• Phoenix in PWAA:i literally have no idea what im doing
  • Phoenix in JFA:i literally have no idea what im doing
  • Phoenix in T&T:i literally have no idea what im doing
  • Phoenix in AJ:ahh yes I am an all-knowing god i know every move that everyone will make before they even consider making i solved this case from the moment it happened
  • Phoenix in DD:i literally have no idea what im doing

On Sunday 26th June 2011, 4 years ago today.. Beyonce was the first female artist in 25 years to headline the main Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. On the Sunday evening Beyonce was the finale act of the weekend and her performance was watched by over 2.6 million viewers, breaking the record for most television views for a single performance. Beyonce was three months pregnant at the time and told the crowd that she would never forget that night. 

please take a moment to think about Aunt Franziska. think about cool Aunt Franziska. think about Franziska being afraid Trucy will hate her but Trucy absolutely loves her. think about Franziska sending cool presents at Trucy’s birthday and Christmas. think about Franziska chatting casually on the phone with Trucy. think about close relationship between Franziska and Trucy. think about Phoenix and Edgeworth smiling while watching Franziska and Trucy interact. think about Aunt Franziska. 

yesterday i went into Gamestop and i said something about Trials & Tribulations and the guy working there was like “oh you play Ace Attorney” and i lauGHED OUT LOUD AS I TOLD HIM I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF MY 4TH PLAYTHROUGH OF THE SERIES GAMESTOP GUY GET ON MY LEVEL