[ENG] 151230 2015 End of Year Wrap-up - SUGA&j-hope


Gang!AU (J-hope, Angst)

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Jimin // Jungkook // Suga // V // Rap Monster // Jin // J-hope

HELLO THIS IS HOSEOK’S GANG AU THAT I WAS VERY EXCITED TO WRITE I HOPE IT LIVES UP TO WHAT I WAS HOPING IT TOO. Jungkook and Taehyung don’t show up because this is before they join. By the time OC found out about Hoseok’s occupation, Jimin had already joined for about 5 month so Hoseok and Jimin are kind of the newbies. This is kind of like an old chapter in terms of how it was written, so excuse me if you’re confused about how the boys act. This was meant to be based on how the gang got its big name and how significantly all the boys changed throughout the years. @pyrocrastinate, @jinhyong, @hyongtae, @namhyong

Words: 5136

You drummed your fingers on the steering wheel, glaring out the fogged up wind shield as it poured rain on you. Of course on a Sunday, one of your cherished days off, you were forced to work. You’d barely gotten a wink of sleep all night from the loud cracks of thunder or the gusts of wind blown against your thin windows, but what could you do?

It had barely even passed 7 AM when your boss called you, sounding irritated and rightfully so, as your co-worker had blown the day off without all but 20 minutes notice on his first schedule of the day.

You were going to be stuck there, all day, teaching 1 on 1 classes of self defense and hand to hand combat. You’d been warned the one you were teaching was stricter than any you’d dealt with before, and that just made your day all the more brighter.

Parking in the employee only space of the lot, you got out and clambered toward the door, rubbing any excess sleep from your eyes as you nodded toward a fellow co-worker.

“Uh, (Y/N)…” She stopped you at the front desk, looking up from her computer. She looked mildly uncomfortable, brows furrowed and hooding her doe eyes. You stepped toward her, leaning your elbows against the desk.

“What’s up, I’m not late am I?”

She shook her head, gently chewing her bottom lip. “No, but he’s early. That boy, Hoseok, he’s been waiting for you for at least an hour. Right at opening. We told him your shift wouldn’t start, and even let him know he’d be getting another teacher.”

“Oh, goody.” You hooted, pulling away from the desk. You tried your best plastic smile, your co-worker only tilting her head, lips upturning in a smile that told you to do your best. It was going to be a long day…

Hurrying up the steps, you kicked off your shoes, opening the door to the studio and stepping through. The one known as Hoseok was stretching his legs, before you closed the door a little too loudly and startled him. When he turned. his brows dropped very fast.

“Oh, nobody told me it was going to be a girl teaching me.”

“Nobody told you because it doesn’t matter,” you simply stated, rolling out your shoulders and tossing your bag aside. Hoseok rolled his eyes, sighing in disappointment.

“I can’t fight a girl. I specifically asked for a male teacher.”

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