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quidditch captains ↣ oliver wood

I think we’d better check with Puddlemere United whether Oliver Wood’s been killed during a training session, because Angelina seems to be channelling his spirit.

Hogwarts Houses: Seventeen


  • gryffindor 
  • head boy
  • quidditch captain; chaser
  • constantly offering himself up for sacrifice when it’s unnecessary 
  • “I’LL BATTLE THE TROLL” “coups…no one really asked you to-”
  • is shadowed by at least one first year at all times


  • slytherin 
  • prefect 
  • on a one man mission to change the perception of slytherin house
  • throws as much shade as the whomping willow anyway
  • clapping back at first years
  • volunteers at the infirmary mostly to remind his peers how avoidable their illnesses are


  • hufflepuff
  • the most liked prefect
  • can’t help but assist house elves with chores
  • gasps and clutches his chest when he hears the “m-word”
  • volunteers in the infirmary with jeonghan but with much less sass
  • responsible for making up all of the house points DK loses


  • ravenclaw
  • quidditch chaser
  • known for his in-air acrobatics on the quidditch pitch
  • infamous for starting study groups for all assignments 
  • has a lowkey soft spot for his slytherin friends
  • uses the dancing feet jinx on people he catches making fun of minghao


  • gryffindor
  • quidditch chaser
  • unsure if wizard or just a really large pygmy puff
  • once burned off an eyebrow in potions and had to beg jihoon to fix it
  • late night recon missions to the kitchens
  • somehow always in detention most often with DK


  • ravenclaw
  • herbology expert
  • general status: barely passing
  • attempts homework while watching mingyu at quidditch practice
  • uses the room of requirement to house his rare plants
  • hobby: creating new spells for mingyu to use in underground duels


  • slytherin
  • death glares from his cobwebby library corner
  • king of nonverbal hexes
  • plays piano for frog choir practices
  • the slytherin that ravenclaws come to when they can’t figure out the common room riddle
  • is tired or the flitwick comparisons - so unless you want to be hexed into oblivion, quit it. 


  • hufflepuff
  • walking felix felicitis 
  • just happy to be at hogwarts, no matter what house he was placed in
  • creates a calendar during quidditch season, so he can cheer on all of his friends equally
  • “N.E.W.T.s this morning! Fighting!”
  • Hobbies include: freeing house elves and passing out cauldron cakes to students having a bad day


  • ravenclaw
  • quidditch beater
  • underground wizarding duel coordinator in which he puts all galleons on himself
  • the quiet voice that whispers the correct answer in the back of the classroom before seungkwan someone shouts it louder
  • asked by six different girls to the yule ball. went with wonwoo instead
  • huge purveyor of owl post. even if it’s just to his friends in other houses.


  • slytherin
  • prank master
  • metamorphmagus
  • completes the slytherin cinnamon roll coalition with jeonghan and vernon
  • dueling champion
  • king of protecting his friends by any means necessary


  • ravenclaw
  • quidditch commentator but always biased
  • uses his intellect mostly for insults
  • too busy trying to find his way out of homework than to actually do it
  • the sole reason why ravenclaw has never won a house cup
  • mingyu’s underground wizard duel hype man


  • slytherin
  • quidditch beater
  • genuinely frightened by the dungeons, so he needs a buddy to get to his common room
  • same for attending care of magical creatures as it’s beside the forbidden forest 
  • literal mad scientist (top potions student)
  • keeps a list of common room passwords on his person at all times


  • gryffindor 
  • quidditch prodigy 
  • youngest keeper in a century 
  • regularly turns in five extra inches on essays but mostly because he writes big
  • aspires to be head boy
  • has to learn to stop talking back first
Of course all thanks for sorting help go to my @novaurora13 :)
More hogwarts au klance headcanons:

- shiro and allura are co-prefects for Gryffindor

- hunk and pidge are both in ravenclaw
- both are tech/engineering kids that prefer to work with their hands so they HATE the riddles and use the “weird sarcastic answers that occasionally work” method to get in the common room

- hunk has a rat that he can not manage to keep track of

- allura is queen of finding hunks rat

- lance and Keith meet while lance and hunk are looking for the rat by the hufflepuff common room and Keith confronts them accusing them of spying which just??? Doesn’t??? Make sense???

- but he does

- lance makes some bad joke about needing a hufflepuff bc ya know they’re just such darn good finders

- Keith quickly response by telling lance that he’d be happy to find his foot up lances ass if he doesn’t leave him alone

- they’ve been inseparable ever since

- pidges best subject is herbology, hunks is potions, lance likes charms ;), keith likes defense against the dark arts

- shiro is the Gryffindor keeper, alluras a chaser

- coran teaches history of magic and is widely known as the easiest teacher to get off track during lecture

- lance and Keith get caught out of bed SO OFTEN bc they’re sappy and just want to spend time together but they’re not in the same house :(

- eventually pidge just bought them a bag of floo powder and now lance just floos over to the hufflepuff common room every night and back to slytherin in the morning

- the hufflepuffs don’t care bc lance is funny and nice and doesn’t even talk that much he and Keith just sit and cuddle

- Keith is muggle born, lance is a half blood on his moms side but none of his siblings are wizards or witches

- lance asked Keith out during a quidditch match, partly bc he’s extra and wanted to do it in front of everyone

- partly bc he knew if he asked right before Keith was about to catch the snitch, Keith would get flustered and miss

- it worked

- Keith just flipped him off and continued the match and lance was DEVASTATED

- hufflepuff beat Slytherin for the first time in years bc lance was just so out of it the rest of the match

- when it ended and everyone started walking towards the changing rooms, Keith just strode over to lance, red in the face

- meanwhile lance is actively ready for death™ and braces himself to either get punched or chewed out or both

- but Keith grabs his robes and kisses him hard and then just leaves saying “I never said no idiot”

- it’s a good damn day for Keith kogane

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I commissioned @thetwelfthpanda to make me a post-John-kicking-butt-in-Quidditch kissy potterlock. WELL. LOOK. AT. THIS. Is this not the purest, most lovely thing YOU’VE EVER SEEN????????? I want to scream and cry and giggle and it’s so perfect!! Thank you to Ren for my new url pic. And also a shout out to @therealmartinsgrrrl because your fic gave me the inspiration for Hufflepuff Sherlock and John as Keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. You should commission Ren and reblog their stuff to the end of the universe because it’s amazing. Also read Katie’s fic The Inescapable Luminescence of Fate.

I’ll link the fic, sorry it’s not a pretty link, I am on mobile:

grass stains

Oliver Wood x Reader
Warnings: none
Requested by Anon


It was a massive deal at Hogwarts; it meant more to some than others.

Oliver Wood, in fact, probably cared most about it. To him, Quidditch was an escape, a place where he could push back any worries, fears, doubts he had and just focus on something else for a while.

He lived for the sound of the wind rushing past his ears, the faint roaring of the crowd every time he blocked a goal from the opposing team. The light feeling in the chest whenever they’d win. The adrenaline in his veins, his tight grip around his broom -

The stunning green of her eyes.

A green that, so unfortunately, matched her uniform.

“What the hell happened out there, mate?” Fred Weasley asked, clapping a hand on Oliver’s shoulder in the stuffy locker room. Gryffindor had lost a game - their first loss of the season.

“Nothing, Weasley,” Oliver retorted, hurriedly slamming his locker shut and turning to face the redheaded boy, whose face wore a friendly smirk. “I’m just having an off day.”

He then brushed past Fred, before he was able to toss him another comment. Oliver pushed open the door leading to the back of the Quidditch pitch, inhaling the crisp, fresh air. He was halfway to the castle when he heard his name, sounded by a voice so sweet, he could’ve swallowed it whole. 

“Hey, Wood.”

He whipped around on his heels, white towel still draped over his shoulder from his shower in the locker room. When he saw her, he couldn’t help but suck in a small breath. She stood there, with hair falling out of her ponytail and delicately framing her face, cheek smudged with dirt. Her sharp green eyes seemed to cut right into Oliver’s chest as she gazed at him. “Yeah?”

She held out a hand. And he stared, down at her outstretched fingers, up at her warm face, lips twisting up into what he hoped was a smile. 

“Good game,” she said, emerald eyes not wavering in the slightest from his.

He hesitated before finally taking it, her cold fingers wrapping around his warm hand. Oliver took another breath before saying, “Right back at you,” and shook her hand not once, not twice, but three times.

It was as if neither of them had wanted to let go.

Since that night, there seemed to be a sudden heat between the two of them -  a flame that just kept growing on itself with nothing near to extinguish it.

It was furrowed eyebrows and tense games, both of them eyeing each other with determination, a hint of something else.

What it was, though, Oliver wasn’t quite sure.

All he knew was that Y/N was eye-catching and rapid fast on her broom; he could barely keep up with where she was during some of the matches.

One Friday afternoon, she hurled a quaffle in his direction, and he completely missed it.

And George was yelling at him, the Slytherins were screaming but all Oliver could do was stare, dumbfounded, at Y/N.

Who winked at him.

After the game, they somehow ended up kissing.

The way it had happened was a bit of a blur, but Oliver could clearly remember the way her hair smelt of freshly cut grass, the definitive way she grabbed him by the collar, pulling him close and pressing her lips onto his with such force, he felt as if he might float right up into the air.

She tasted of lemon and secrecy. 

They hid in between a stone crevice in the castle, as the rest of the school slept,   studied, or - Oliver couldn’t care less, because he was there with her and there was an entire arms race in his chest. 

It felt wrong: her green attire, snarky smirk. The daggers in her eyes that quite intrigued him, nonetheless. 

But when his fingertips tingled against the warm skin of her neck, he couldn’t deny that it felt very right.

It went on for weeks.

Sneaking out of dormitories once the sky fell black; stifled kisses and fingers coiled around wrists. Lipstick-smudged collarbones and dirt-stained kneecaps.

Their tension on the field never faded, either.

Wow, Wood!” Y/N shouted one day, wind rippling through her hair as she floated atop her broom. “You almost blocked that one!”

A smirk placed itself on his lips, as he tightened his grip on the broomstick and responded, “Why don’t you just focus on your own team? Forty points behind, are you?”

The subject of winning seemed to matter slightly less to Oliver as the days passed, and he intertwined himself into Y/N’s life.

The blissful secrecy didn’t last forever.

Y/N’s lips felt like honey gliding over his as Oliver tangled his fingers in her hair, pushing her up against the lockers in the Gryffindor changing room, which was empty due to the week-long rain hiatus. 

Her hand cupped his cheek as the corner of her mouth upturned against the kiss. She pulled him even closer to her, by the arm.

Neither of them heard the door wrench open.

“Blimey!” Fred Weasley shouted, causing the two to yank apart and whip their heads in the direction of the voice.

George stood aside his twin brother, both of them wearing matching looks of utter surprise on their faces. 

Oliver glanced at Y/N’s swollen lips, then back at the redheads. Her hand was still resting on Oliver’s arm.

The Gryffindor Keeper took a step back. “Look, guys -”

“She’s the enemy!” George yelled, thrusting a hand out in front of himself.

Y/N instinctively placed a hand over her mouth, a laugh bubbling in her throat. The metal of the lockers was still cold against her back as she watched the three flustered boys.

Enemy’s a strong word, Weasley,” Oliver said, crossing his arms over his chest.

A brief silence filled the stuffy air, before Fred asked, “How long has this been going on?”

They hesitated. Oliver cleared his throat before saying, “Doesn’t matter. What does matter, is -  I think we should put these rubbish house rivalries behind us.”

Fred and George peered at him as if he had grown three extra heads.

But Y/N couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.

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i kind of lost inspiration for a few days but i’m starting to get back into it!!

breathe, my love, get high
hp au, marcus flint/oliver wood
8131 words
Marcus counts the days in the hours he can manage to get through, the hours he can spend avoiding floppy-haired, Scottish Gryffindors who try to follow him with their eyes. He doesn’t want to talk about something that will only leave them both burning and rotting in the end. Something that can never be kept safe. A flame that will only die out in the cold. He spends his nights in bed, whispering the name over and over to himself, the name he has kept hidden in his heart for so long and wants to etch all over his skin–– Oliver. Oliver. Oliver. 

notes: this may or may not be the most self-indulgent fic you will ever read in your life, and it’s probably completely ooc and unbelievable and wow i’m not selling this to anyone but yay for flintwood??? yes??? this is dedicated to yenna @owvlery​, erin @mxrcusflint​ and everyone else who makes the beautiful flintwood art/fics/everything that has dragged me into this 6ft hole of cute angsty quidditch boyfriends. (also i stole a line from lolita and managed to reference little mix’s ‘touch’ so u never know what ur going to get with me)(also sufjan stevens was my soundtrack writing this enjoy)

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Harry Potter Series

“I’ll be trying out for Gryffindor Keeper too. Nothing personal.”

“Really? Big, strapping fellow like you? You look like you’ve got more of a Beater’s build to me. I mean, to be Keeper, you’ve got to be a quick and agile sort…”

I like my chances. By the way, you wouldn’t mind introducing me to your friend Granger, would you? Love to get on a first-name basis with her, if you know what I mean…”

anonymous asked:

nct / hogwarts headcanons?

oh man

long post warning but imagine

  • slytherin captain and ace chaser yuta
  • donghyuck commentating during matches but being totally biased towards slytherin
  • gryffindor chenle trying to steal the microphone back and being equally biased towards his own house
  • basically there’s a lot of yelling whenever it’s gryffindor vs slytherin
  • hufflepuff keeper mark is just really stressed
  • gryffindors ten and johnny taking illegal bets and being found out and sent to detention for two weeks
  • prefects taeyong (h), doyoung (s), jaehyun (g) and ravenclaw taeil
  • muggleborn hufflepuff sicheng being best friends with gryffindor jaehyun cos sicheng was a bit lost and wasn’t quite sure how to get to platform 9¾ in first year so jaehyun helped him and they sat together on the train and have been best friends since
  • they were disappointed they weren’t sorted into the same house but it never stopped them from being bffs anyway
  • sometimes sicheng sleeps in the gryffindor dorms and forgets that while he has early morning double potions, jaehyun has a free period, so he’s rushing to get dressed and get to class and he puts on jaehyun’s red tie instead of his yellow one
  • ten and johnny are also taking bets on how long it’s going to take for them to stop being oblivious and get together
  • (taeil ends up winning 20 galleons, doyoung is depressed because he was so sure it would happen after jaehyun’s quidditch match, not before)
  • yuta being paired up with taeyong in divination and not taking the class seriously at all, and instead, putting like 500% effort into making taeyong laugh
  • “what do you see in your teacup”
  • “i see the words ‘taeyong’s hair is very soft’, that sounds right to me”
  • (the jokes just get worse every time but taeyong laughs cos he feels sorry for yuta)
  • doyoung and taeil competing over the best table in the library
  • one day they enter the library at the same time and doyoung starts to power walking to The Table (in a cosy, undisturbed corner behind the Arithmancy section) and taeil really doesn’t want to lose his spot so he breaks out into a run and PUSHES DOYOUNG and doyoung is like about to go OFF when little jisung is just like
  • “um there are two seats why don’t you just share”
  • and yeah then there’s the time i swear jeno and renjun try to sneak into hogsmeade to buy jaemin a birthday present
  • donghyuck and doyoung starting a slytherin acapella group
  • mark sneaking hot chocolate out of the kitchen after lights out and sharing with donghyuck who always complains that the slytherin dorms are too cold

idk there are probably like a ton more i could go on forever

hogwarts!au namjoon
  • the sorting hat put him in ravenclaw almost instantly
  • he’s a 21-year-old fourth year (again, this is more like a hogwarts university)
  • namjoon is muggleborn and he’s extremely knowledgeable about both the wizarding world and the muggle world bc he loves learning
  • his favorite classes are definitely astronomy and arithmancy
  • astronomy because he’s obsessed with astrophysics and is super fascinated by the ways the muggle and wizarding astral theories interconnect
  • and arithmancy bc he’s really good with numbers and he finds it so much more interesting than muggle math classes like calculus
  • such an excellent student, he’s always taking every opportunity to do independent research. sometimes his professors will even come to him asking for help with a project they are working on, he loves it
  • his wand is hawthorn wood with a dragon heartstring core, and it measures 12 and ¾ inches. it’s an extremely complex wand, just like its owner, and almost seems to have a mind of its own–namjoon’s wand refuses to perform for anyone other than him.
  • his pet is a gorgeous great horned owl. he’s had it since he was a first year and admires it a lot, even if it’s just as clumsy as namjoon himself (they say that pets take on their owners’ characteristics, after all)
  • they almost banned namjoon from playing quidditch because he’s a walking bundle of accidents waiting to happen. he was a chaser his first year and he sucked
  • but then they moved him to a beater position and found out that he was really good at hitting things at other people so he was allowed to stay on the team
  • his patronus is a fox. like jungkook, namjoon was the first in his year to be able to produce a patronus. he loves his little patronus fox and will sometimes summon it in the middle of the night if he’s feeling lonely
  • namjoon came to hogwarts on a scholarship and it soon became very clear that he needed to be placed in an advanced course track
  • by his second year he was taking electives intended for students in their third year or above, and by his fourth year he began taking sixth-year elective courses
  • he was mainly friends with other ravenclaws in his first year so he didn’t meet the bts boys until second year
  • he was playing a quidditch game against gryffindor, and he hit the bludger a bit too hard towards the gryffindor keeper and he shouted like “heY DUDE WATCH OUT” but to no avail
  • so this bludger cracks into the keeper’s jaw and namjoon is like oh shit bc
  • oh shit did he just knock a bludger into the face of Gryffindor Prefect Prince Kim Seokjin™
  • when the game is over, namjoon has to actually physically run for his life from Gryffindor Prefect Prince Kim Seokjin™’s fanclub and they’re all screaming about how namjoon has ruined jin’s perfect face and how namjoon will pay
  • finally he makes it to the hospital wing to visit seokjin and apologize. and he walks in and sees two boys standing on either side of seokjin’s bed: one of them is a tall, lean hufflepuff boy, and the other is a much smaller blonde slytherin 
  • and at first namjoon is like ‘this is it this is how i die because that slytherin looks capable of murder’
  • so he walks up really shyly and he’s like “hey um i’m namjoon and i’m really sorry i broke your face with a bludger”
  • and this slytherin just starts cackling h y s t e r i c a l l y 
  • and eventually when he stops laughing he’s like “i’m min yoongi, and i wanted to sincerely thank you for clocking jin in the face because it’s about time someone did it”
  • and that’s how namjoon met hoseok, yoongi, and seokjin, and the coolest squad in the whole school was formed
  • namjoon’s animagus is a great horned owl, just like his pet. he always goes outside and flies around when he gets stressed
  • sometimes jungkook will turn into a raven and join namjoon and they just fly around the grounds together and it’s rly nice
  • yoongi and hoseok and namjoon bond over their mutual love for hip hop music. they both think that music from the wizarding community just isn’t on the level of muggle music quite yet. namjoon takes hoseok and yoongi to their first drake concert and that’s the only time namjoon has ever seen yoongi cry
  • after jin’s face heals back to its usual perfection, namjoon insists on taking jin out for butterbeer as an apology. it’s entirely platonic, but soon enough rumors get spread and namjoon still isn’t sure why everyone in the school calls them ‘mom and dad’ 
  • namjoon is always seen tutoring hoseok or jimin or jungkook or taehyung in the library, but ‘tutoring’ actually consists more of gossiping and stifling laughter so they always get kicked out
  • when namjoon figured out that taehyung was a werewolf, he kept the secret until taehyung was ready to tell the others. he would always brew taehyung a wolfsbane potion and help give tae instructions on tibetan meditation techniques and it helped so much
  • sometimes, when namjoon is sitting in the library, jimin will come to him and just sit. namjoon knows that nothing needs to be said, because jimin is really an introvert and really gets tired of always talking all the time. so namjoon just sits in comfortable silence with jimin until dinnertime
  • namjoon is just so intelligent and impressive and always looks after the people around him, and all of his teachers know that he’s going to go on and do incredible things with his life 
  • and he does–namjoon travels all around the world, picking up different kinds of philosophy and scientific theory. he’s widely renowned in the wizarding world for his efforts to combine muggle science with wizarding magic, to explain how the world works
  • when he gets older he basically invents the field of scientific magic. he’s in a lot of textbooks.
  • in conclusion, kim namjoon is an incredible student and an even better friend, and he loves magic a lot

jungkook ver. / taehyung ver. / jimin ver. / namjoon ver. / hoseok ver. / yoongi ver. / jin ver.

[ next series – avatar: the last airbender!au ]

white chocolate fudge

Originally posted by bwiseoks

summaryyou and seokjin are the heads of your class, but recently he’s been sneaking off with shitty excuses and leaving you to watch over the students. when you finally follow him after he abruptly bails on your evening walk, you find yourselves in the forbidden forest with… a hippogriff hatchling? {hogwarts!au}

word count: 11k

warnings: tooth rotting fluff

a/n: guess who’s going to be a starting a series (it’s me)! this will not be a continuation of one specific fic, but rather a compilation of hogwarts!aus for each member, set roughly during the same universe. it’s called SORTED, and this is the first part! i hope you enjoy and please leave me any messages here. (this is unedited, because of course it is.)

It’s no secret that Seokjin is a fantastic student. Prefect, perfect OWLs, Gryffindor’s star Keeper. He’s every teacher’s dream pupil, always attentive and obedient and helpful, so much so that it comes as no surprise to see him be voted Head Boy for your final year, all of the professors beaming as they announce his name. His walk up to the front of their table in the Great Hall is followed loudly by applause as people from every house cheer, because of course it’s Seokjin, who is so powerful and enigmatic that he can unite the houses.

What does come as a surprise, as you continue to applaud the boy you find so enthralling yet so far away, is when your name is the one that’s called next, the teachers equally as proud to be announcing you as Head Girl. It’s not as though you are as eccentric as he, but you certainly do not live up the standards he has set. Your grades are decent, better than most, and you have good relations with the student body and your teachers, but that hardly qualifies you to uphold the responsibility of Head Girl. However, you’re not one to object, especially when the position will look attractive on your resumés and transcripts, so you, too, stand up from your seat at the Ravenclaw house table and walk to the front.

People applaud you just the same, but you know that their excitement does not compare to theirs when Seokjin was announced.

As you stand up there, nearly a meter apart and stiff as statues, he turns his head and shoots you his Signature Seokjin Smile, and it takes all of your restraint not to melt. You send a small grin in response before facing forward.

Your harbored crush on the boy has been steady for a while, morphing from a mere attraction to genuine care as the years have passed, as you spent brief moments together in the hallways or on projects. It’s never enough, but then again, neither are you, and you’re all much too busy to be spending time on relationships, anyway. But he is unattainable, out of your reach, because who could ever match the greatness that he embodies, as it’s certainly not you. Even as you shake hands, excited to be partners for a full year rather than a simple week, you keep him at a distance, fearful of what may happen if you let him draw too close.

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#SanversWeek Day 4: Hogwarts AU

So you all probably know by now how much I love competitvie Sanvers so have some Keeper Gryffindor!Maggie and Chaser Ravenclaw!Alex! Also nb!Alex cus why not? p.s. I totally didn’t procrastinate and write this just this morning.

“You know Gryffindor is going down today right Sawyer?” Alex asks over their toast smirking at Maggie before taking a bite. It was the day of the Quidditch Finals and in a blowout match a couple weeks ago Ravenclaw clinched a spot in the finals over Slytherin. Whilst Maggie is proud of her partner, Alex broke the Hogwarts record for most points scored in a single match, she is to competitive to let a jab like that get a pass.

 Smiling sweetly she replies, “Oh Danvers, just because the Mon-el can’t block your shots doesn’t mean I am unable to.”

 “Want to put a wager behind those outlandish claims hotshot?”

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anonymous asked:

Hey Seda, for the prompt thing, love me or value me for Poliver (obscure ship I know so it's ok if you don't want to - also doesn't have to be those prompts I'd just love to read what you have to write about them, if it's not too much trouble / difficulty for you ) xxx

I have written another Percy x Oliver a few months ago, i will link it if you want to read that, too. (x

Also, one of the things I love the most is how some of you send me a ship I usually don’t write because you want to know my take on it. It feels like you trust me with your ships and it makes me feel fuzzy inside. So thank you :)

“Oliver, for the love of Merlin, stop tapping your fingers on the desk,” complained Percy. It was very hard to concentrate on his Transfiguration essay that was due in four days when Oliver was being an insufferable arse. He checked what he was doing stealthily.

“There’s a game tomorrow Weasley,” he said angrily without lifting his head up from the game plan in front of him. “Maybe you should re-read your Charms essay for the hundredth time somewhere else.”

“It’s Transfiguration!”

Whatever,” snorted Oliver and raised his gaze guiltily to look at Percy. “I’m sorry. You know how stressful I get before Slytherin games.”

Percy stood up and went for the stairs without even replying Oliver, he had enough of how careless he was with his words. Percy had tried to be nice to him, he had even helped him with his homeworks when his Captain duties made it hard to keep up. Percy had even considered that maybe he liked him but it was impossible. He knew people said opposites attract but Oliver was impossible to handle.

“Percy, don’t be ridiculous,” shouted Oliver as he stood up. “I won’t tap my fingers, promise.”

Percy started climbing the stairs, he was used to being ignored by his siblings but when Oliver did the same he felt his veins get tighter because even though he was obsessed with Quidditch, he was one of the few people on Percy’s level. He was smart, he was determined and he was a perfectionist. He was tall, he had broad shoulders and a hoarse voice, he was as perfect as someone would get but Percy didn’t have the patience to deal with someone like Oliver.

“Percy don’t make me walk there,” he sighed. “You know how lazy I am.”

“I know how lazy you are and I know how stressful you get before games, not just Slytherin games because that’s who you are.”

Percy couldn’t believe what he was saying but he never left anything unfinished, he knew that.

“I know everything about you even though you may think I hate you but you, Oliver, still haven’t learned that I hate it when you out of all people scorn my commitment to my academic life and I’ve had enough. Good luck at the game tomorrow.”

“Aren’t you coming?” asked Oliver, he was looking down like a small child who had been scolded by his parents.

“No, I’m not,” replied Percy firmly. “Why should I support you when you don’t support me?”

“I never thought–”

“Well, there you go,” mocked Oliver. “You never think. I can’t believe I thought I had a crush on you.”

Percy clapped his hand on his mouth as soon as the words left his mouth.


“Um, pretend I never said that,” he mumbled and started running up the stairs.

“Weasley!” yelled Oliver. “I need you at the game tomorrow.”

Percy stopped on his tracks but still, he didn’t speak.

“I play better when you’re there,” smiled Oliver, Percy could hear it in his words. “I can’t help but show off.”

Percy climbed back down slowly and stared at the Gryffindor Keeper who had a wicked smile on his face. 

“I mean only if you want to, of course.”

“You’re an idiot,” teased Percy even though he knew full well that Oliver Wood was no fool.

“I know,” he replied and went back to his game plan as he patted the chair right next to him. “I promise I will be quiet. I don’t know how but you calm me down.”

“That was you calmed down?”


“Merlin help me.”