My opinion about the 2018 Mustang

With the photo’s of the new Mustang leaked, I’m here to tell you my opinion. At first sight the new mustang only got a few, remarkable changes. Most of them are happening in the front. With sleeker diagonal bars, a new front-bumper and obviously new headlights, the Mustang lost some of it’s aggression. I simply don’t like it, and I’ll explain to you why.

The front-bumper got replaced by one having a thinner hole in the front. The 2 big holes at the sides seem to have disappeared. This design change made the car not only look less agressive, but it also lost some of it’s typical ‘Muscle’. Now I’m asking you to put your hand on the screen, just beneath the upper-grille. Looks better already, hm? 

Another change they did are the hood-vents. They are now much wider and out of position. They look like those cheap stick-on fake hood vents you can buy for about $10. 

The new headlights aren’t much of a problem to me, and neither are the taillights. I just whish the fog-lights whould have gotten a better position, but it’s not much of a big deal either. Something else I like is the new rear spoiler. It makes the car a little sportier.

It seems like we just have to deal with these changes. Let’s hope for a better replacement with the 7th generation in 2020. For now I can just hope Ford will take this thing back to the drawing table and atleast give it a better front-bumper. Maybe something like the Ford GT? It’s not too late Ford.