle the situation on your own. 

(he’s so stressed he ends up crying and you end up having to comfort him)

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Jimin would work with you to put out the fire. He would make sure you don’t get too close, but would stand by your side and assist you in anyway you need. He wouldn’t know how to put out the fire, but wouldn’t leave you alone to handle it on your own, worried you would get hurt. He would insist that he puts it out with the salt so you don’t have to get too close to the fire and get hurt. When the fire is finally put out, Jimin would laugh about the events that just occurred and would probably end up teasing you slightly about it. He would remember that day years later though, thinking of it as a fond memory that you two share. 

(ahhh the floofy cheeks of ChimChim <3 )</i>

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Tae would simply be shocked when he walks into the kitchen and sees a pan covered in flames. But after snapping out of his shock he would act quickly and pull you away from the burning pan, however, he wouldn’t know how to put out the flame, so you would need to jump in and hand him the container of salt, telling him to throw some salt onto the flame. He would follow your directions and in no time at all, the flame would be out and you two would be smiling at each other. Tae would be another that would think back on this day as a memory that would just be part of the story of your relationship, and would think of it oddly endearing. He would order take-out and pull you down on the couch with him, wrapping his arms and legs around you.

Taehyung: “We’re a pretty good team huh?”

He would speak, thinking back on how quickly you two put out the flame.

(Taehyung showing his affection to you, you’re Junkook)

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Jungkook would tease you to no end about this event. He would be playfully disappointed in you as he walks into the kitchen and leans against the door frame, crossing his arms as he raises an eyebrow at you, smirking. He would watch you scurry around the kitchen as you hurry to put out the fire. However, you would be the one who doesn’t know how to put out the flame, and Jungkook would. He would as teasingly if you need help, as he already knows you do, and would make a scene of how annoying it is he needs to help. Even though he would secretly like that he gets to save you and help you when you need it. In the end he would pull you into a hug and playfully complain about how clumsy you are, but on the inside he would love it and like that you need him to protect you and look out for you.

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