10 Followers I'd Like to get to Know Better

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Name: Kat (my real name is something different but i started going by Kat in 7th grade)
Star Sign: leo
Height: 4'10, i know i’m hella short, i have a thyroid disorder and it stunted my growth :/
Sexual Orientation: bi sexy whale, i tried to play off straight for the longest time but girls are just too damn pretty
Hogwarts House: Gryphindor, thought i was Hufflepuff but guess not lol
Favorite Animal: uhhhhh llama or hedgehog
Average Hours of Sleep: HAH like 6-7 i guess but it feels like two
Cat or Dog Person: c a t s
Favorite Fictional Characters: Sam and Dean from Supernatural, Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers, Snape from Harry Potter, and a lot more that i’m too lazy to list
Number of Blankets: well three but one is really thin, the other is an electric blanket, and then a comforter.
Favorite Singer/Band: my favorite band used to be Falling In Reverse but now i think it’s Twenty One Pilots, and my favorite singer is probably Clayton James. he does covers on youtube and he’s r e a l l y cute
Dream Trip: Ireland, France, or New York
Dream Job: either a history teacher, a singer/musician, some sort of digital artist, or something with computers
When was this Blog Created: uh like a week ago ngl
Current number of Followers: 50, we’re still kinda small
When did your Blog Reach its Peak?: uh after we put up our first fic we got like twenty followers in a day, but i don’t think we’ve hit a peak at all, really. i hope that we get bigger, but either way i’m really happy with how things are working out.
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