November 2007.
I had applied and was hired at Speedway Courier. I worked there for a little more than a year.
Special T Delivery. I worked with them from 2008 to Late 2009/early 2010.
I was asked by a good friend Charles (Chas) Christiansen to help with shifts at a very new and unknown TCB Courier. From 2009 until 2012 i was a TCB Courier. i watched it grow and now excited to see the changes all of those dudes/ladies do to skyrocket the business.

2012 to tomorrow evening
Godspeed Courier has been my finish line. When i was hired at Speedway i had witnessed two Godspeed couriers meeting up swapping jobs then they both took off in oposite directions. I was in awe. The professionalism on a bike laid deep into my thoughts and was my goal as a bicycle messenger. This last year and some months have been some of the best times ive had in my whole career. I cannot thank my fellow co-workers and messenger friends that have given me all the memories and adventures to this point. Im going to miss blasting through downtown SF on a B15 minute rush. Or carrying 40+ pound rolls of paper across the city. Getting in deadlines for attournies. Communicating with the most elite bicycle messengers in the game. I am humbly honored to have worked with everyone at Godspeed Courier. I can only hope everyone stays safe and ride hard. Yall are the fastest people out there.

Thank you all again for all your love and support

So I road into a pedestrian today.

All day I was feeling great! None of my deliveries were late and it was a busy. Of course it’s when I least expected it. I was in the point (Levi’s plaza area) and I was making a right around a corner to a delivery.
Here comes a small mid 30s Asian woman. Doesn’t even look and I collide right onto her. She stays upright and I plummet to the ground.
Immediately I think to myself “did she even look?!” But y first reaction was asking if she was alright. Which she was but I was in shock. How coulda grown woman just walk out into the street like that without looking?!
I mean I know it happens a trillion time a day but I’m always on point when idiot adults don’t look before they leap! So now I’m left with a sore elbow and cut up finger. Tis the bike messenger life, but still sucks to get into such a rookie accident.

ANYWAYS! Just wanted to write it down.

Watch on

Paul captured my last day at Godspeed Courier. Hadnt rode a track bike for work since the tcb days.
It felt great to end my reign of being a messenger on the same type of bike i started it on.
One week in and i am starting to miss thee messlife. BUT! 2014 is all about changes in my life. So bring on the growing pains! haha