MUST SEE! Toronto Raptors’ (Compton born-and-raised) DeMar DeRozan captures a hilarious sing-a-long by the 2016 USA Men’s Basketball Team earlier. 

You know, sometimes I’m (Chicago Bulls’) Jimmy Butler, sometimes I’m (New York Knicks’) Melo and sometimes (GS Warriors’) KD. But, this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Happy Saturday!


Production of the Ford Falcon Ute ended today, after 55 years of continuous manufacturing in Australia, first at Broady’s Plant 1 and Eagle Farm in Brisbane until 1966 and subsequently at Broadmeadows in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. It marks the beginning of the end for Australian car manufacturing. Production of the Falcon sedan and Territory SUV will cease on October 7. The Falcon ute dates back to the XK derivative of 1961, though the conceptual design of a passenger car-based utility was born in Australia with the 1934 Ford Coupe utility. In total 467,690 Falcon utes were made in Australia. This is a selection of Falcon models, not a full list

1961 XK
1966 XR
1972 XY 4x4
1973 XA GS
1978 XC GS
1979 XD
1994 XG 60th Anniversary Longreach
1999 AU
2001 AU XR8
2003 BA RTV
2006 BF XR6 Cab/Chassis
2008 FG XR6
2015 FGX


RQ Characters at Disney World
  • Mare:*uses everyone's fast passes for Space mountain, roams all of the parks till she's dragged into the last trolley by Shade at 1:30 am*
  • Cal:*cringes at the sight of crying children in mouse ears, is more impressed by the mechanical structures of the rides than of the park itself*
  • Maven:*Is that one guy that gets spooked by the fireworks and drops the drink tray with everyone's coffee, somehow gets pictures with Darth Maul and Kylo Ren*
  • Shade:*compulsively buys Mouse ears and churros for everyone*
  • Kilorn:*is the ride buddy, most likely to get sick on the teacups *
  • Farley:*takes advantage of Epcot's alcohol, won't go on any rides unless expressly begged by Shade.*

✨Things To Do When in Oita by ✨

Oita prefecture is located at the Eastern part of Kyushu Island in Japan. 🇯🇵

It is also known as one of the prefectures that has a lot of commercial spa towns and hotsprings (onsen) that could really refresh your mind, body and soul. It is also surrounded by nature from seas, mountains and such that can surely make you appreciate what Japan is made of. Below are that things that you can do or visit in Oita that you won’t forget in your entire lives. 😁

1.) Hiking at Mt. Yufudake 🍃
Looking for a more adventurous trip with your friends and loved ones? Well hiking at Mt. Yufudake is the place to be! A mountain, filled with abundant trees that nature lovers can hike for 4 hours just to reach the peak. There are two trails to choose from and both are okay for every level of your performance.

2.) Visit Usa Jingu / Shrine 🍃
Love studying history? Then this shrine is the perfect place for you to know more about Oita’s past. Located at the base of the Kunisaki peninsula, this shrine is built to praise the god of archery and war, Hachiman.

3.) Shopping at JR Oita city station 🍃
Are you a shopaholic? Well this new station is more than just a place to ride trains from Oita. With a spa houses from floors 19 to 21, this station is also the center for relaxation as you also have 224 shops, and a lot of entertainment centers, hotels and playgrounds to choose from

4.) See the monkeys of Mt. Takasaki 🍃
Animal lovers will surely love this place especially if they love monkeys because there are 1368 wild monkeys who live in a forest on a steep slope of Mt. Takasaki. Other animals can be seen in this zoo as well but monkeys do have a special place in this zoo. Antics from those monkeys can also be watched in the designated feeding area.

5.) Have a relaxing sand bath at Shoningahama Beach 🍃
This beach is one of the best places that you have sand baths. The sands are naturally heated by hot spring waters making it more relaxing and refreshing to take the service. So what are you waiting for? Book a ticket to Oita as soon as possible!

6.) Inazumi underwater stalactite cave 🍃
Looking for a new adventurous place to visit? Located at Bungo-ono Shi, this rare cave with underwater stalactites can be found is a must-see place in Oita. It is 16 degrees even if its summer making it rare for the cave to be appreciated but what it has to offer to its tourists is the most important thing to look on.

7.) Relax at Kirin Lake 🍃
This lake has a relaxing view Yufudake mountain that can give you serenity in every aspect. You can also have a boat ride together with your loved ones and make your trip more memorable.

8.) Visit & admire the Harajiri Falls 🍃
One of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls, the waterfalls formed after the eruption of Mt. Aso 90,000 years ago. This also has a beautiful nature scenery and you can through the walking paths that lead to the riverbank and circles back over the top of the falls.

9.) Ride the Beppu Ropeway 🍃
Wanna experience to be on top of the world? Well, this ropeway is 503 meters to the top of Tsurumi mountain and from there you can see the spectacular view of trees overfilled with pure green leaves in Summer, cherry blossoms in Spring and momiji in Fall season.

10.) Onsen at Hells of Beppu 🍃
Oh onsen, onsen, onsen. Your trip in Beppu won’t be complete without onsen. This is one of the most unique culture in Japan that you could actually experience when you are all in Japan living your lives as exchange student or working force. There are many kinds of hells of Beppu, just like water hell, mountain hell and more! But they are all the same because the temperature in their water is around 98C and almost boiling. It may be sizzling hot, just like hell but these onsen have skin and health benefits that could help you be healthy and fit thus making it one of the most prioritized tourists spots by tourists in Beppu. ‘ |

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List compiled by JLM Intern John Roman Aquino
Edited by Marielle Villar
Infographic by Little Miss Paintbrush / @chichilittle
More lists of things to do here:

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Web Sources:

Cover page for “Eyes of a Dragon” by Murkymuse; the premise is that the first seiryuu, Abi, is actually a woman instead of a man

This is gonna be a big project of mine and I’m going to make a comic of the fanfic chapter by chapter (hopefully in full color) 

shamelessly used google translate


Everything is _ _ _ _

everything is blue
his pills. his hands. his jeans.
And now I’m covered in the colors T O R N  A P A R T at the seams

and he’s _ _ _ _

everything is grey
his hair. his smoke. his dreams
And now he’s so so devoid of color doesn’t know what it means

it makes me _ _ _ _
-COLORS- by Halsey

HOORAY! Another Halsey song (lol)
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