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(( New years eve meme mid-March. Bless you, doc. Ranposano headcanons? ))

Has to convince the other(s) to go to a party/leave the house > Yosano has to convince Ranpo to go out with her.
Drinks too much and has to be driven home. > This is 50/50 but considering they more than likely didn’t actually leave the house they both got sloshed
Makes a bunch of resolutions (do they keep them?) > Yosano makes a bunch of resolutions, does not keep them, legit a month later she’s already failed, Ranpo points it out.
Gets drunk quicker > Ranpo 100000%
Is scared to open the champagne bottle/passes it to the other(s) > Ranpo hands Yosano the bottle “how do I open this??”
Initiates kissing the other(s) at midnight > Ranpo initiates the kiss at midnight just to shock Yosano.
Is distracted watching football > Neither, neither of them like sports all that much.
Wishes there wasn’t such a big fuss over it all > Ranpo, he doesn’t see the point? Its just another year
Wants to clean the whole house > Yosano, it has to be like her office, clean and pristine.
Goes a little overboard with confetti > Both of them, if they’re gonna do this they are gonna do it well.
Makes a cheesy toast > Ranpo, he toasts to Yosano and another year of their relationship, he does it to embarrass her. (Ps. It works)
Goes to bed early > Ranpo, he’s asleep by 9:30

>be me

>roommate’s birthday

>get wine drunk and watch high school musical

>friends get drunk you to follow through on joining tinder


>fall asleep without taking medication

>wake up

>haven’t done work bc high school musical

>tired as shit bc daylight savings


>take medication

>medication side effect is drowsiness


>midterms tomorrow

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I like to think Ethan and Tyler have an amazing relationship and they participate in hypnosis kinks a lot. Tyler has complete control over the Eth

i . apprreciate this  a lot

I AM THE DRUNK RIRH GT NOW THO sO i ccan t dod srs hcs but pls. talka to me abt this tomorROw!! oK?

[ TEXT >> BEXIT 💁🍷 ] Let me get this straight, chicka…
[ TEXT >> BEXIT 💁🍷 ] First you spill BUBBLES all over my couch, now you let a kitten shit on my floor?
[ TEXT >> BEXIT 💁🍷 ] It’s like I’m living with Lydia all over again.
[ TEXT >> BEXIT 💁🍷 ] You’re cleaning it up. FYI.
[ TEXT >> BEXIT 💁🍷 ] And you owe me a new couch while we’re at it.

[ TEXT  >>  @rubyrednightingale ]: Okay, BUT, consider the following counterarguments
[ TEXT  >>  Rubes ❤️✨ ]: 1. I was drunk
[ TEXT  >>  Rubes ❤️✨ ]: 2. It’s a KITTEN!!! <3
[ TEXT  >>  Rubes ❤️✨ ]: 3. If I cleaned your apartment, it would probably end up MESSIER than it is now
[ TEXT  >>  Rubes ❤️✨ ]: 4. You love me <3
[ TEXT  >>  Rubes ❤️✨ ]: …The couch I can do. Are you good with IKEA?

#TEAMSCORPION || Please Make these Happen, @ScorpionWriters

Some things I’d like to see in Scorpion S2: 

  • A drunk Walter
  • Team Scorpion Karaoke
  • A drunk Walter
  • Paige getting kidnapped
  • A drunk Walter
  • Ferret Bueller 
  • A drunk Walter
  • Ralph getting kidnapped
  • A drunk Walter
  • A drunk Walter
  • A drunk Walter
  • A drunk Walter
  • More of Happy’s dad
  • A drunk Walter
  • More of Megan
  • A drunk Walter
  • A Scorpion B-Day celebration
  • A drunk Walter
  • Walter & Paige attending a parents meeting with Ralph’s teacher
  • A drunk Walter
  • The secret behind Toby’s love for his hat
  • A drunk Walter
  • Team Scorpion meeting Walter’s parents
  • A drunk Walter
  • More Paige back story
  • A drunk Walter