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Orrrr you could get a Dogo instead. ;)

Me: I prefer black or mostly black dogs


No no no the truth is that the dogo that comes into my store has won my heart and he is a big mush with a big squishy head and all but they look far too much like “””pit bulls””” and with BSL in this county and in the country in general I do not want to deal with that. That was another factor that went into me saying no to corsos too after talking with @molosseraptor about the possibility, and one reason I chose the doberman in the first place. Around here if a cop even thinks you have a “””pit bull””” you can get your dog taken and destroyed- not something I’m willing to risk with a service dog.

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You've said you were interested in GSMDs for your next service dog, what made you prefer them over other draft dogs like the berner and leonberger? I'm trying to decide between those 3 and a dane or chinook but everyone has given me mixed opinions.

Berners have a shorter estimated lifespan and also I hate hair. Danes also live a very short amount of time on average and their health is arguably worse than the dobe.

I know someone who washed their leonberger from SD work due to some lingering fear issues after a bad fear period and don’t feel like dealing with it. I’ve never been a big fan of the way the breed looks and if someone who spent so much time pouring over pedigree and genetic temperament got dealt that bad of a hand, I certainly don’t want to do the same.

On the flip side, GSMDs are rapidly becoming more and more popular as SDs and I’m beginning to see more and more of them in various SD groups for people who need a larger mobility dog. Due to my height and the fact that I am tall-but-small, and the fact that as I get healthier I gain more of my old weight back (this is a GOOD thing), and the fact that I’d like to start T and that can cause a weight gain… pretty shortly, it’s not going to be safe for me to work a 75lb doberman and I’ll need to look at a dog that regularly reaches at LEAST 90-95lbs… which is at the very tippy top of the doberman standard with the vast majority being ~85lbs. Meanwhile, GSMD bitches have no issues reaching at least 80-90lbs and males are frequently even larger, making it much easier on the dog if I do end up needing a larger dog in the future.

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I work with many GSMDs as we have many breeders in the area and one responsible one we refer to. When bred right you get a very stable, confident dog, with very good confirmation and working ability. When bred irresponsibly, you get a goofy, nerve-lacking, unhealthy dog. I have loved every single GSMD that I have had the pleasure to work with but I wouldn't buy the irresponsibly bred ones as they are a mess structurally, and behaviorally.

Thus I’ve heard, which is why I had interest in them as a service animal.

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it's always been funny to me that GSMD have longer lifespans than Berners even though they're on average at least 10-20 pounds heavier than them, but i guess that would probably be attributed to more inbreeding of berners? i have a berner and am getting a second one from a woman who is a breeder and dog trainer and does a full battery of hip, eye, heart, elbow, knee, and genetic tests on her dogs, so im hoping this next one will live to be 10-12+! im trying to get my current berner to be a

therapy dog and want to do the same with the second; they’re just so people-oriented and friendly and ive heard GSMDs are basically the same (maybe a bit more laid back; berners are very “puppyish” for a LONG time) just w/o the hair! although in defense of my berner his shedding really isnt that bad; although his coat isnt extremely voluptuous like some berners can get so i wonder if that is why. i hope u get GSMD and i can welcome u to the swiss mountain dog family!

From my understanding, GSMD have better genetic diversity (though not much better- apparently epilepsy is a big problem in the breed kept hush like DCM in dobes) which is why they typically live longer. I’ve also heard that GSMD are basically berners with short hair and I’ve liked how laidback and stable the berners that come into my store are and just don’t want to deal with the hair, so hopefully I’ll like what I see when I finally meet some GSMD for the first time! I’ve heard that GSMD are slower than berners to potty train fully but I’ve had dogs that took close to a year, so I’m not overly concerned about that.

Thank you for your kind words! It’ll be a while from now- I won’t actively start trying to get a prospect until Creed is 5 or 6 so that I can fully retire him at 8-9.

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Do you know how protective GSMDs are? I like the longer average life span and shorter coat compared to berners but have yet to find breeders I like(since its an sd prospect I'm being extra picky) and have gotten mixed answers from owners.

I’ve heard it really depends- some can be soft and spooky (a severe temperament fault in the breed but not uncommon to guardy breeds unfortunately), some can be reactive and barky, and others can be very protective of house and home. Still others have never met a stranger in their lives, and others don’t care what strangers do because they only care for their owner.

I have heard, however, that they are rapidly becoming very popular mobility service dogs due to the short coat, large size, and longer lifespan compared to many other drafting or giant breeds. Additionally, they’re apparently pretty fun to train if you keep a sense of humor and don’t expect lightening fast obedience like what you’d get from a border collie. It’s one of the reasons I’ve begun looking into them.

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I've still never seen a GSMD (and never saw a berner till I got mine and now I've seen several) but they seem like they'd be a great fit for you! my berner as a pup his front legs would shake and my vet not only couldn't find any similar berner cases but dog cases period and said it could be a precursor to epilepsy but if nothing happens by a year (which he is past now) then it should be fine. his shaking has mostly gone but I wonder if it's genetically similar to the GSMD issue

Canine epilepsy still has so many unknowns, I don’t know if we even know for sure what genes actually predispose or cause epilepsy or if it might be something like hip dysplasia where certain genes put you at higher risk but the actual dysplasia seems to be caused by both genetics and environment.

Thank you for your vote of confidence! We’ll see if I end up going that route or if I just get another doberman. It would largely depend on what my body decides my average weight should be and then figuring out if I’ve passed the sensible range for most dobes bred by ethical breeders, as well as what the health of the breed looks like by then.

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With the talk about GSMD SDs, do you think as a breed they can be psds(or even just a specific breeding/line/dog), Im interested in them for mobility as mine becomes more limited but Ive had (nervey)guardian breed dogs feed off of my anxiety before

I don’t know much about psychiatric service dogs, so I wouldn’t know for sure. I do caution people away from getting a guarding breed for psychiatric work involving a panic or anxiety related disability just so your dog won’t look for a threat where there is none.