ok like you know how at concerts, when the music is super super loud and you can just kinda feel it thrumming in the air and ground and super deep in your chest, everything is loud and kinda vibrating and the bass is just enveloping you entirely, like the noise isnt something you just hear, you feel it too

thats what i think i giant speaking would be like

deep noises vibrating in the air, you can almost feel it like static or heat. rumbling in your chest, resonating through every bone in your being, wrapping around you almost like a blanket. thick and deep and rumbly and everything filling the air so nicely

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Giant!Mettaton and Giant!Chara are the best things to come out of this fandom. Like OMG they Chara's so precious and Mettaton is so big and fabulous.

Okay, so I know you said from either of the verses, but I thought this would fit a lot better in @hiddendreamer67 and I’s Spaceships and Septic Eyes au. So this probably takes places several years before the events of that story.

Mark pressed a hand up to the glass, looking out with wide eyes. The stars glistened around him, filling the darkness with light. The earth, an overwhelming presence, was below. Mark could only stare out with awe and wonder and just pure excitement. Space had always been a passion of his, ever since he was little. And here he was. Finally, in space, living his dream.

It was more beautiful than he could have ever imagined.