title: signed, sealed, delivered. i’m yours.
words: idk but it’s short-ish
summary: his hands are fastening the bows in his hair, and she’s so small that he can carry her all the way home; they’re in love.

nozaki wasn’t sure when it really happened.

it was gradual, subtle; so quiet that he didn’t notice it had happened before suddenly it was brooding and unavoidable and he didn’t stand a chance at trying to get himself out of him. he didn’t know why he didn’t catch it himself, for the signs were obviously there.

a hand lingering a moment too long on the arm.

a smile just a little too bright.

the proximity of their shoulders is closer than would be expected, or needed.

perhaps it was because it was just so easy. it was easy to let sakura slide into his space and lean on his arm as she read her book. it was easy to let sakura keep his jacket for two whole days because she was silly and forgot her own. it was easy to let sakura’s smile be the brightest thing in the room, and it was easy to smile right back at her.

it was easy to fall in love with sakura.

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The Art of Writing Fanfiction
  • Phase 1: oh shit look at all these plot bunnies go this story's gonna be LIT AF
  • Phase 2: *actually starting to write* okay first paragraph you got this just punch the reader in the face with the awesomeness of this story
  • Phase 3: *two hours later* FUCK ME WHY IS THIS SO HARD
  • Phase 4: *break time*
  • Phase 5: ehhh this calls for some inspiration... *proceeds to read fanfiction of various levels of gayness*
  • Phase 6: *writing again* hey this isn't so bad story's progressing nicely, i can actually finish this on time
  • Phase 7: *writer's block* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
  • Phase 8: *finally on the last paragraph* I CAN SEE THE END IN SIGHT
  • Phase 9: ahhh i feel accomplished i can finally rest ea-
  • Phase 10: *proofreading* why am i such an illiterate bastard
  • Phase 12: repeat.