Video of Natsu’s run yesterday :)

The Hellbeast is pissed at all the fur mommies out in force today. We’ve had a nature vs nurture debacle, a “show line dogs are all crippled!!11” laughfest, a bunch of Adopt Don’t Shop crazies, and Rogue was called starving by two people.

It’s a fun day.


The builders start tearing out the interior of our house tomorrow.

Archie and Kobi have moved into their new quarters in the conservatory, which is the only part of the cottage they’re allowed in because of the white carpets and the cats. It’s winter at the moment, so it doesn’t get very warm in there at all. We’ll have to reassess when it starts to warm up.

The conservatory is right next to my room, so I can see them by looking out the window.

My sister is going to move into the garage in the cottage, at which point there will be between four and five adults, two cats, and two dogs all living in the same two-bedroom cottage. We’ll be sharing a single bathroom, a single kitchen, and a single living room. That’s more warm bodies than there are rooms in the entire house, conservatory included.