I mean- yes, she was up front with health testing results and what’s in the pedigree, but how could she have seen the future?

The litter was bred when Creed’s sire was 6. That dog was diagnosed to officially have DCM when the litter was 8 months old. Prior to that, his heart had tested hale and healthy and he had neither of the known markers for DCM. He died last year. Creed is 3, there’s no way to have predicted that and cancer is more common in the pedigree than cardio.

Creed’s LITTER BROTHER was just diagnosed hypothyroid. He is the first dog in the past 4 generations to have thyroid. Last year his thyroid was fine and she only caught it because she health tests yearly as he had no symptoms. That’s the nature of thyroid disease.

There are no close up dogs in Creed’s pedigree that needed to be neutered due to prostate infection or enlargement. It is, however, common in the breed, and since Creed is my first intact male I was warned to watch out for symptoms as he aged. That is presumably why we caught it, if I hadn’t been standing there that day watching him pee I wouldn’t have known, and very possibly I would have found out much later as his prostate abcessed and went septic. That is, if this is actually a prostate infection and not something else. He would also be the first dog in at least 3 generations to have this particular problem.

Everyone wants to blame the breeder when their dog has health problems, but there are no predictive health tests for these things. When this first began, I approached her with it and she gave me a very long list of suggestions and immediately dug into the pedigree and what she knew about doberman urinary health to help me find a solution. When Grits came up hypo and Cruisey died, she told all of us within the hour of her knowing. She keeps us up to date on her keeper and their mother and encourages us to share with the group. When new heart health testing came out she offered to pay our testing fees (we all declined) despite the fact that she was tight on money too, just because the stud died from dcm. This, unfortunately, is not something she could have predicted or controlled.

This is an incredibly, incredibly unhealthy breed. If Creed’s only genetic health problem is that I have to neuter him at 3, then I’ll be pretty happy with that. Sometimes you luck out and get a generally healthy dog with no issues living past 10yrs. More often, you don’t. There’s a reason I’m getting a dutch for next sport dog and a gsmd for service dog. I’ll have another dobe eventually, likely in-between, but this breed is spiralling fast and there doesn’t seem to be anything anyone can do to stop it.


Today was a marvellously busy day at Guildhall 🎶

I ended up doing two “to the class” performances. Many people perform to each other and basically give feedback etc. if I’m honest I thought I did shit, but my musical awareness teacher pulled me over at the end and told me to start noticing the positives of my playing etc and to write them down (I’m incredibly self critical) so I’m going to try that!

Then I met up with a friend who left Guildhall for a Wagamamas!