Tiny Societies | Concept

I enjoy the idea of tinies having little communities; especially the ones that are real small and delicate.
Just imagine a whole society built around something very simplistic or usually overlooked, let’s say a flower. All the tiny structures are built around its base, ropes and bridges connect the stems and leaves. They’d use the plant itslef as building material as well as food, so they basically exist solely within their particular space.
It’s literally their own microcosm of a world, which really interests me as a concept. What if you’re so small that you literally can’t comprehend things as a normal sized person would? Impossible perspectives?
And then, there’s the sheer fragility that comes with being so small. In my other post I talked about how dangerous a tiny’s life would be, however! To have your whole existence rooted in a relatively small place, it would take minimal effort for it to be changed or demolished. Size play just gets me excited~!

Kinda Horton hears a who-ish?
I don’t know really, bigger size differences in those settings just interest me~ I’m also sleepy and I get all weird after a certain time….