Do you miss a creepy chivalry arcade game?

Guide Don Ramiro through the condemned land Tolomera del Rey, and expels the evil that cursed the Kingdom of Castile for long years.

Maldita Castilla is an action arcade game, full of spanish and european medieval mythology, with dangerous situations and 100% classic linear gameplay. It pays homage to classic arcade games from 1985-1987 like Ghost’n’Goblins, Tiger Road, Black Tiger, Shinobi, Rygar, Karnov, Trojan and many others… taking influences from spanish medieval paintings and places, and from the best chivalry book ever made: Amadis of Gaul.

The graphic style is raw, without rotations, transparencies or particles, only animated pixels seen through an old and dirty monitor effect. Also, Gryzor87 has created the music emulating the Yamaha YM2203 sound chip, so that the game has real arcade sound, sweet :-)

Although the places and creatures in the game are fantastic, most of them are based on details of real places and book illustrations of the Middle Ages. This, in my opinion, creates an interesting link between the game and reality (as you can find info about the game out of the game itself).

Out through this year for free

Hydorah (PC) de Locomalito. Hydorah est un shoot’em’up 16bits dont les mécaniques et le graphisme n’auraient pas évolué depuis les années 1980. Face à des hordes d’ennemis vous devrez parvenir à traverser des niveaux qui vous rappelleront les grands classiques du shoot’em’up. Secrets, chemins alternatifs, et armes à débloquer viendront allonger la durée de vie de ce shooter. Classique, soigné et efficace Hydorah profite aussi d’une bande sonore de haut niveau. A tester pour les nostalgiques et pour ceux qui n’étaient pas là dans les années 80 !

Un test est disponible chez Shmup.

Et vous trouverez Hydorah par là ! Bravo à Masa et Luc qui gagnent Saira !

This game is fucking amazing. If you love the classic and face punchingly hard arcade games of yore, you owe it to yourself to play Maldita Castilla. Its a freeware game developed from Spain, and its soundtrack is composed on a YM2203 for that authentic arcade game FM chip sound. #videogames #freewaregames #MalditaCastilla #LocoMalito #Gryzor87 #Ghostsngoblins #Makaimura #platformer #arcadegame #castlevania #AkumajouDracula