“Chilling with the bae before heading off to kill some people." 

Somebody murder me in my sleep (?)
You have NO IDEA how much I want this scene to be animated, even if it is just for a few seconds, I want to see the Titan Boyfriends™ relaxed one last time. Just look at them, the are focused on the future battle, but they are also enjoying their last peaceful sunrise together. Because they know this fight is not going to end well: maybe one of them gets captured, maybe both, maybe one of them gets killed, maybe both. They are physically prepared, but not mentally. Who cares anymore. The present is the only thing that matters.
I have lots of feelings, okay?
What I did is recreating this page of chapter 72 (manga)… in the anime style because I need beautiful things in my life.
No, I didn’t do those clouds, I downloaded a black and white picture of the sky and I colored it. I cannot find the source, though (ugh).
I will go down with this ship.
Fuck it.

Reiner looks like my abuela with that blanket I swear

Mikasa: Eren–

Levi: He’s not here.

Eren: Yes I am?

Levi: Eren what the fuck

Mikasa: Oh my god, did you…?

Mikasa: You took his virginity?

Levi: You think I’d do that?

Eren: But you did and that’s why I didn’t show up for training–

Levi: I swear to fucking god, Jaeger.

Mikasa: So you… You fucked him?

Levi: Jesus, no, that kinda shit is filthy

Eren: Actually we switched, so…?

Levi: oh my god eren

Vampire AU

For the wonderful @kittyboo8015

Kitty, @gouguruheddo and I figured you deserved as many vamps as you could handle :)  Thank you, a hundred times over, for being such a sweetheart.  You’re always so wonderful to chat with.  Keep being amazing, babe <3 We’ll come kidnap you someday. 

[Are you seeing this gorgeous art?? I’m dying.]

[~4.3k Victorian Era Vampire AU, NSFW, angst mixed with gentle loving, as the Eruri’s should be, some blood and injury]

**Arthur Randall is from Kuroshitsuji, shoutout to that AU I crave, and Auguste Dupin was Edgar Allen Poe’s Sherlock before Sherlock. Poor Nile.

[high enough, bloodsport


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AOTWEEK - July 20 || Day 5: Allies

Prompt: Anything for the ladies of SNK

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