The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 - It's On

We’ve started to receive mock-up RDJ vs Cumberbatch posters from fans around the world. We’re offering $100 worth of Sherlock Holmes books for the best one we see before the 18th March. Point us at them and we will pin the best of them to the Pinterest Board for the debate. Here’s one to get you started… can you do better - remember that those that include Undershaw are likely to get scored much higher……?

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 is made possible by the following:

MX Publishing in support of Save Undershaw  

Team 1 - BBC Sherlock - Captain - Curly & the Baker Street Babes + Sherlock Holmes Society of LondonSherlockologyKate WorkmanCharlotte WaltersDan Andriacco and more tba.

Team 2 - Warner Bros Sherlock - Captain - Burt Wolder + No Place Like HolmesGerry O’HaraDavid Ruffle, Tim SymondsMatthew Elliott and more tba.

Team 3 - The Traditionalists - Captain Nick Briggs (Voice of The Daleks) + Big FinishPaul R SpiringPhil Growick, Alistair Duncan, and more tba.

Press - Always 1895 and @always1895

Venues and Sponsors- Sherlock Holmes PubmPowa (Process credit cards with your smartphone)


Finally, after hours of preparation and processing, the full 2 hour video of The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2.

The debates are organised by Holmes publishers MX Publishing and the next great debate, @GreatDebate3 will take place on 4th August.

The full set of supporting slides for GSHD2 video can also be viewed here.

The debates are run to raise support and raise awareness for Save Undershaw Please  please take a moment to visit and ‘like’ their Facebook page to help them reach their 10,000 target before the judicial review in May on the future of Conan Doyle’s home.

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 Announced!

March 2012 - Live from London - Sherlockians/Holmesians from around the globe along with ten lucky fans will be participating in…. 

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate II featuring BBC Sherlock vs Guy Ritchie's films!!

**** Ten fans from around the world will be chosen to act as both audience members as well as participants! ****

If you think you have what it takes to be one of the chosen 10 please visit the GSHD entry form and in 50 words or less describe why you should be chosen to take part in the second Great Sherlock Holmes Debate. The Chosen 10 will have an exclusive virtual seat at the debating table as well as the opportunity "to participate and ask questions online from the world’s top Sherlock Holmes experts.“


[In March 2012 these two will get bartitsu-fabulous!]

The first GSHD (November 2011) was quite an historic occasion. The debate itself was one of the largest virtual concentrations of Holmes expertise in one place: I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, Sherlockology, Alistair Duncan, Roger JohnsonThe Baker Street Babes, Dan AndriaccoCharlotte Anne Walters,  Kate Workman, Tracy Revels, Gerry O’Hara, Jamie Mahoney, Larry Feldman, Kieran McMullen, Gerry Kelly, Nick Briggs, Roger Llewellwyn, Martin Montague, and more. And lastly, the Always 1895 Press Syndicate was on hand to report on the GSHD.

Along with the experts, 60 fans from 23 countries took part in the live, online audience. Though only 10 fans will be part of the second GSHD’s audience, their role is said to be even more interactive than previously - so don’t forget to apply

Stay tuned to the Always 1895 Press Syndicate as we will be releasing updates and information as we receive it. 


The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate II is hosted by MX Publishing and in support of Save Undershaw.

Entry Form for The GSHD 2.

The GSHD on Facebook.

The GSHD on Slideshare.

GSHD 2 Update: Team Warner Bros Sherlock's Captain Announced

The Always 1895 Press Syndicate, reporting once again on the Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 (Sunday March 18, 2012), is delighted to announce that a team captain has been chosen for the Guy Ritchie Sherlock side (WB Sherlock): the formidable Burt Wolder, all around Sherlockian expert and co-host of I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere. Mr Wolder is a member of the Baker Street Irregulars (“The Third Pillar from the Left”) as well as belonging to the venerable Speckled Band of Boston, Mrs. Hudson’s Cliffdwellers of New Jersey and more.

It is highly advisable in this reporter’s opinion that Team BBC Sherlock not only bring their ‘A-game’ on March 18th but prepare for a charge of Sherlockian erudition led by Mr Wolder and Team WB Sherlock that will take more than a batch of Cumberbunnies to hold back! 

[“At the Lyceum Theatre the crowds were already thick at the side-entrances….We had hardly reached the third pillar, which was our rendezvous, before a small, dark, brisk man in the dress of a coachman accosted us.”]

Many of you are familiar with Burt Wolder, or at least the voice of Burt Wolder, via the Sherlockian podcast he co-hosts with Scott Monty I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere. Launched in June of 2007, Wolder and Monty were arguably the first internet-savy Sherlockians to successfully harness the power of the still novel 'podcast’ format. Five years and 38 terrific episodes later, I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere has featured interviews with Leslie S. Klinger, Jon Lellenberg, Peter Blau, Michael Whelan (current 'Wiggins’ of the BSI), Jerry Margolin, Otto Penzler, Steven Doyle, to name but a few.

While the episodes are both entertaining and edifying in themselves, I firmly believe that to Sherlockian historians of the future, these podcasts (in their original audio format and/or as transcriptions) will act as useful historical documents and the voices of Burt Wolder and Scott Monty will serve as moderators to an invaluable audio archive of the candid thoughts and opinions of important Sherlockians long departed from this mortal coil. 

[“I hear of Sherlock everywhere since you became his chronicler…” -Mycroft]


Stay tuned to because later today I will announce the first GSHD2 audience member! Remember, there’s still plenty of time to apply to be one of the lucky chosen 10 (9 now). The moderators will choose one (1) audience spot per week and I’ll be introducing them to the world via To enter describe why you deserve a place in 50 words or less - here.

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 is made possible by the following:

MX Publishing in support of Save Undershaw  

Team 1 - BBC Sherlock - Captain - Curly & the Baker Street Babes + Sherlock Holmes Society of London, Sherlockology, Kate Workman, Charlotte Walters, Dan Andriacco and more tba.

Team 2 - Warner Bros Sherlock - Captain - Burt Wolder + No Place Like Holmes, Gerry O'Hara, David Ruffle, Tim Symonds, and more tba.

Team 3 - The Traditionalists - Captain TBC + Big FinishPaul R SpiringAlistair DuncanPhil Growick, and more tba.

Press - Always 1895 and @always1895

Venues and Sponsors - Sherlock Holmes PubmPowa (Process credit cards with your smartphone)



Informative interview (PT1) about the Great Sherlock Holmes Debate which is taking place next Sunday 18th March.

CBS "In for a mauling" as preparations for The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 hot up

The organisers of The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 are warning that although the main ‘bout’ in the debate is the head to head clash between the two Holmes titans - BBC Sherlock and Warner Brothers - it may be CBS that comes out with the main mauling. The adaptation hasn’t even been made yet and the majority of fans around the world seem to be condemning it. In a recent poll on the debate’s Facebook page, the majority of fans felt the casting of Lucy Lui as Watson was a bad move. 

The last chance to vote in the main debate question (BBC Sherlock vs Warner Brothers) is up today on The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate Facebook Page.

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 is made possible by the following:

MX Publishing in support of Save Undershaw  

Team 1 - BBC Sherlock - Captain - Curly & the Baker Street Babes + Sherlock Holmes Society of LondonSherlockologyKate WorkmanCharlotte WaltersDan AndriaccoTracy Revels.

Team 2 - Warner Bros Sherlock - Captain - Burt Wolder + No Place Like HolmesGerry O’HaraDavid RuffleTim SymondsMatthew Elliott.

Team 3 - The Traditionalists - Captain Nick Briggs (Voice of The Daleks) + Big FinishPaul R SpiringPhil GrowickAlistair Duncan, Marino Alvarez.

Press - Always 1895 and @always1895

Venues and Sponsors- Sherlock Holmes PubmPowa (Process credit cards with your smartphone)

GSHD 2 Update: Team BBC Sherlock's Captain Announced

Last week the Always 1895 Press Syndicate announced that London (England) will be the host of the second Great Sherlock Holmes Debate in March 2012. Over the next two months I’ll be posting small updates as new information becomes available. If you have any questions or information regarding the GSHD2 email me at: always1895[at] - “Let me have the straight tip and you won’t be a loser.” (SILV)

[There’s me looking for inside info about the GSHD2.]

First up, Kristina of the Baker Street Babes has been chosen captain of Team BBC Sherlock. A participant in the first debate, it should be no surprise to fans of the Baker Street Babes podcast to learn that their founding member will be leading the charge against Team Warner Bros Sherlock. It would be an understatement to say that Kristina and the other Babes of Baker Street are ardent fans of Gatiss/Moffat’s Holmes adaptation (and particularly Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch for his dreamy portrayal of the Great Detective) so expect a no holds barred defense.

[To date, the Babes have clocked over 41,000 podcast listens - that’s a whole lot of Sherlockian babery!]

From ’Meet the Babes’: Curly aka Kristina is the founder of the Baker Street Babes. American born but English at heart, she lives between D.C. and London, hoping to call the latter her permanent home. An avid supporter of The Great Mouse Detective (1986), Curly has loved the detective mouse since her childhood, and it was that which got her into Sherlock Holmes. She would like to congratulate herself on her amazing intros on the podcast, and say a genuine thank you to each and every listener. You can find out all you’d like to know about her at her website or follow her on Twitter @CurlyFourEyes.“ For more information on Captain Curly, listen to an audio interview with her from about three months ago conducted by the Geek Girls Network and stay tuned to Always1895 for an interview with the alpha Babe as well as other GSHD2 updates.

Coming soon in GSHD2 news: who will face-off against Curly as the team captain of Warner Bros Sherlock?!

Look for the new Always1895 logo on various GSHD webpages and publications.

[The new logo for and the Always 1895 Press Syndicate.]


The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate II is hosted by MX Publishing and in support of Save Undershaw.

The GSHD on FacebookEntry Form, and Slideshare.

Friday Sherlock Links Compendium (March 3 - March 9, 2012)

Lyndsay Faye, novelist, Sherlockian and BSI/ASH member, has just had her newest novel - The Gods of Gotham - released on Putnam! Early reports are that GoG is even better than her first book Dust and Shadow, the marvelous Sherlockian pastiche involving Watson’s notes on Sherlock vs. Saucy Jack. You can watch a rather epic video trailer for Gods here: The Gods of Gotham trailer. The basic story is this: “1845. New York City forms its first police force. The great potato famine hits Ireland. These two seemingly disparate events will change New York City. Forever.” Ms Faye can be seen explaining the inspiration behind her new book in a short interview here. Apparently GoG came out in the UK last week and Ms Faye signed 288 books. For anyone living in or around NYC, the venerable Mysterious Bookshop is hosting Lyndsay Faye on Thursday, March 15, 2012 from 6:30-8pm (click here for Facebook invite). Hope to see you there!

[U.S.A. cover for Lyndsay Faye’s The Gods of Gotham: where it’s always 1845!]

PopMatters, one of the better online (popular) cultural criticism magazines, posted a detailed review ’Notes Written in the Sand: Neil Gaiman, Leslie Klinger and The Annotated Sandman’ of Klinger’s annotated edition of the cult-classic graphic novel by GaimanSandman. Though there is much deserved praise, the reviewer makes a rather strange point when he says “[a] limitation of the book is that these annotations are just that—notes—not literary commentary. Rather than trying to “explain” the narrative and literary significance of things, Klinger is playing the Clark Kent reporter role here—tracing down obscure references, geographic details, and cultural history.” Not to put too fine a point on it, but one would think that “annotations” are not meant to be (subjective) literary commentary, but clear and concise explanatory notes on words, concepts, places, etc. that might not be obvious to the reader. Regardless, it’s always nice to see Mr Klinger receive well-deserved praise for his various projects.


[“The wonder of Klinger’s The Annotated Sandman is that it feels like we have, somehow, perhaps in a dream, been following the tousle-haired author along a beach, and, as he crouches down, we are able to peer over his shoulder, reading his notes in the sand.”]

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 is happening live from London in just 9 days and the GSHD2 chatter on the web is increasing exponentially. For an up-to-date piece on what the GSHD is all about and who the participants/causes are check out the article on PRWeb ‘BBC Sherlock and Warner Brothers go head to head in live global clash (and CBS Sherlock set for a mauling) in The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 - March 18th - London’. The GSHD Facebook page is up to almost 1,400 likes and the GSHD Slideshare page has a new look and even more followers than just a week ago. Though I won’t be participating as a team member, I’m delighted to be included as a special guest so that I can report on the various highlights of the debate. Breaking News: No Place Like HolmesRoss K just posted an interview (part 1 of 3) about the debate with Steve Emecz the Managing Director of Holmes Pastiche Publisher “MX Publishing” and driving force behind the GSHD. 

[The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 on Slideshare.]

More Man than Philosopher considers Billy Wilder’s brilliant film The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes starting with the rarely considered notion that “the title is an ironic joke. We know less about Holmes’ private life when the movie ends than we think we do when it begins.” Both fans and detractors of the film alike must concede the point that Wilder approaches the Holmes 'mythology’ from a super pragmatic perspective: the private life of the Great detective can only be speculated about and nothing definitive can ever truly be said about Holmes’ inner life when it comes to love (“At first viewing, one might be tempted to think that Holmes has fallen in love” but of course the viewer never really knows…) or politics or religion. Mr Booth’s entire article is worth reading but I coulnd’t agree more with his conclusion: “I have seen The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes several times now, and each time it grows in my estimation. It’s not Conanical Holmes; if anything, it’s meta-Holmes. In some ways, it’s a very cold movie. But it is also a work of interesting contrasts, and it repays closer consideration.” Indeed.

[One day I hope to find a mint print of one of the excellent posters for Wilder’s 1970 masterpiece.]

F-K Yeah Granada Holmes posted the little known 1992 video segment, tangentially related to the Granada Sherlock Holmes series, called ’The Four Oaks Mystery’ (part 1). For those unfamiliar, Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke “appeared in a short mini-episode (about ten minutes in length) as part of The Four Oaks Mystery, shown as part of the ITV network’s Telethon 92 charity telethon.” It’s nice to know someone finally posted this to YouTube

[Sherlock searches for clues in 'The Four Oaks Mystery’ (Part 1). The entire segment is narrated by Michael Hardwicke as Watson.]

Bookish Adventures posted a favorite still of mine from Granada’s Sherlock Holmes. Here we have Jeremy Brett, in one of his final outings as the Great Detective and on screen, contemplating the affair of “The Adventure of the Red Circle”, particularly the tragic murder of former Holmes client and “beacon of light for the Italian community" Enrico Formani (a non-canonical character created for the Granada adaptation who none-the-less garners sympathy from viewers).

["Education never ends Watson. It is a series of lessons with the greatest for the last” (REDC).]

Quick Sherlock Links*:

Alistair Duncan points us to an Undershaw article in the Haslemere Herald.

Dan Andriacco posted notes on two recent MX releases: Bob Burr & Philip K. Jones’ book of Sherlockian puns The Punishment of Sherlock Holmes + Baker Street Babe Amy ThomasThe Detective and the Woman.

Barefoot on Baker Street posted Ross K's review from the site NPLH of Charlotte Anne WaltersBarefoot on Baker Street, one of my favorite pastiches from 2011.

Baker Street Blog announced the sad news that Sherlockian Alfred A. (Fred) Levin, BSI (“Abe Slaney”) died in a suburb of Chicago on February 17, 2012 at the age of 83.

Radio Times reports on the GSHD2: “Supporters of the BBC series face off against fans of the Warner Bros franchise in the second annual debate.”


*Quick Sherlock Links’ is a new feature I’ll be trying out during the next couple weeks. As much as I try to post a link to every relevant/interesting/cool/etc. Sherlockian blog post every week, I inevitably leave things out for lack of space and/or time. Hopefully by adding a set of 'quick links’ to the end of my Friday Sherlock Links Compendium I’ll ensure that every internet post receives a mention at the very least.

If you have any news/announcements/etc. you would like to see included in my Friday Links, please email the info to me via Always1895[at symbol] using the subject line: “Friday Links Suggestion” - I look forward to your emails!

GSHD 2 Newsflash: 3 Audience Members Chosen, Poster Contest & Fan Trailer

First Three Audience Members Announced: As you know, one of the most novel and exciting components of the GSHD 2 is the limited number of interactive audience ‘seats’ - ten in total - being assigned via an essay contest. One new audience member will be chosen a week leading up to the debate - and the first three have been chosen! To date, the USA, Japan and France are represented. Do you have what it takes to fill one of the seven remaining spots? In 50 words or less describe why you should be a participant (apply here).

[Holmes wading through potential audience member’s essays.]

The names of the first three winners (plus locations and submitted essays) are:

#1 Morgan Britt (Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.) - “Because of my extensive knowledge of all Holmes canons/fandoms, staggering intellect, furious desire to know everything, borderline violent love of all things Sherlock Holmes and for the good of my people in our second Great Hiatus.”

#2 Yui Manabe (Kobe-city, Japan) - “I’m an eager Sherlockian from Japan. I can compare various kinds of Holmes including Manga (Hayao Miyazaki) and Russian (Vasily Livanov) which I bought DVDs after last December. Now I’m waiting for DVD of BBC Sherlock Season 2.”

#3 Helene (France) - Essay coming soon.

In the weeks leading up to the debate I’ll be posting short interviews with the three team captains, various team members and some of the chosen participants.

GSHD 2 Poster Contest: Interested in winning $100 worth of Sherlock Holmes-themed books? Have a knack for manipulating images? The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate wants to see your RDJ vs Cumberbatch (or themes similar) posters! Submissions must be entered prior to March 18th, 2012. "Point us at them and we will pin the best of them to the Pinterest Board for the debate. Here’s one to get you started…can you do better…?“ 

[Can you do better? Extra points goes to those entries that mention/reference Save Undershaw!]

GSHD 2 Trailer: MX Publishing recently released a fan-made trailer for the GSHD 2 which instigated both laughs and controversy. Have a view yourself and let MX know what you think!  

[Click on the still above for the GSHD 2 trailer.]  ———

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 is made possible by the following:

MX Publishing in support of Save Undershaw  

Team 1 - BBC Sherlock - Captain Curly & the Baker Street Babes + Sherlock Holmes Society of LondonSherlockologyKate WorkmanCharlotte WaltersDan Andriacco and more tba.

Team 2 - Warner Bros Sherlock - Captain Burt Wolder + No Place Like HolmesGerry O'HaraDavid Ruffle, Tim Symonds, Matthew Elliott and more tba.

Team 3 - The Traditionalists - Captain Nicholas Briggs (Voice of the Daleks) + Big FinishPaul R SpiringAlistair DuncanPhil Growick, Marino Alvarez and more tba.

Press/Updates - Always 1895 and @always1895 + @gshd2

Venues and Sponsors - Sherlock Holmes PubmPowa (Process credit cards with your smartphone)


Friday Sherlock Links Compendium (February 25 - March 2, 2012)

Another set of Friday Links that are just a few days late….

Baker Street Blog was the first place I read of this mini-bombshell: Lucy Liu, made famous for her role as ‘man eater’ Ling on critically acclaimed Ally McBeal (1997-2002), who went on to play other notable female roles in Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill, and Kung Fu Panda is rumored to have been tapped to play Dr Watson in CBS’s NYC-based contemporary adaptation of Sherlock Holmes entitled Elementary! I’ve pretty much decided to put all my feelings/reactions regarding Elementary on hold (less of a noble gesture towards impartiality and more because I don’t really care). In this case though I will make an exception because it gave me the perfect excuse to post the following to my Twitter: @always1895 "Rex Stout was right all along: Watson Was a Woman! Click for Rex Stout’s 1941 BSI talk.“ For those unfamiliar with the article, I better let BSI master historian Jon Lellenberg from his 'Ask Thucydides!’ column tell it: ”Rex Stout was well-known for his Nero Wolfe mysteries when in early January 1941 Irregular Lawrence Williams suggested to Edgar W. Smith that Stout would be a good person to attend the up-coming 1941 annual dinner (held the 31st) and respond to some awful things Somerset Maugham had said about the Sherlock Holmes stories in a recent Saturday Evening Post article. Stout accepted Smith’s commission, but did not carry it out. Instead he agitated the Irregulars that night with his soon notorious talk “Watson Was a Woman (which included an acrostic in which titles of Watson’s tales spelled out the name Irene Watson).“ Amazing stuff!

[An exclusive look at CBS’s Elemetary!]

BFRonline Paul Spiring posted "Fletcher Robinson & the 'Mummy’” (Part 1 & Part 2), a fascinating two part piece discussing the belief held by ACD and others that Bertram Fletcher Robinson, Victorian author and partial inspiration for ACD’s HOUN, died due to a 'mummy curse’: “[ACD and others] linked Bertram Fletcher Robinson’s death to research that he had undertaken into a 'mummy’ at the British Museum. This research began whilst BFR was working as a journalist for the Daily Express (1900-1904) and continued during his editorship at Vanity Fair (1904-1906).  The identity of the 'mummy’ is not specified by Sladen, Conan Doyle or Marshall.” Please take the time to read both truly fascinating parts.

[“In Pearson’s the true story of the mysterious British Museum mummy, a picture of which adorns the cover, is the most piquant of the contents. Misfortune has pursued everyone who has in recent years been connected with this famous mummy cover, and B. Fletcher Robinson, who two or three years ago investigated the story, himself died shortly afterwards at an early age.”]

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate’s second major debate is quickly approaching (March 18, 2012 - 12:00 GMT) and MX Publishing, the debate’s host and moderator, has begun posting Slideshare presentations, announcing more audience members, revealing individual team line-ups and reminding fans that the GSHD2 supports the worthy cause of Save Undershaw. There’s also a brand new, updated trailer for the event which can be found here.

[Click image for link to the Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2: Trailer (Extended)!]

Lyndsay Faye (originally posted by the BSB) “her delightfully artistic hubby Gabe, and their epic friend Melinda pranced and danced their way around New York City with customized I Believe In Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty Was Real placards and stickers. The Sherlock Holmes ones even have The Baker Street Babe logo on them!” Sadly I have yet to see one IRL but I’ll be on the look out!!

[Sherlock Holmes and the #BelieveInSherlock team occupy Wall Street in their own special way. I work near here but didn’t make it to the stop in time to actually see this. Image is from Ms. Faye’s post.]

Alistair Duncan wrote about the upcoming (three months!) Judicial Review on the future of Undershaw. For those unfamiliar or new to the Save Undershaw cause, Mr Duncan has a nice little FAQ about the issues surrounding Undershaw, home of ACD from 1897 – 1907. For an extremely comprehensive look at ACD’s time at Undershaw, I strongly recommend ordering a copy of Alistair Duncan’s recently published An Entirely New Country: Arthur Conan Doyle, Undershaw and the Resurrection of Sherlock Holmes on MX. For further information on the movement to save Undershaw from destruction, check out The Save Undershaw Preservation Trust

[From Alistair Duncan’s post - Undershaw in happier times c. 1890s (of course!).]

Baker Street Babes announced a new addition to their site titled the Sherlock Holmes Limerick Sunday: “Starting a new tradition….Every Sunday we will post a Sherlock Holmes limerick! There are a few published out there, the most famous being Isaac Asimov’s collection, but if you have your own, send it to us!” I’ve read a handful of essays regarding the 'death of the limerick’ so hearing that The Babes plan on resurrecting the ancient art is welcome news.

[Asimov’s Sherlockian Limericks by insanely prolific author/thinker/renaissance man Isaac Asimov.]

Philip K. Jones’ Amazon Reviews tackled David Ruffles Sherlock Holmes: Tales From the Stranger’s Room. MX Publishing has been on fire lately, delivering up a new Holmes pastiche almost every week “In contrast to the usual Sherlockian anthology, this book is an assembly of fragments. Each item is complete and entire, but they mostly catch moments, not stories. Some are complete mysteries, with villains to catch and investigations to be performed, but, mostly, they are visions of Holmes and Watson, along with Mrs. Hudson, Inspector Lestrade and the irregulars at particular moments. Some of these moments are quite important, but that is all they are, moments.”

[What happens in the Stranger’s Room, stays in the Stranger’s Room….until now!]