1. Take a deep breath. Relax. You’re going to be fine.

2. Don’t spend the first four months avoiding eye contact when you talk to people. When you start looking back, they’re always smiling.

3. Your harness goes on chest, then waist, then legs. Try to remember that. It’ll save you a lot of jokes and extra laps.

4. Compliment Jean’s drawings the first time you see his sketch book. He doesn’t think he’s very good. (At lots of things.)

5. You make a good squad leader because you pay attention. Like how you know when Jean’s lying because he bites his lips when he does it.

6. Almost three times a week you’ll think you can’t make it through a single day more of training you’re so exhausted. You can and will.

7. When Jean tells you he doesn’t like boys… watch his lips.

8. Tell everyone what you admire about them. Every single person. Every single thing. Don’t say you’ll wait until graduation.

9. Using 3DMG and falling in love feel the same: weightless excitement and a touch of fear. Jean is only good at one of them. Be patient.

10. Say it. Out loud. Please.


10 Things Marco Bodt Would Tell His Past Self

Originally posted on twitter | Inspired by a post from ask-marco-bodts-voice | in companion with Jean’s POV by omnistruck


Eren- “Y-You live in Mississippi?”

Levi- “Yeah… I thought that was implied.”

Eren- “Um…I live really close to you.”

Levi- “Are you shitting me?”

For troysredglassesfic ‘Save Me’. Fell in love with Eren’s fashion sense and i relate to him a lot so i just thought  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ its pencil yh, i cant use my tablet yet. Sorry I took some liberty and put mini Levi drawn titans on Erens boxers.