Was going to do kid Stan twins trick or treating comic for halloween (may still do) but this AU just entertains me to no end, so here, my contributions to @pointrixter‘s one of us AU, tho most panels are closer to screen redraws then anything else xD I feel like if he didn’t have any other ideas for beating Bill he really may have joined up just so the family could be spared.

13 Ways To Be A Great Public Speaker

Rehearsing your body language and getting proper rest are effective tactics for reducing public speaking anxiety and ensuring that you give a memorable presentation. Read on for a round-up of top public speaking tips from Stanford GSB faculty and guest speakers:

1. To manage anxiety, reframe the situation as a conversation rather than a performance. 

2. Set your goals at a reasonable level so you can overachieve.

3. Eat a healthy diet, get proper rest, and exercise to alleviate nervousness. 

4. Diversify your material to keep people’s attention.

5. Use analogies to help your audience quickly process and understand new information.

6. Add emotion and variety to ensure people remember what they hear and see. 

7. Make sure your content is relevant and easily accessible to your audience.  

8. Add visuals to your slides. When you deliver information verbally, people only remember 10% of it. If you include a picture, retention is 65%.

9. Spend more time rehearsing your body language than your speech. 

10. Include a strong ending. Do you want people to stand when you finish? Or repeat a key takeaway?

11. Practice your presentation beforehand to ensure your body language matches your message.

12. Get to the venue early and imagine your body expanding to fill the room. Own the space. 

13. Keep your hand gestures symmetrical when you’re trying to be convincing. 

15 Tips: How to Build and Manage a Great Team

Read the latest research and insights on managing team dynamics, from Stanford GSB faculty, alumni, and guest speakers:

On building or forming your team:

  • “You should have a higher calling, a triple bottom line. Build your team around things that transcend making money.”
     –Kenneth “Hap” Klopp (MBA ’66)

  • Understand that “each personality on a small team can make a huge difference in swaying the dynamic of the entire team.”
    –Caroline Hu Flexer (MBA ’01)
  • Build a team with complementary skills, the same value system, and compatible personalities.
    –Marcelo Manjon (MSx ‘13)

  • Build a team of people who you look up to and who are better than you at their functions.
    –Lecturer Rob Siegel (MBA ‘94)

  • Beware of ill-defined or overlapping roles within your cofounding team.
    –Alan Chiu (MSx ‘11)

  • “Formalizing the team’s vision, roles, norms, work processes, and strategies can help keep a team on track.”
    –Professor Lindred Greer

  • Organize retreats and team-building exercises to encourage trust, communication, and interdependence among coworkers.
    –Professor Daniel McFarland
  • What makes a team great? Trust and purpose: Faith in your colleagues and alignment behind a common goal and organization.
    –General Stanley McChrystal

On leading and managing your team:

  • "Leaders must embody the spirit they want the team to adopt. People pick up on phoniness. They trust authenticity.”
    –Professor Joel Peterson

  • Stimulate innovation at work by giving all team members an equal shot at pitching new ideas
    –Professor Baba Shiv

  • If a manager detects a conflict in a team, he or she should identify what is being discussed, who is involved and why.
    –Professor Lindred Greer

  • Be willing to rotate expertise and team roles at work so that people can engage in fresh experiences.
    –Professor Daniel McFarland

  • Leaders, recognize when your team members are facing a power struggle and help them resolve it quickly and respectfully
    –Professor Lindred Greer

  • “When team members succeed, the best leaders step aside and allow them to take credit.”
    –Professor Joel Peterson

  • Delegating can make your team more innovative.
    –Professor Nicholas Bloom

Kalique approves of her sorta mother’s GSB (gratuitously shirtless boyfriend).

As you can probably tell, I’m in a Kalique mood. She’s so full of win on every single level, and Tuppence gave a brilliantly effortless performance - she’s 14,004 years old and lovin’ it.


Characters doodles for the lil Gravity Falls cartoon I’m working on, Glass Shard Beach! Second pic is actually of some scenes I have written tho the script is still in the works. The girl is supposed to be tiny Carla McCorkle, still tweaking her design. I changed Ma Pines and Stanford’s outfits some from the canon.

GemsonaBomb 5.0!

this bomb’s theme:

Exit Exams, Enter the Bomb! 

(distant screams and rumbles)

Welcome to the most recent GemsonaBomb ever!! A magnificent, week-long fan-festival of art, plots, collaboration, memes and other enjoyable events!

If you have a gemsona (or multiple ‘sonas) and want to participate in the bomb, please tag your posts #gsbomb! That way they are easy to find and reblog.

You’re free to do whatever gemsona-related events you please all during the week. We do have daily prompts, though, to get things rolling! Don’t feel pressured to complete things on time. I do check the tag occasionally during non-bomb times. 

DAY 1: Weapon Summon! ~~

Draw your gemsona summoning their weapon; if they don’t have a weapon, then demonstrate their powers/abilities!

The next prompt will be revealed tomorrow i guess? Anyway. Hope to see your incredible work!