I’ll Never Be Her...

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I’ll Never Be Her…
[Giriboy meets his soulmate]

I met her today…” was the first thing Siyoung said when he walked through the door. It was so low, you weren’t even sure he’d meant for you to hear it.

It was insane how one sentence had the power to destroy your entire world. It was like your entire life flashed before your eyes. Every single insecurity over the past five years came bubbling up.

You turned to your boyfriend, eyes wide, waiting for him to continue. He looked noticeably bothered by the whole thing, and you wished you could say something. Anything that could give him the comfort that he was seeking but you had nothing. Nothing you could have possibly said would have made this alright.

There was something about soulmates that shook you to your very core. How was it possible to be destined to be with someone you’ve never met? How was it possible to just meet someone and know that they were supposed to be the one for you?

“Who is she…?” out of everything you could have said, you hated that, that was the thing you were most curious about. Who was she? How’d he meet her? Who was the girl that was so important that she was destined to be with the man you’d love your whole life? Who was this person that threatened to steal your whole world?

He took a seat beside you on the couch and slouched his shoulders. “She’s our new PR person…Today was her first day.”

“…Does she know?”

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R0021800 by Svilen Ranov


“I’ll interrogate the cat.”

For @angvlicmish​ bc her birthday was yesterday and I’m a shitty friend who wasn’t even here. Happy birthday, Charlie! ♡