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Hi! Can you tell us which mbti type belong to which Hogwart house?

In my experience, this is a very convoluted matter. BUT. I’ll give you two houses that each type, in my opinion/experience, is most likely to be.

MBTI as Hogwarts Houses

ENTJ: Gryffindor, Slytherin 
ESTJ: Gryffindor, Slytherin
ENFJ: Hufflepuff, Slytherin 
ESFJ: Hufflepuff, Gryffindor 
ENTP: Ravenclaw, Gryffindor
ESTP: Gryffindor, Slytherin
ENFP: Hufflepuff, Slytherin*
ESFP: Hufflepuff, Slytherin
INFP: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw
ISFP: Slytherin, Hufflepuff 
INTP: Ravenclaw, Slytherin
ISTP: Gryffindor, Slytherin
INTJ: Slytherin, Ravenclaw
ISTJ: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw
INFJ: Ravenclaw, Slytherin
ISFJ: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff

*Every ENFP I know is a different Hogwarts House so??? You guys are crazy with your Hogwarts tendencies 

GRYFFINDOR: “We must walk open-eyed into that trap, with courage, but small hope for ourselves. For, my lords, it may well prove that we ourselves shall perish utterly in a black battle far from the living lands; so that even if Barad-dur be thrown down, we shall not live to see a new age. But this, I deem, is our duty. And better so than to perish nonetheless – as we surely shall, if we sit here – and know as we die that no new age shall be.” -JRR Tolkien (Gandalf: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)

James Potter x Slytherin

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  • It was a one time thing
  • That’s what James kept saying to himself
  • He had been storming out of the three broomsticks, Merlin knows why
  • And she had been on her own, a bottle of fire whiskey hanging from her fingers
  • Naturally, they were halfway through arguing bitterly about something 
  • James couldn’t even remember what
  • But their faces had got so close
  • Somehow he had her back against a wall, and his hands were either side of her, caging her in
  • The firewhiskey on her lips was making her words sharp and harsh 
  • To James they sounded too true, too real
  • She was prodding at his buttons, building an anger inside of him that was loosening his control 
  • He just needed her to be quiet
  • And that’s when a drunken James did something reckless, and wholly thoughtless 
  • He just leant down 
  • And closed the gap
  • And then he was pressing his hands into her waist, and she was running her fingers through his hair
  • And their lips were doing far more than either of them had planned
  • Her teeth grazing his bottom lip, challenging him to ask for more
  • His tongue tasting firewhiskey and desire
  • And when they pulled away, panting, they’d just stared at each other for a while
  • Until the world slowly came into focus again
  • A world in which this was not a possibility
  • She walked away from him without another word
  • Since that night James became greedy for her 
  • His eyes drifted to her like magnets, and for all his efforts he couldn’t pull his gaze away
  • Couldn’t concentrate in lessons, or pay attention to his friends
  • But she was a Slytherin, she was from a different world, one he’d sworn off a long time ago
  • He had to make it click in his head
  • She wasn’t for him, and he definitely wasn’t for her
  • But when he caught her by the wrist and pulled her into an empty classroom she just laughed
  • “Finally”
  • James quirked an eyebrow 
  • “What?”’
  • She rolled her eyes 
  • “You’ve been staring all week, I wondered when you’d pluck up the courage." 
  • James shook his head, heat rising in his cheeks
  • "I, uh, I wasn’t trying to…" 
  • The girl before him smirked and something stuttered in his chest 
  • "Wasn’t trying to see if it was as good the second time?” She challenged, teasingly “Then what did you bring me here for?" 
  • James floundered 
  • "I, uh, wanted the… transfiguration homework" 
  • She quirked an eyebrow, taking a step closer and making James’s heart beat double
  • "You mean, the transfiguration homework you have… in your hand?" 
  • She smirked, sliding a roll of parchment from his fingers
  • "Yeah, that” James breathed, his head already spinning 
  • Their noses were almost touching now 
  • “Come on, I thought, Gryffindors were supposed to be brave.” She taunted 
  • The corners of James’s mouth twitched upwards, and he couldn’t help himself
  • Couldn’t stop his hands drifting either side of her face
  • “And I thought…” He couldn’t finish the sentence without pressing his lips to hers “Slytherins… were supposed…to be…bad…kissers.”
  • She moaned softly, mouthing along his neck and bringing her lips back to his for just long enough to prove that the second time was, in fact, much better than the first 
  • “It’s not the first time you’ve been wrong, Potter.” 
  • She was gone before he was ready
  • James leaned his head against the wall and let out a long breath
  • Fuck
  • It was a downward spiral from there
  • Just one more time, he told himself, as his fingers locked around hers and doors closed behind them
  • She was always so soft, so warm
  • “Stop running away every time I kiss you.” James murmured into her neck
  • The smell of her perfume making him dizzy 
  • “If it bothers you, stop kissing me.”
  • “I don’t want to.” He hummed
  • Each stolen moment pulled James further under
  • He always faced the Slytherin table in the great hall
  • His fingers would twitch when she flicked her loose curls over her shoulder
  • He started using the map, stealing her wherever he could
  • She would always smile, and slide her hand to the back of his neck, pulling him close for a few moments of bliss
  • Of course it would come crashing down on him, he knew that
  • But when every time was the last time
  • Fuck, he couldn’t resist
  • Until he saw it, right there in transfiguration class
  • Avery’s hand on the small of her back 
  • James’s whole body froze
  • Avery’s thumb was rubbing her waist
  • He blinked, trying to control the fire that felt like it was consuming his insides
  • It took him three days
  • Three days of finally averting his eyes from her
  • Facing away from her in the great hall, and in each and every lesson they had together
  • Avoiding her gaze every time they passed in the corridor
  • Three full days without his touch, or even a glance, for her to snap
  • She marched up to him right in the middle of the great hall
  • “I need to speak to you, Potter.” Her voice trembled for a split second as her fingers closed around his wrist
  • She marched him away before anyone had a moment to stop them
  • When they were finally alone she shoved him hard in the chest
  • “What is it?” She snapped. “You’ve stopped looking at me, you’ve stopped everything. Why?”
  • James squinted. Her voice sounded different, there was an edge to it that hadn’t been there before. 
  • And her eyes, they almost looked… he shook his head
  • “You’re with Avery.” James shrugged. 
  • She looked at him as if he’d just suggested she was screwing Dumbledore
  • “I most certainly am not.” She snapped. 
  • Something in James’s chest expanded and contracted at the same time
  • “He’s all over you.” James said lowly. “Makes sense.”
  • She let out a short, high laugh
  • “Potter. Are you jealous?” 
  • James shook his head “Don’t have anything to be jealous of.”
  • He tried to ignore the ache pulling in his chest 
  • “Don’t be an idiot.” She snapped, her voice wavering again
  • James felt a familiar anger in the pit of his stomach
  • Me? We’re both being idiots if we think this can work. I can’t kiss you every spare minute and then watch another guy touching you and not be able to do anything about it. I can’t hold you knowing I’ll have to let go of you at any second. It’s not fair.”
  • James was already moving for the door
  • Her hand was grabbing at his arm, pulling him back, but it was the wavering “please” that made him stop
  • “James, I’m yours. No one else’s.”
  • It was the wobble in her voice that made him turn
  • And the slight wet glisten in her eyes that made him sigh, and wind his arms around her 
  • “I know we have to keep it secret.” She whispered, resting her chin on his jumper so she could look up at him. “But you know what would be more unfair?”
  • She bit her lip. “Not being together at all.” Her voice was still shaky
  • “Just a little piece of you…” She murmured. “It’s better than nothing.”
  • James looked down at the big, round eyes below him
  • He shook his head, grappling between the desire to do what was sensible, and what he wanted
  • “C’mere.” He murmured, dipping his head to touch his lips to hers
  • He never had been particularly sensible
  • Gryffindor : hey guys, look what I got !
  • Hufflepuff : is this one of the "handspinner" thingies ?
  • Ravenclaw : what does it do ?
  • Gryffindor : it spins ! *spins the handspinner*
  • Slytherin : *arriving* is this one of the autistic gadgets ?
  • Ravenclaw : "autistic gadgets" ?
  • Slytherin : yeah, apparently they find it mesmerizing.
  • Hufflepuff : it probably helps them concentrate.
  • Slytherin : anyway, I don't see the point.
  • Ravenclaw : I mean, maybe if we could find a way to translate the movement into energy...
  • Slytherin : or if the little prongs were in fact small blades...
  • Gryffindor : how the hell does every conversation end up like this ?

I want my child to be afraid of werewolves so when they crawl into my bed in the middle of the night, and tell me they’ve had a nightmare, I can take them downstairs and show them a picture of the order of the phoenix. I’ll ask them which one they think the werewolf is. Then I’ll show them prisoner of azkaban and just before Hermione says ‘he’s a werewolf’, I’ll pause it and ask them if they’ve changed their mind as to whom the werewolf is. Once we’ve watched the whole film, I’ll tell them that, even if they were real, werewolves are nothing to worry about. After they’re back in bed, I can go to sleep knowing that my child will learn to love and appreciate Remus John Lupin, like me.


Hogwarts House Inspired Spell Candles 🕯✨

Gryffindor Common Room Headcanons

1. Everything, and I mean everything, is red and gold. Not even joking.
2. The bulletin board has been enchanted to fly around the room and smack students on the head when they have an important thing to do.
3. A couple of students dug a tunnel from the back of the fireplace down to the Headmasters office, where they keep the Lost and found. They steal stuff from it and send it back to other houses pretending to be a long lost twin. It sent a Ravenclaw into a tailspin a few years back.
4. At the very top of the tower, there is a door that opens like a garage. It enables the Gryffindor Quidditch Team to get to practise earlier than any other houses.
5. When the trio left Hogwarts, Ginny enchanted their favourite armchairs to enable the younger wizards with weapons and useful spells as defence.
6. Gryffindors frequently practise parkour in the common room. This resulted in a smashed picture of McGonagall and a very angry Fat Lady.
7. There is a story circle in the common room where the older, more creative Gryffindors tell stories to the first years.

Zodiac Signs and Hogwarts, by Mods Olga and Tory

((Note by Tory: The intent for this analysis was to examine how our  astrological signs’ traits are manifested in characters sorted into our houses – alas, our mods Jinxy and Abigail, noble representatives of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, have considerably less representation to work with, and so were not able to contribute this time around. Don’t worry, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw – we love you too!!))

Gryffindor - Aquarius [by Olga]

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- Arthur Weasley (February 6th 1950)

Like many who share this sign Arthur Weasley is an original and inventive person. He’ s fascinated with the world of muggles and is keen to get to know their innovations and inventions. His creative and observant nature allow him to come up with his own ideas to use muggle tools in the wizarding world.

Arthur and Molly Weasley, who are both friendly and optimistic people, sure do know how to keep up a good mood and how to care for their many children. Arthur himself is a caring and sociable man. The way he immediately includes and accepts Harry into his family and how he supports his children is also very typical of an Aquarius. They’re often liberal parents and like to be their children’s friends more than authorities who tell them what to do and what not.

Just like themselves they want others to be independent and objective when it comes to debates and views. They are willing to accept someone’s opinion as long as it’s based on facts. Nevertheless they sure have morals that they follow. Arthur Weasley, for example, who is working in the Ministry of Magic in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, is performing a rather humanitarian work. He is rather concerned about doing what he thinks is right and important than something that pays well. Working overtime and really loving his job, Arthur really is a great example of an enthusiastic Aquarius.

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- Lily Potter nee Evans (January 30th 1960)

She is another great example of an Aquarius in Gryffindor. Lily has always been described as a clever and quick-witted student and person in general. Her ambitious and interested mind is a typical trait of an Aquarius. Doing well at school is usually based on their actual interest in the subjects and being involved in what is being taught rather than just studying to be good at something just for the sake of it.

Another aspect is Lily’s non-judgemental personality. She accepts everyone the way he is and sees good in everyone. People are people to her. No matter what they do and who they are. Being accepting  and charismatic she’s always had quite a big circle of friends and cared about those who needed help even if they didn’t admit it.

Her love for James Potter and his close friends also shows that she was able to befriend those who she might not have considered liking in the first place. Especially James really had to win her over before she fell for him. Again the Aquarius’ objective side of hers was showing. She managed to accept and love a boy so arrogant and so straight-forward despite his flaws.

He was the person she married and she had a son with for whom she died. The highest of the sacrifices one can make for another human being. Lily died to make someone else live and her selfless and brave nature (and of course her motherly love) allowed her to do so.

Slytherin - Capricorn [by Tory]

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- Tom Marvolo Riddle “Lord Voldemort” (December 31st, 1926)

Well, now, I’ve really stepped in it, haven’t I? Yep – I share both my house and my astrological sign with the worst villain in the Harry Potter universe. Old Moldyshorts is prooooobably not the best example of how to show off the values of your house that one can find in your horoscope, but even I must admit, of all the signs, Tom does definitely fit Capricorn’s traits the best.

The most “Slytherin” trait that Capricorns express is ambition. It is the one word that you notice right away in both category’s descriptions, and it’s something Tom has in spades. He doesn’t just want to be a talented wizard – he wants to be the best, the most powerful, and he won’t stop until he gets it. This also touches on another Slytherin-like trait of Capricorn’s, determination.

Capricorns can also be known for being conservative, which in the hands of a Slytherin can hint to a love of history. Tom in particular embraces this aspect of Slytherin in the pieces he chooses to turn into Horcruxes. Rather than choosing one lone rock on an abandoned beach or a grain of sand in the desert, Tom chooses objects of historical significance and personal significance to him – Hufflepuff’s cup, Ravenclaw’s diadem, Slytherin’s locket and ring, his diary, Nagini…all of these things mean something to him personally, and reflect his past.

Finally, both Slytherins and Capricorns are known for their leadership skills, and once again, Tom shows off the exact wrong way to use them. He is so talented at schmoozing and charming that he is able to bring together a band of deplorables and use them to terrorize and subjugate the Wizarding World. Truly, if you need more evidence of how dangerous of a combination this can be in the wrong person, you need look no further than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

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- Severus Snape (January 9th, 1960)

The grayest and most controversial Harry Potter character of them all, without a doubt, is the Hogwarts Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin house, Severus Snape. Whether you love him or hate him, however, I think few can deny that he shows off both the good and the bad of Slytherin house, and therefore of the sign he was born under. Since we have already touched on the worst of Slytherin Capricorns through talking about Tommy, though, let’s see if we can delve into the best aspects of a Slytherin Capricorn through wittle Sev.

To start, Capricorns tend to have a very thick outer shell that hides a lot of their innermost feelings, to the extent that many see them as detached and unemotional. Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s pretty much Snape to a tee, and very much Slytherin as well. Slytherins in general tend to put forward a very confident face that hides a lot of their insecurities. As much as Slytherins care about the impression they make, however, they frankly don’t care who dislikes it – and neither does Snape.

One Capricorn trait that is sometimes put at odds with Slytherin sensibilities is the sign’s fixed down-to-earthness. Slytherins are usually the sorts to adapt and contort to whatever situation they find themselves in, but Capricorns are resilient and never budge from what they are committed to. Snape shows off this apparent paradox perfectly in his commitment to Lily, Dumbledore, and the Order. Snape is flexible enough to work as an effective spy, but his inner code of morality never shifts. Once he decides he’s with you, he’s with you for the long haul and will use his inherent flexibility to fight for you.

Last but not least, let’s touch on Capricorn’s relationship with risk. Capricorns, like Slytherins, are not reckless sorts, but they are still willing to flirt with risk once they have thought it through and rehearsed all possible outcomes. They may be calculating, but they are brave – and is that not what set Snape apart from Karkaroff, upon Voldemort’s return? Snape saw the danger ahead, weighed all possible outcomes, and decided to fight with the Order anyway. This shows how Slytherin house, despite valuing self-preservation, can still choose fight over flight…as long as it is done consciously and thoughtfully.