What My Dreams Are Made Of

Summary: Sequel to You Kill Me (In a Good Way) (aka the one where they talk a lot over the phone and go on a coffee date)


Phil <3
i take it u appreciate having my number then

Dan blushes, unconsciously raising a hand to hold in front of his burning cheeks.

oh my god you have no idea i’m so glad you’re not here right now honestly

Phil <3
so u don’t want to see me again? 

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Breaking in His New Journal

The early morning sun found Sam perched on the nightstand, legs dangling off the edge as he watched a news report from a state away. The shower ran in the background, filling the air with the reassuring patter of water. It washed away the disturbing silence that never failed to unnerve Sam after his recent abduction. The tiny scrapings of a lockpick in the door continually sounded in his head when he was left on his own. Like now.

On the television, a helicopter cam panned over the landscape, showing the destroyed half of a town, crumpled wreckage everywhere.

Confusion runs rampant as the town has been declared unsafe for habitation. The earthquake last week coincides with the tornado yesterday down to the exact date and time, spreading rumors of a town-wide curse that afflicts it all. All superstitious notions aside, evacuation procedures are being followed by the mayor.”

Sam frowned to himself as he contemplated the report. Two natural disasters, spaced apart by exactly seven days, down to the second? “Definitely not natural,” he muttered under his breath.

He brushed a hand over the new journal sitting on his lap, loving the leather covering on it. There was still room in his older journal, but he was eager to break in the new one. The pages were even gold leafed, giving the small book a professional feel.

He opened it to the first page. While Dean was in the shower, Sam filled in his name, claiming the book as his own in delicate handwriting that humans couldn’t read without a magnifying glass to help. Sam Winchester. After a moment of hesitation, at the bottom of the page, in bold lettering, he put If lost, return to Dean Winchester, figuring it couldn’t hurt to have a back-up plan in place if it ever got lost.

No one knew who Sam Winchester was, after all.

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Wonderful artwork commissioned from foolscapper. If you want to see more wonderful Sam art, check out asksamstuff, the blog she runs.

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