Top Surgery Fund

Hey guys. I finally got a consultation for top surgery and I need to get it done as soon as possible because of binding pain. I also need to have it done before May so I can heal while I’m not living with my family.

Because of the time crunch and the required deposit for scheduling, I can’t raise all the money on my own. Please donate if you can and reblog if you can’t. Every little bit helps.


_0017935 Arriving Paddington Station by john douglass
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After everyone said goodbye to Indigo, Caesar went to get ready for work and Genevieve went to check if Maëlle really did her homework. She was a smart little girl, but she didn’t like to do homework. It had happened a few times that her teachers called Genevieve from school because her daughter often made some excuses or “forgot” her exercise book at home. And as she thought, Maëlle lied to her, so she sat her down and made her do her homework.

“Was lying to me really necessary? Why don’t you want to do your homework, Ellie? I know it’s not that you can’t do it, because your teacher told me that you’re very smart and you answer her questions correctly in class!”

“I just don’t want to do it. Homework is boring, maman!” Maëlle grumbled, putting her head on the desk. 

Genevieve sighed. “Well you have to, if you want ice cream!”