gt drunk

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i know it's weird getting asked this by a complete stranger but i've been having a rough time of things lately. i feel useless. i feel unloved and unloveable, i just bring trouble for anyone i stay around for any length of time and the only emotion anyone ever remembers me by is regret. i try to be a good person because i never ever want to do to other people what was done to me but it doesn't seem to matter. i just feel like an annoyance.

did i gt drunk & send this 2 msyself

JIBcon8 Jensen/Misha panel mini-highlights

what i’ve seen so far:

drunk Jensen (i think he is drunk so i’m going to continue referring him as drunk)

Jensen and Misha singing Carry On My Wayward Son

their hands touching while singing said song

Misha showing everyone his pink undie

Jensen flashing Misha his own undie or what’s underneath his pants, and the crowd losing it internally because what Jensen gave was a private viewing for Misha only

Jensen looking like he wants to jump Misha then and there

Jensen intensely staring at Misha when it was a “little” discreet in their previous JIB panels

u can feel the vibe Misha is flaring with like he is making every conceivable effort
-> not to encourage the crowd because while he normally teases the audience, he wasn’t drunk or too drunk
-> to avoid eye contact with Jensen

u can almost hear Misha’s thoughts of
“Jensen, please”
“No. Jensen, no”
“Please please please behave”
“I’ll make it up to you after the panel just please don’t overintensify your dorkiness - the fans already know”
“Don’t make me a parent to you, too”

Jensen being much in closer proximity with Misha (like a very protective *hem hem possessive* lover)

Jared’s face when Jensen picked up a chair and hefted it in the air
“Jensen no no nO NO“
“dude i bow to you. you’ve beaten my crap now would you please tf calm down“
“jesus Jen, too much apple juice“

I saaaaaay

JIBcon8 was a riot


drunk!Jensen, J2M, Misha and Jared “parenting” Jensen


I got drunk the other night and had a heck of a time playing cards against humanity but honestly the best part was laying down and dissociating so hard I imagined myself smol???? (//PSA I don’t condone drinking, I did it while 100% safe and at home w/ family- just wanted to share my gt experience :’D)

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Hi! How about &, ?? and the heartbreaking one for Kara and Ichi? Thank you very much!!


& - Loving text

>Ooooh my beautiful Y/n! Your eyes sparkle more than my bedazzled pointed-toe boots, and your smile is more radiant than the sun! You light up my life my Karamatsu honey, for without you I would be lost…!!   

>Because I could not see. 

>It would be too dark. 

>…HEH! ✨

⁇ - Drunk text

>OOOOoOooOOhhHH my little Y/n!!! I haev been thinkig about you my lttle Y/n.. .. . 

>You are jsut sO beautif ul tht I feel I must scream it from the rooftoops so that the whoel world knows jstu hwo much I lo ve yuo!!!! !

>Wiat.… I’m actually goig to do that right now. YES! That way,,, evryone will know just hwo devoted I am to yuo ~~ 

>HE H I am ver y drunk  ✨ ✨ 😎 ☠️ 🌏 🍻 💋 💙 🌏 ✨ 🐙 🗿 🥞 💃 💃 💙 😎 ✨

♀  - Heartbreaking

>Ah I am so sorry Y/n, I must cancel on our dinner plans this evening. I…am not feeling quite myself today, and it would be a shame for you to have to see me so dull.

>In truth…I am worried that my brothers do not like me, that I am just a dumb nuisance to them all. My dear bruzza Ichimatsu tells me such all the time. Perhaps he is right…

>Forgive me, my little Y/n. I…probably wont be myself for quite some time. Perhaps it is for the best that I never am…


& - Loving text

>Hey… I just wanted to thank you for feeding the strays with me today. It was…really nice.

>I like spending time with you…it makes me feel a little less like garbage.


>I suppose what I’m trying to say is I like you Y/n, and I hope I can see you again soon.

>O-Okay, that’s all. Bye…

⁇ - Drunk text

>Ehehehh hey Y/n.. . I’m supr sleepy and I don’t wnt to move but kusomatsu is so annoyig when he’s drunk I want to punch him in the faec

>but I don t want to moev.…

>.. ………hlep

♀  - Heartbreaking

>It’s okay Y/n, you don’t have to lie to me to make me feel better. I already know I’m useless garbage who will amount to nothing, so you shouldn’t be wasting your time on someone like me.

>You’re somebody and I’m worthless trash, we were never meant to be together in the first place. I guess I was just caught up in a stupid dream thinking that we could be. 

>It’s probably for the best that we never see each other again… I’m sorry for wasting your time. 

>Goodbye Y/n.

This is a sitcom, right?

>tfw Maiev is drunk and locks herself in a room for days
>no one can get her out
>someone knocks
>on a whim, she opens the door
>It’s Illidan
>She shuts the door before he can say anything
>he starts calling her a pathetic excuse for a warden through the door
>he continues to insult her, call her a piece of shit
>she opens the door to throw a bottle in his face
>it breaks on his horns and she makes a cruel joke about his blindness
>they fight
>the room gets torn up
>Maiev is drunk
>Illidan can’t resist her clingy leotard, hot body, and obnoxious personality
>the fight ends in violent smooching, and even more violent sex

Make it happen, Blizz.

Us drunk.

Sprinkles drunk:
>Falling over
>“i looooovvv juu”
>cheek kisses

@logxn-hxyes (Henna) Drunk:
>wants and does crazy shit
>laughs at everything
>is saved by sprinkles (from falling over)
>knt typ fur sit
>is gay

We were outside at 2 am…

This is my bestfriend.

Ai luuuvv juu

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I'm sitting in my yard with my pupper on my lap and we're listening to The Maine, needless to say it's quite a good day so far! I hope your day is going well 💕

You’re sending me an ask?? I didn’t even know you’re following me, I love your blog!! That sounds so nice, I wish I had my dog with me. I drove home to my apartment today, it’s almost midnight now but I had a nice day. Thank you :)

>>Drunk, tell me something about your day!!

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Would u rather become pope or marry Sappho?

<insert the ‘both is good’ el dorado gif>

drunk me will disagree with this, but i’d rather become pope! it’d be fascinating to rise through the ranks and see the inner workings of the catholic church, try to increase transparency and make that giant organization more dynamic and open to change. in a different world lol. i can still date sappho once i’ve changed the church’s stance on women, celibacy and homosexuality though!

gets frustrated at art -> drinks alcohol -> art gets frustrating again -> drinks more alcohol -> art gets hard because I’m drunk -> drinks more alcohol
repeats this for 3 hours until I’ve drunk a bottle of gin and am reduced to struggling to draw straight lines

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Celebrity AU?

I actually have one!!!
-> Prince is a pop star, with Logan as his manager. Patton is a songwriter and Anxiety is a fashion designer.
-> Anxiety was in prison for fraud, but after some stuff, ended up working for Logan.
-> Patton and Anxiety are a couple while Logan and Roman are in love but just sleep together.
-> When they go on tour Prince manage to make everyone get drunk.
-> Anxiety sometimes on purpose rips apart Prince’s costumes because he wanna makes him suffer.