It’s moments like this where being an advocate pays off. My school now has a gender neutral bathroom open, and even though I’m a senior and won’t get a lot of use out of it, I know that I’m helping students in the future. Even though it’s a single stall sort of deal, since we didn’t have money to build a whole new bathroom it’s still progress. I hope that more people advocate all over so that future generations don’t have to.


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Tennessee school board rules that GSA can stay, despite parents' complaints
While the Franklin County School Board may revise its policy on school clubs, the top administrator says it wouldn't retroactively affect the GSA.

At Franklin County High School in Tennessee, parents are so riled up over the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance that they’ve compared the club to ISIS. 

The tensions got so high that members of the school board had to consider shutting the club down – even though it’s illegal to allow other extracurricular clubs but ban a GSA. Thankfully, amid emotional testimony from people on all sides of the debate, they decided to keep the GSA going. 

Some parents said sexuality, at least gay sexuality, is one topic that doesn’t belong in school. “I’m not going to stand for my children to be [subjected] to homosexuality in the school system,” parent Robert Widelick said at the meeting, according to the Daily News Journal.

The GSA’s supporters and schools director Lonas have countered that the club isn’t sexual in nature. “It’s not necessarily talking about sexuality,” Lonas told Huntsville, Ala., TV station WAFF. “It’s more about being accepting of others and the differences that we all have.”

Freshman Kevin Hamrick, a member of the GSA, said the group is needed. “Our community demeans the LGBT community so much that there has to be something to stop it,” he said Monday night.

He also told board members, “You can take us down. You can take our signs down. You can take the tears out of our eyes. But we still have a legal right to keep meeting.”

My heart is right there with all these brave young people who defended themselves against ignorance and hatred at every level. You all inspire me. 

Today the student president of my school's GSA club came into my health class to talk about the club.
  • GSA President:So does anyone know what asexuality is? *looks around skeptically*
  • Me:*raises hand* It's when someone doesn't experience sexual attraction to anyone of any gender, but they can still experience romantic attraction and stuff.
  • GSA President and Co President:*look at me with wide eyes*
  • President:That's exactly right. Nice job!
  • Then, at the end of class...
  • Me:I'm surprised they mentioned asexuality. It tends to be overlooked.
  • Friend:I'm really glad that you raised your hand to define it. I'm proud of you. You started talking quicker towards the end and you sounded really nervous. I understand why explaining it could be scary for you, and I'm proud of you for doing it.
  • Me:Well I was explaining my own orientation but for the most part I'm closeted so it was scary.
  • Friend:Don't worry, nobody else would've noticed that you were nervous. The only reason I noticed is because I know. But you represented your community there, which is great. I'm really proud of you for being brave.
  • I love having supportive friends 😄🌈

We posted a teaser on instagram of our tour around the Glasgow School of Art etching and silkscreen shops last week but now it’s time for a much more satisfying peek into where the magic happens. 

British art schools certainly take silkscreen more seriously then their US counterparts and always have proper vacuum graphics print tables (often British brand, Kippax) in studios. No messing around with hinges on tables here!

Also, love the guillotine in the washroom situation. 


“A Vanderbilt University study found that LGBTQ students attending high schools with gay-straight alliances reported significantly fewer incidences of bullying based on sexual orientation or gender expression and had a greater sense of personal safety compared to students in schools without GSAs.

The new report is a meta-analysis of 15 independent studies surveying nearly 63,000 high school students. It was conducted by Robert Marx and Heather Hensman Kettrey at Vanderbilt’s Peabody Research Institute, and published by Journal of Youth and Adolescence.”


If you have been thinking about starting or participating in a gay-straight alliance at your school -