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Pirates in Auradon headcanons

A/N: Sea Three centric but will include their interactions with the Rotten Four and a few Auradonians

~>it took Evie and Ben 7 months and more than 30 visits to the isle before Uma caved in and agreed to come to Auradon to be a council member and help with the issues of the isle.

~>only if her crew, most importantly Harry and Gil, get to come with her.

~> Uma never got the chance to take in all of Auradon during the Cotillion because a) she was on a mission, b) it was dark because it was night, and c) because she didn’t really care.

~> so when they stepped out of the limo she was almost blinded by the sheer contrast of the Isle and Auradon’s lighting. Even Harry had to cover his eyes for a good few seconds because of the brightness.

~> Gil and Harry were lucky enough to be dorm mates

~> Uma, being a girl, was separated and was therefore roomed with Lonnie.

~> “what’s that smell?” “none of your business”

~> the first time they ate the food there they all got sick because they weren’t used to fresh food. Harry actually wished he’d brought some food from the fish and chips shop just so he wouldn’t be sick to his stomach.

~> once they got used to it though, they would eat insane amounts of food, almost as many as the Rotten Four’s.

~> they all gained a little bit of weight.

~> when someone pointed it out to Harry he glared at them fiercely it had the person quaking in his boots.

~> later that day, Evie laughed as Doug raced to hide in her room claiming that he was about to be killed and not to laugh because it was not funny. seriously Evie my life is in danger!

~> when Harry told that to Uma and Gil, they started a morning routine of working out together before school so they would maintain their shape and justify them eating tons of food later in the day.

~> the amount of council meetings Uma had to attend to wasn’t able to be counted with one hand. Mal could relate. they even awkwardly sympathized with each other at the end of one particularly stressful meeting.

~> Evie stood at a corner watching with glee. finally all the rivalry was about to end, she could feel it.

~> Uma endured it all though. she kept reminding herself that it was for all the kids on the isle who deserved a second chance too. so she kept attending those stupid meetings.

~> Gil fit in almost instantly. Inwardly, Harry and Uma were happy. It was the life their precious, innocent, Gil deserved and for the first time Uma was truly happy she acccepted the offer if it meant Gil would have all the luxuries in life he deserved.

~> it took the Sea Three a few weeks before they got the hang of this strange, peculiar, concept called “punctuality”

~> what they didn’t know was that everytime they’d be late to a class, one of the Rotten Four would ask for the teacher’s pardon for them and explained the way they were taught on the Isle.

~> Harry was really good at theater even though he tried to conceal it.

~> he couldn’t.

~> so when he got the lead role for a school play Uma and Gil were filming and silently cheering for him with loads of food at their feet.

~> Harry had all the girls wrapped around his hook.

~> it made Jay jealous. that was supposed to be him!

~> so they’d been having a silent contest on who could flirt with the most girls in a day.

~> everyday.

~> and it hasn’t stopped since. it’s become their daily routine. while the girls just rolled their eyes at the both of them. Uma and Evie had to pretend they weren’t jealous (I ship Jevie sorrynotsorry)

~> Uma had most of her classes with Carlos. She was actually a genius when she puts away her sword and vengeful tendencies.

~> Gil and Jane became unexpected buddies after they were partnered up for a science project.

~> Harry and Gil were at par with Jay, Carlos, and Ben when it came to Tourney and R.O.A.R.

~> Harry and Jay got along because of this. also because Jay had to keep an eye on Harry because Harry simply could not apply “teamwork” in said sports. Jay understood though.

~> Carlos and Uma became Gil’s unofficial tutors since Gil liked to hang around Uma a lot, who hanged around Carlos a lot because someone was finally at her same level of intellect.

~> Uma finally got the shrimp stink out of her hair with Evie and Mal’s help.

~> which meant Uma had to wear what Evie designed for her because Uma owes her

~> Uma liked to pretend she didn’t like what Evie made her wear.

~> Lonnie had to make it worse by deciding that it was up to her to style Uma’s hair everyday.

~> She just couldn’t help it! it was so pretty and she had so much of it! plus, it was really soft.

~> overtime they became really close friends.

~> after so much pleading Lonnie got her way and had the R.O.A.R. rule book revised, and got Uma to join the team.

~> once they found out that there were shows and movies other than those about Auradon princes and princesses the Sea Three had Saturday pyjama party and movie nights at the boys’ dorm room.

~> they kept it secret. no one had to know their business.

~> but everyone knew because Uma would scream and Harry would laugh maniacally everytime Uma lost at monopoly and uno cards/jenga and it was heard throughout the halls.

~> Gil would eat up all their popcorn.

~> more than once, fairy godmother would catch them asleep on top of each other on the floor with popcorn, chocolate, junk food, and bottles of soda everywhere. she just shook her head and let it slide.

~> it wasn’t like she hadn’t caught the other four doing the same except they were quieter and held these gatherings on Sunday nights instead.

~> slowly the Sea Three and Rotten Four became friends after Mal and Uma had settled things between them once Mal was sure Uma wasn’t out to spell Ben again.

~> Mal, Evie, and Lonnie would totally be the captains of Huma.

~> Jay, Carlos, Gil, and Ben were quiet about it but they were hardcore shippers too.

~> once the Sea Three got used to the open shows of affection of couples and family all around, they’d share brief hugs with each other.

~> once, Harry stole a kiss on Uma’s cheek.

~> “come on Uma don’t kill him! it’s not like you didn’t like it am I right? *wiggles eyebrows*” “SHUT. UP. GIL.”

~> Harry finally had the guts to ask Uma out after the Auradon Knights won yet another Tourney championship.

~>“what took you so long?” “err- I dinnae want to get slapped ‘cross the cheek cap'n” (<- I tried way too hard at this lol.)

~> their parents didn’t bother videochatting with them, and they didn’t want to either.

~> they ignored FG’s look of pure pity and group hugged the living daylights out of each other to make up for the sadness they all try so hard to hide.

~> but with their small family and newfound friends on Auradon, everything was alright.

~> it was good to be good.

~> and still be a little bit wicked causing a few pranks here and there and threatening prissy princesses and princes left and right.

~> but mostly good.

… thoughts?

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Who are your friends

Very good question.
Real-life friends:
>Damian (aka. xNeonx, playing Damian in Total Adventure Crew)
>Magomed (aka. MOIIKO, playing Mago in TAC)
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>Aleksandra (aka. Olosia, playing Arika in TAC)

Friends on Tumblr:
Looooooot of. But mainly:
@foxyandsansask (hope I didn’t forgot anyone)

ASKJHASJKH I’m dying; this post made me realise Kova’s name may well have been a cat pun/play on “Avocado.”

Kova -> Avok -> Avocatto

Voltron Crew + Cat puns, yessss, thank you; Lotor’s crew are secretly a pack of trolling memes, and I am here for this, sign me up x1000