Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller: FIERCE, overly reliant on remote kill commands.

Harley Quinn: We can’t help but love this crazy bitch who can’t help loving the Joker.

Joker: Necessary evil, basically only serves in Harley Quinn’s character development.

Deadshot: Bad-ass gunslinger that just wants to be a good father. Flagshot is cute, but I’m waiting for Catshot.

Rick Flag: Long-suffering good guy that would do anything for sex lust love.

June Moone/Enchantress: Model trying to be actress trying to be useless archaeologist that moonlights as a growling chimney sweep and a villainous exotic dancer. Should have actually died.

Slipknot: Died too soon.

El Diablo: Too soon.

Killer Croc: Ostracised and treated poorly because he looks too different. Overlooked and treated poorly as a character because he looks too different.

Katana: Can’t seem to fit in with the rest of these white people. I know Boomerang/Katana seems to be hinted at, but her devotion to her husband is a gem.

Captain Boomerang: and Pinky are the cutest thing ever.

GQ Edwards: Scott Eastwood. Holy cow. Why would they relegate him to such a minor role? This calls for a Flag Ship!