Each house when: Christmas times
  • Gryffindor: open their present tearing up the pretty paper in the excitement (they’re sorry tho)
  • Hufflepuff: snowmen builders, eggnogg lovers defense squad
  • Ravenclaw: thoughtful handmade Christmas cards with glitter
  • Slytherin: Christmas tree decorating masters degree

“Leta Lestrange? I’ve heard of that family.
Aren’t they kinda - You know?”
“Please don’t read my mind”

Let’s imagine

This is how I imagine Hogwarts students drinking tea.

Gryffindor: red/black tea with sugar and lemon. After drinking tea always eats the lemon with words “I can eat this and don’t squirm. You don’t believe me? Look” and of course he/she squirms. Always has tea with friends, laughing an telling unbelivable stories.

Hufflepuff: black/green weak tea with sugar ang buns, rolls, cakes, sweets etc. Always in big company, always with laugh and fun. Drinks it every morning.

Ravenclaw: black/green tea without sugar, maybe with dark/milk chocolate or cake (if there is any).  When? Always. Everytime he/she can drink tea, he/she drinks it. Drinks it about 1000 times a day. He/she can drink it in company or alone, it doesn’t matter. The only one thing that matters is tea. 

Slytherin: green tea with/without sugar. Without any buns and cakes. Usually drinks it alone, but if there is somebody who likes tea WELCOME! He/she can live a day, a week, a month without tea and also can drink it 24/7.