Characters doodles for the lil Gravity Falls cartoon I’m working on, Glass Shard Beach! Second pic is actually of some scenes I have written tho the script is still in the works. The girl is supposed to be tiny Carla McCorkle, still tweaking her design. I changed Ma Pines and Stanford’s outfits some from the canon.

Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller: FIERCE, overly reliant on remote kill commands.

Harley Quinn: We can’t help but love this crazy bitch who can’t help loving the Joker.

Joker: Necessary evil, basically only serves in Harley Quinn’s character development.

Deadshot: Bad-ass gunslinger that just wants to be a good father. Flagshot is cute, but I’m waiting for Catshot.

Rick Flag: Long-suffering good guy that would do anything for sex lust love.

June Moone/Enchantress: Model trying to be actress trying to be useless archaeologist that moonlights as a growling chimney sweep and a villainous exotic dancer. Should have actually died.

Slipknot: Died too soon.

El Diablo: Too soon.

Killer Croc: Ostracised and treated poorly because he looks too different. Overlooked and treated poorly as a character because he looks too different.

Katana: Can’t seem to fit in with the rest of these white people. I know Boomerang/Katana seems to be hinted at, but her devotion to her husband is a gem.

Captain Boomerang: and Pinky are the cutest thing ever.

GQ Edwards: Scott Eastwood. Holy cow. Why would they relegate him to such a minor role? This calls for a Flag Ship!


Was going to do kid Stan twins trick or treating comic for halloween (may still do) but this AU just entertains me to no end, so here, my contributions to @pointrixter‘s one of us AU, tho most panels are closer to screen redraws then anything else xD I feel like if he didn’t have any other ideas for beating Bill he really may have joined up just so the family could be spared.


Pictures from the theme song for Glass Shard Beach Adventures, the right side of the post card will have the episode title.

The theme is actually completely done, but I’m gonna wait a bit before releasing it. Im thinking the first episode won’t be out until around the Gravity Falls finale, gonna try and ride some of the interest in the fandom that peaks after a new episode. 


Kalique approves of her sorta mother’s GSB (gratuitously shirtless boyfriend).

As you can probably tell, I’m in a Kalique mood. She’s so full of win on every single level, and Tuppence gave a brilliantly effortless performance - she’s 14,004 years old and lovin’ it.