[Kaytlin usually didn’t walk around the forest this early in the morning. But she woke up and couldn’t go back to bed. It was still very dark out, she supposed the time to be three in the morning.

Not straying too far from the cave where she and Kaleb slept in, Kaytlin stopped in a clearing and looked up to the sky. It was a beautiful sky. A hint of dawn kissed it with a gradient of color. It was quiet, save the occasional rustling in the trees. Then, in that moment of bliss, there was a rush of wind and something big came at her. She ducked in time, but the massive winged form came back. As it rushed by her again, a sharp pain struck her arm. She garbed for it, and put pressure to it. Just as she thought…her warmth dripped down her arm. The thing let out a pleased sounding cackle and landed ten feet in front of her. He walked, slowly. He was toying with her.

The pain was getting to her worse now, she let out a scream. It echoed in the forest. The thing cackled again.

“Just, stay away!” Kaytlin yelled to it. She could feel the energy inside herself building up in her chest, ready to exit from her hands.

A loud hissing noise and the cracking of tree branches distracted the thing. Kaleb barreled out of the forest, teeth bared and glinting in the faded moon light. He lunged for the thing, but it flew up just in time to miss the attack. Instead of going after it, Kaleb turned his attention to the injured girl. He slithered over to her, gently coiling her into his tail. With her safe, he turned his attention to the air, where it flew, shrieking at him angrily. Kaleb growled and hissed back to it, positioning Kaytlin directly behind him. It tried to swoop around behind Kaleb, which distracted him from the jaws that came to clamp around him. He tried to escape once he realized, but in doing so, got his wing stuck in Kaleb’s teeth. It pulled and struggled to break free, and did. At a price. His wing tore, and with one wing out of commission, he became unable to fly, and fell to the ground. Kaytlin had slipped from the coils of Kaleb’s tail, and looked to the poor creature in pity. Out of her pity and a bit of spontaneity, rushed in front of the fallen bat hybrid…]

So yeah. Seth didn’t make the best first impression.

(these guys are my OCs)

“Bug Buddies”


Just saw Captain America: Civil War and OMG IT WAS RAD. I already knew Scott was going to pull a Giantman at some point, but it was SO COOL. And he got SO BIG! Easily the best part of the movie for me. Followed up by Spiderman, who was all kinds of adorable. I was so inspired i came right home and drew these two badass cuties together.

Can someone geek out about this with me??