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The New Wave In Denim

Introducing G-Star’s Raw For The Oceans Collection

Amidst the craziness of fashion week, I got to attend a very special event presented by G-Star this past Friday in NYC. The event was hosted by none other than fashion trendsetter Pharrell Williams who helped to unveil G-Star’s newest line called Raw For The Oceans (RFTO) which is a collection curated by Pharrell himself. What’s special about this latest endeavor by G-Star is that all the denim in this line is woven from Bionic Yarn, a thread made from recycled plastic bottles. After getting the chance to try on some pieces from the RFTO collection I was surprised to know that the fabric I was wearing was made from this Bionic Yarn because it looked and felt just like normal denim. I really think that this whole project is going to be the next big thing in sustainable fashion. By turning our waste into something useable and fashionable G-Star is helping to save our oceans and reduce pollution. The collection even features it’s own mascot, Otto the octopus, which you’ll notice in some of the prints and graphics on the clothing, including the bomber jacket I’m wearing here. You can check out the new Raw For The Oceans collection and learn more about it on G-Star’s newly launched tumblr site here. I definitely think you’ll like it as much as I do!


G-Star RAW For The Oceans Bomber Jacket  //  G-Star Blazer  //  G-Star Jeans  //  Nike x APC Sneakers  //  MBS MFG CO Hat


Disclosure: This post was written as a part of my collaboration with G-Star RAW.