so! good news and not so good news.

the good news is, we go in tomorrow for our checkout and everything has been healing wonderfully! all seems to be well and dandy and we will be coming home in about a week!

the not so good news. we are short on money. we had a bunch of unexpected fees due to our surgeries while we were here. i had extra stuff that needed to be done in my surgery due to the adverse affects of being on my medication for so long, and both Faye and i needed to get new sets of letters that cost us A LOT of money. overall we had 2000$ of extra costs that ate the money we had saved for our hotel. we now are on our reserve money that would have been used to pay rent and whatnot when we got home. its not enough for the 2000$ hotel bill, and even if we somehow swung that we wouldn’t have enough to pay rent when we get home. i hate to ask for donations again but we are a little pressed here.

we are staying very positive but keeping in mind that positive thinking only works when you work towards a positive goal.

here is our GRS/SRS fund charity:

please, if you are unable to donate, reblog and like this as much as possible.

thank you!


_0017475 waiting for the train by john douglass
Via Flickr:
Reading station, England