@pipedreamprayer:  something on the aliens reactions to the oddities of the human body maybe? like, wisdom teeth, or dominant handness or something?

Here’s the first of my 900 Followers Prompts.  Hope you like this!

Title: Beauty Sleep

Rating: G

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Characters: Shiro, Allura, Lance, Pidge, Hunk, and Keith

Summary: After being away for three days, all Shiro wanted to was sleep.  However, the was a problem he needed to fix before he could.

Shiro really wanted to climb into his bed and sleep for ten hours or possibly a whole day.  After spending the last three days assisting Coran into hunting down those crystals they needed from that Galra guarded mine, his whole body craved to do so.

Between hiding from the Sentries, and fighting off the local wildlife, Shiro barely got any sleep while there.  However, as much as Shiro wanted to visit dreamland, he couldn’t.  As leader, he had to check in with his team who should be on the training deck.

Thus, as Coran went to install the new crystals, Shiro yawned and made his way there.  Yet, any sleepiness he had was tossed aside as the yelling from inside bolted him awake.

“Hunk! Can’t you shoot straight!”

“I am shooting straight!  You need to move faster!”

“I am moving fast!”


Shiro froze.  Was that Keith..and Hunk?  Arguing?  Shiro scratched his head.  That was rare.  If it was Lance and Keith fighting he wouldn’t think much of it, but Keith never got into an argument with Hunk…Well, except for that debate about if muffins were considered cupcakes or not.

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I Like You (Passionately, Irrationally)

This was for a prompt in the Pidgance Positivity Discord chat. Thanks for reading!

Title: I Like You (Passionately, Irrationally)

W/C: 1106

Rating: G

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Summary:  Lance confesses his feelings to Pidge…and it’s a bit of a stressful situation for both of them.

Archive of Our Own

furidojasutin  asked:

“I said I love you.” - for Fraxus perhaps?? Only if you wanna ofC jdkwd

  • Title: Spur of the Moment
  • Pairing: Fraxus (Laxus Dreyar x Freed Justine)
  • Rating: G
  • Series: Loving Like a Fairy Tail
  • Requested by: @furidojasutin from this list

A/N: Of course! Never wrote Fraxus before, but I tried! It was fun. I hope you like it!


Freed only realized too late the words he had spoken.

Laxus’s hand froze onto the doorknob. He slowly turned his head around, piercing grey eyes meeting the Rune Mage’s turquoise ones. He didn’t look uncomfortable, which was a relief. Just surprised, and a bit confused too.


Freed looked at his feet, hiding behind his bangs. He wanted to dissapear.

“I—”, he took a big breath, “I said ‘I love you’”

The next few minutes were spent in silence. The green-haired man grew more and more nervous by the second; he could practically hear the sound of a clock ticking in his head, marking every second spent in doubt and worry.

The silence was finally, finally broken one minute and thirty-eight seconds later — althought it seemed like much, much more. Laxus chuckled, and Freed looked up slowly.

“Y'know, that’s not really first-date material.”

Freed blushed profusely. “’m sorry.”

The blond kissed the top of his head, smiling fondly. “Don’t be. The feeling’s mutual.”

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browntiger15  asked:

aight finally got something your prompt requests. How about a PIdgance magical girl/superhero au?

Man this ended up way longer than planned!  Just for fun, I decided this takes place in the same setting as my Kallura Superhero AU  Thanks to @isabeau25 and Hubby I got other headcanons for this AU which I’ll probably post in a separate post.  For now, the fic!

Title: Caught You

Rating: G

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Characters: Pidge and Lance

Summary: The last thing Lance expected to find on his way home was a superhero caught up in a tree.

Lance’s brain desperately needed a reboot.  It could be the only logical explanation for what he was seeing.  Running into the local super hero Evergreen after finishing his practice at the pool?

Naw, that wasn’t so odd when Lance thought about it.  Evergreen was a common sight at the university.  It was a popular theory among the student body that he either worked or attended there.

Seeing Evergreen hanging upside down from a tree with his cape caught in the branches?  Yeah, that was a bit bizarre.  The guy was suppose to be a huge plant lover, and a natural for climbing trees.  It was like watching a cat attempt to land on it’s feet and completely screwed up near the end.  Lance discreetly took a photo because frankly it was funny.  It was an opportunity he just couldn’t pass up.

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@uswntobsessed @fuckyeahkrieger

Collaboration with @osaycanyousolo and @uswnt-ko5

Album: Keeper Korrect - GSeries

Track Titles:
1) Balls Deep
2) Chillin In Da Net
3) Don’t Worry I’m Back Here
4) My Dear Friend Carli Lloyd Ft. Carlos
5) Chasin Chickens
6) Make It Reign
7) Jaw Game Strong
8) My Back Line Bitches
9) All By Myself Ft. Sleeves & The Silent Assassin
10) Northwest For Lyfe Ft. The Glorious Pinoe
11) Dangerous
12) The Gaze
13) Brick Wall
14) Game Face
15) Happily Ever After
16) No Fucks Give Ft. Da Ref
17) I Gotchu Ft. Becky Broon
18) Long Love The Kling Ft. KlingenMoe
19) Heartbroken Ft. Abby Dubs
20) Get Da Fuck Back Ft. AliK & Ash

Bonus Track Titles:
1) Drop Kick Ft. NKO aka Ninja Knock Out Kelley O'Hara
2) Why Your G-Name So Long Kell?
3) Believing In Me First
4) 2 Gold Ass Gloves
5) Because HARLI
6) Squad Goals Ft. The Gals
7) Rebel In Love
8) The Stadium

Information leaked by The Gals: @bnb1043 @turtlesquish @poetreeoflife @malevolentphantoms @hannahbobanna90 Osay, Chuck, and Myself

Loving Like a Fairy Tail : Unimagineable [Jerza]
  • Title: Unimagineable
  • Pairing: Jerza (Jellal Fernandes x Erza Scarlet)
  • Rating: G
  • Series: Loving Like a Fairy Tail

A/N: Just a quick thing because they’re my OTP and I want them to be happy


She laid her head on his chest and sighed, her eyes falling onto the sleeping, barely three-days-old infant craddled in her arms. The surreal but oh-so-welcomed sigh brought a smile to her lips.

Erza looked up and had to refrain from laughing at the awestruck expression that painted Jellal’s features. Her husband was caressing the child’s head with caution, as if he expected the newborn to break or vanish.
She deducted that he simply hadn’t gotten over this yet.

She couldn’t blame him, really. Only in her wildest dreams had she pictured herself and the love of her life free, free from the tower and the guilt, happy, married. As parents.

And yet here they were.

She suddenly felt his strong arms wrap around her waist as well as his lips pressing onto her forehead. “If this is a dream,” she heard him whisper in her ear, “don’t ever wake me up.”

Midnight Ice Cream

Had to write something for @heithweek2017 so here’s something for today’s prompt Laughing/Crying.

Title: Midnight Ice Cream

Rating: G

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Characters/Ship: Hunk/Keith

Summary: Despite being tired, Hunk couldn’t sleep and he discovers neither can Keith.

Hunk yawned as he groggily left his room and made his way into the kitchen.  It was late, and he knew with the training they had in the morning he should be asleep, but he couldn’t.  Hunk would shut his eyes, only to find himself tossing and turning before opening them again.

He just couldn’t sleep.  It felt everything from the last couple of weeks had decided to pile up upon him at once.

The fight with Zarkon.  Shiro going missing.  Keith taking over the Black Lion, while Allura took over the Red Lion.  That Lotor creep now chasing after them.  It felt like it had been years since Hunk could fully relax.

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Title: Picture
Rating: G
Series: Inazuma Eleven
Characters: Tsunami Jousuke, Tachimukai Yuuki
Pairings: tsunatachi
Summary/Note: If there’s one thing Tachimukai doesn’t expect, it’s seeing a picture of himself on Tsunami’s phone.
I found out 4/20 is tsunatachi day so here is a short thing for the ship

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Jedi Academy AU's

Reylo stories that have Rey and Ben training at the Jedi Academy. xx They’re my favourite kind so I simply had to make a recommendation list - what can I say? I love making recommendation lists xx 

Like Young Gods

By: diasterisms


“What do you think?” Luke asks his nephew. “She has potential.”

“She bit me, Master,” is Ben’s stiff response. “Any opinion I give would be biased.”

Rated: T

Link: (X)

To Kingdom Come

By: diasterisms


“I remember everything!” he snarls, loud enough to make her flinch. “How you move— the way you breathe—” His words hitch on a strangled half-sob; he stares at her like a man caught in a waking dream as he skims the line of her jaw with his knuckles, stopping to touch the pad of his thumb to her bottom lip. “How your eyes met mine in the starlight,” he continues through a broken, haunted rasp of a voice, “and I felt like the look on your face.”

Or: What is alive must heal. What cannot heal must endure.

Rated: M

Link: (X)

Sequal to Like Young Gods

You Were A Shock In The Dark

By: ofstarlight


“It would be a lot easier to avoid making you angry,” he pauses, leaning close so he’s speaking right into her ear, “If you didn’t go getting jealous every time I tried to teach someone I’m clearly uninterested in.” | —-reyben.

Rated: T

Link: (X)

Together We’ll Be Legends

By: CFHamilton


The day Luke Skywalker brought home the small orphaned girl named Rey, Ben Solo couldn’t have cared less. Now though? Now he’d fight the entire galaxy just to keep her by his side.

Rated: G

Series: Broken Bridges

Link: (X)

Don’t Leave Me

By: YumKiwiDelicious


He knew he would be back for her. He knew he would make it up to her some day. He knew there would come a time when he was strong enough to protect her.

He just had to become more powerful first.

Based on an idea I read on tumblr where a teenage Ben/Kylo was the one to leave Rey on Jakku.

Series: Force Mates

Rated: G

Link: (X)

I’m Here For You

By: AgentofSassArwenPond221B


Ben gets bullied sometimes at the Jedi Temple, but little Rey doesn’t like bullies. She does, however, like piggyback rides.

Rated: G

Link: (X)

Controlling These Feelings

By: PastelandCakes


She had changed a lot these past few years. She was no longer a scavenger but a Jedi Master who wished to bring forth a new generation of Jedi’s that would stand for all that was part of the Light in the galaxy.

Yet, how can she even pretend to teach them when she couldn’t control emotions such as this!

(Jedi Masters AU based on this lovely picture by arbutus-blossoms)

Rated: G

Link: (X)

In My Ten Years

By: brittlelimbs


There’s a piece of Jedi mythology, passed down from ancient times, that tells of a peculiarly nasty phenomenon: one singular, intact soul split in two by the Force. It’s a story of a schism in the stars, a constellation cracked in half, a lifetime spent scouring the Universe in search of that elusive whole.
But the Force is cruel and kind in turns; it gave Ben only one piece of his soul, but left the other, swaddled, at his feet.

AKA my take on the “Ben and Rey grow up together!” trope with a soulmate/soulbond twist. Pretty much pure teeth-rotting fluff, lots of Ben being a lil mother hen etc. before they grow into a romantic relationship. Luke POV.

Rated: M

Link: (X)

What She’s Worth

By: g_girl143


The first time Ben Solo saw her was from behind his uncle, peering up from the hiding place that was Luke Skywalker’s cloak.

She was a tiny creature. Inconsequential really, with expressive brown eyes and dark brown hair that was tied in two buns at the base of a scrawny neck. The daughter of a friend left in his care, his uncle had said.

He had dismissed her as quickly as he had laid eyes on her. Just another student in Luke’s Jedi academy. The only youngling in a sea of fellow adolescents. Far too young to be worth any attention.

But there was…something.

After being sent to train under his uncle in the Jedi academy, Ben Solo meets a youngling girl who would change the course of his life. An alternative universe companion fic for Claudia Gray’s “Bloodline” novel. A scenario in which Ben Solo and Rey are fellow students of Luke’s Jedi Academy and the events that led to the birth of Kylo Ren.

Rated: T

Link: (X)

There are some other ones that have Rey and Kylo having previously known each other at Luke’s Jedi Acadmey, but listing them would be spoilers to their stories, and those stories- some of which are my favourite - don’t really take place at the academy, more so gloss over, mention or have flash backs of it, hence their being left out. xx If you would like to know them though drop me a wee message/ask and I’ll put it under a read more xx

If anyone can think of any other Jedi Academy central ones that I’ve missed please feel free to add them, or even give me a wee message or ask. xx As most of you know by know I’m constantly on the prowl for fanfics with my beloved otp. XD xx