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Jax I dont think I've ever seen you answer this and if you have sorry for the lateness but I know you said you admire some athletes So i was wondering who are your Top 5 Athletes and why?

Ahh yeah its true I do love Athletes and its the main way I train myself. Always training for performance and the nice body is a bonus from it :) But if I had to pick 5 athletes that Motivate and Inspire me every day. Besides the Martial Artists i listed before. I’d go with

5) USAIN BOLT! He’s the FASTEST MAN ALIVE and he’s Practically Superhuman with his speed. Its such a motivator to train

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4) George St. Pierre. He is such a skilled Martial Artist and so talented but so humble. Also dude is jacked and after seeing his full routine its a motivator to keep going

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3) Herschel Walker: This Dude is BUILT like a MAN OF STEEL, Became one of the BEST IN THE LEAGUE and all he ever did was Pushups, Pullups, Sprints, Dips and other bodyweight exercises and He’s One of the Top Players ever. He has one of my favorite quotes that motivates me everyday!  “If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat,“ 


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 and His speed and power was ridiculous. The True ONE PUNCH MAN! He was like a Demi God in the ring and I’ve always admired his Training to get where he was.

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1) Michael Jordan. I AM NAMED AFTER HIM NO LIE ask my Parents thats how they Named me, though my name is Jordan Michael Robert Downs lol But he inspired me SO MUCH Because he worked HIS ASS OFF from DAY 1 to be the Best of the Best Never giving up, Never Stopping and Just becoming the greatest of ALL TIME! He is the reason I can JUMP SO HIGH because i figure my Name is Jordan I am named after his Royal Airness and I should have some vertical ability as well. He’s My favorite Athlete of All time even if he’s been in rough spots but he lights a fire in me like no other.

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