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I can't wait for Midnight Memories to be released since it's 2013 again.

Oh good that means we have a tour to look forward to! Who’s got tickets? Anyone going to the M&Gs?

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Asdfghj but imagine GS asking He Tian about his brother being all awkward and embarrassed (he's just a teenager and he was saved by a hot older dude let him live) and He Tian getting immediately defensive omg I'd live for this plotline

‘So … your brother’s kind of–’

‘What about him?’ He Tian cut in, words sharp and echo-less in the apartment.

Guan Shan glanced at him. Swallowed. ‘You seem …’ He ran his tongue along the inside of his cheek, searching carefully for nuance and sentiment. ‘You don’t get along, I guess,’ he finished.

He Tian breathed a low laugh, turning the page of a magazine. ‘I guess,’ he said dryly. 

‘He looks like you,’ Guan Shan said. An insouciant shrug. A chewed pen breaking down between his molars as he worked on his homework. ‘A bit. A lot.’

He Tian’s eyes narrowed. ‘You mean I look like him.’

‘Maybe, yeah.’ Guan Shan paused. ‘I just–’

He Tian sat up suddenly, legs swung over the side of the bed, magazine abandoned behind him. His hands were laced tightly together, hanging between his knees. His knuckles were white.

‘I get,’ He Tian said, ‘that he helped you yesterday. Saved you. When that guy was …’ He Tian looked away. The sky was a hazy grey of fading lights and high skyscrapers, and He Tian was all shadows on his bed. ‘But you don’t owe him anything. He’s not–He Cheng’s not special for doing that for you, all right? He’s not a fucking hero. Never has been.’

Guan Shan looked at him carefully. ‘You’re saying you would have done the same? If you were there?’

Of course I fucking–’ He Tian broke himself off, words snatched away like brittle ice shards breaking apart. ‘But I wasn’t. And he was. So I guess that’s all that matters, isn’t it? He Cheng the saviour. He Cheng who’s older and taller and knows what the fuck he’s doing and–’

‘He Tian.’


Guan Shan opened his mouth. Closed it. He pulled his legs out from beneath him, and moved steadily over to where He Tian sat on the edge of his bed. He ran his fingers through the fringe of He Tian’s hair, and let his hand fall on He Tian’s shoulder, feeling a tight knot of muscle and warm skin beneath his palm. He could feel He Tian’s steady breath, strained and carefully orchestrated.

‘He’s older and he’s taller and maybe he knows what the fuck he’s doing. But he’s not you, all right?’

He Tian looked away. ‘You don’t know what he’s like.’

Guan Shan’s fingers slipped beneath He Tian’s chin, and pressed in until He Tian’s head was turning again, dark eyes tilted up and boring in, unrepentant.

Guan Shan said, ‘But I know you.’ He shrugged. ‘He’s fucking–I mean, he’s hot, yeah, but that doesn’t mean I’m in love with him.’

There was a silence of hitched breaths and heavy heartbeats. 

‘You’re in love with me?’ He Tian said, quiet.

‘That wasn’t what I said.’ 

A slow grin, serpentine, made its way across He Tian’s face. His fingers were wrapping around Guan Shan’s wrist, his waist, skin hot and searching. 

‘Oh, I think you did.’

Who here would want to headcanon about Caesar Calore and his takeover/construction of Norta

A Norta origin story with all the founding members of the High houses, the first queenstrial,and the founding division of the reds and silvers

Nick says he’s gonna get another tattoo on his OTHER thigh because he thinks it looks lopsided and it makes him self conscious on holiday L:SKG:LSgsl;kdgL:GS

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Did you catch chylers live chat ? She's the three gs great, graceous and gorgeous.

I’m at work and also, don’t have facebook :/ But I’m soooo glad so many people are loving it :) <3 <3 <3

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I'm sitting in photography class today and a boy that sits next to me saw that I was watching bts and he asked if all of the lyrics were in Chinese so I told him that they are Korean and that no not all of the lyrics are in Korean some are in English and that's when he called them f*gs I've never wanted to beat the shot out of anyone so bad than I have todayjust because you don't understand doesn't mean you have to be rude I don't mean to rant I just ThoughtI'dsharethiswithy'all andgetyourinput

Sooooo…. ^-^

- Admin Kay 

A little raven was the savior to their alliance- Donned in black ruffles and charcoal bows, rushing upon unsteady legs, the four-year-old made her presence quite known as she stumbled to the king’s feet. Even at such a tender age, one would be remiss to not sight the similarities between the two. Their hair was the color of spilled ink, their eyes a pale blue, their smiles like blades- dual edged and cutting.

“Alysanne.” The king spoke her name with such affection that it was difficult to catch any semblance of a scolding. He had carefully plucked her from
The ground, placing her at his knee. From there, all could see the matching curve of their lips- unsettling though it may have been.


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EVERYONE CAN! Since there isn’t really a group chat option on tumblr- I’m trying to figure out something that works for everyone. I have Kik, Insta, Twitter, and Skype so however many want to lean towards one platform I’m all in. You guys just gotta let me know