Here’s something that people have been requesting since I first started making pokeball pendants; the mysterious GS Ball. :D

For those that don’t know, the GS ball was used in the Japanese versions of Gold and Silver in an event to capture Celebi. The GS Ball in the anime was also meant to can connections with the little legendary, but since they decided to star Celebi in a movie instead, his staring appearance in the series never came.

Personally I hope they go back to the GS Ball in the anime one day. It kept getting teased and build into such a mysterious item it’s a shame that it’s story was never finished. I always wondered about what it was for when I was a kid, but at least now I know it had some meaning in the Japanese games. :)

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In the anime, Professor Ivy was the first character to possess the GS Ball. She called upon the help of Professor Oak to study it, but couldn’t figure out how to open it. Ivy tried to open it with hacksaws, hammers, crowbars, power drills and lasers, but to no avail. At one point, Ash tried simply calling a Pokémon to be released, but this did not work. The ball also couldn’t be transmitted via Pc.

In ‘Pallet Party Panic , Professor Oak tasked Ash with retrieving the GS Ball from Professor Ivy’s laboratory, located on Valencia Island in the Orange Archipelago, and bringing it back to Oak for him to study.

Ash obtained it two episodes later, in Pokeball Perill, and updated Oak on his progress. He put off completing the errand in the next episode so he could compete in the Orange League, a move which Oak approved.

In A Way Off, Day Off, Ash compared it to a standard Poké Ball while everyone else was sleeping.

After a brief mention by Misty in The Underground Round-up, Ash finally gave Oak the GS Ball after returning to Pallet Town in A Tent Situation, but Oak put it away to examine later. The GS Ball was the last sucked in by Team Rocket’s Super Sucker. When the trio’s balloon was torn, the GS Ball was rescued with all the other Poké Balls.

In The Rivalry Rivival, Oak’s studies on the ball proved to be extremely difficult, with Tracey even admitting that no new information was gathered. Oak gave it back to Ash, asking him to deliver the GS Ball to Kurt of Azalea Town in Johto, a Poké Ball researcher and manufacturer.

In A Shadow Of A Drought, the trio arrived in Azalea Town, and Misty reminded Ash about the errand. The delivery was made in Going Apricorn!, and Ash broke the news to Oak in A Farfetch’d Tale.

In an interview with Masamitu Hidaka in 2008, it was explained that the GS Ball was originally going to contain a Celebi was to be the star of a large arc of the Johto saga. However, it was decided that Celebi would be the star of the fourth movie, so the story arc was viewed as redundant and shelved. The ball was left with Kurt with the hopes that viewers would eventually forget about it.