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Got webcam working in Processing with GSVideo in Linux

I tried to get JMyron (a Processing library for webcam capture) working for about an hour, and realized I’m probably making this way too complicated. All I wanted was to run a sketch and see a webcam capture. I discovered the GSVideo library, which is a pretty basic library. At least after installing a bunch of different Processing libraries, getting GSVideo working was super easy.

1. Download ZIP file for applicable operating system (in my case, Linux, so

2. Extract ZIP

3. In the folder there should be two things: INSTALL.txt and a directory GSVideo.

4. Copy the GSVideo directory to your Processing sketchbook. (If you don’t know where this is, go into Processing and go to File > Preferences. In the sketchbook directory, there should be a directory called ‘libraries’, if there isn’t, create one.

5. Restart Processing.

6. Go to File > Sketchbook > libraries > GSVideo > examples > Capture and click “GettingStartedCaptureLinux” (or whatever operating system). Run this Processing sketch and you should see a webcam capture!

My next step is to get edge detection working. :)


Here’s another idear