• *at 1•00 am*
  • Sirius:It's time to go to bed, Moony...
  • Remus:please... one more chapter
  • *2•00am*
  • Sirius:c'mon, you'll get sick, put that book away!
  • Remus:nooooo... one more page
  • *3•00am*
  • Sirius:this is getting siriusly ridiculous
  • Remus:i really like this book, please... one more page
  • *4•00am*
  • Sirius:*getting desperate* If you go to bed, I'll give you a chocolate bar!
  • Remus:
  • Sirius:two!!
  • Remus:
  • Sirius:three!!!
  • Sirius:and I'll throw in a chocolate frog!
  • Remus:ya got me there
Sorting Hat Idea

What if instead of having the students being sorted in one house for life and having to stay in that house, there was a sorting ceremony each year? Like a Gryffindor could turn into a Hufflepuff because in the last year they’ve leart how to be kinder and value that more. And a Ravenclaw could be sorted in Slytherin, because they have understood that intelligence without ambition is pointless. And what if, once they finish Hogwarts, they can choose which house they wanna belong to. But they choose based on their experience on every house, they don’t cage themselves in one house and only one. Because no one is only one house.

Moony the Admirer (Part 2)

Remus Lupin x Reader

Request:  Here I am again, asking for more Remus (seriously, I have an obsession) with prompts 1, 32, 62. Maybe they’re close friends but don’t want to ruin it with their feelings? Love your blog as always 💕

Notes: I once again couldn’t find a place for one of the prompts. So I’m sorry about that! (Prompts will be bolded as usual)


It had been two weeks since Remus had confessed his feelings to (y/n), and they appeared to be the best fourteen days of his academic year thus far. With their friendship growing and blossoming, it was apparent to everyone who knew them, that their bond was unbreakable. Every morning would start with a walk to breakfast, and every evening would end by the fire in the common room with a shower of goodnight kisses.

Beginning their morning as usual, the new couple headed down from their dormitories. Remus had arrived to the common room early and taken a seat in one of the ratty old arm chairs. Skimming through his potions text book, he was oblivious to the fact that (y/n) had stumbled upon him once she reached the bottom of the stairs. Taking full advantage of the opportunity before her, (y/n) slowly crept up behind him.

“Guess who!?” She made him jump, yet it was probably from her poor imitation of their friend, Sirius Black. With both hands on his shoulders, she leaned down beside him.

“Hmmm… I give up,” he replied chuckling. Just as she took her hands away, and walked around to sit on one of the armrests, Remus threw his arms around her waist, and pulled her into his lap.

“That was uncalled for, Lupin!” (y/n) giggled.

“Please, call me Moony,” he said, batting his eyelashes at her with a goofy grin. “Besides, I always liked the way it rolled off of your tongue, dear.”

“Oh, just shut up and kiss me!” (y/n) laughed, rolling her eyes. Remus bit his lip playfully.

“My pleasure.”


Later that evening, just before dinner, (y/n) stood by the doors of the great hall waiting for her friends. Absentmindedly humming a tune, Lily, James, Sirius and Remus caught her eye. (Y/n) skipped up to Lupin with a giddy grin plastered on her face, but her smile quickly disappeared once she was close enough to see that he was in some sort of distress.

“Hey… I missed you,” she whispered in the hopes of cheering him up. (Y/n) slipped her hand into his, and he gripped it tightly.

“Yeah,” he hesitated, “missed you too.” 

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he answered with a forced smile.

“Don’t lie,” she pushed. “You know that you can tell me anything.” Remus shifted hes eyes to look into hers.

“Who’s ready for some food!?” Sirius cut in, trying to distract from the awkwardness.

“You go ahead Padfoot,” Lupin urged. “(Y/n), come with me.” Remus took her by the arm, and led her down the stairs and out into the dimly lit courtyard.

“What’s going on with you?” she asked. “You seem so distant tonight.”

“I don’t know… I don’t know, and I’m scared.” She watched his eyes well with tears. (Y/n) had never seen him so vulnerable, and it frightened her. He’d always seemed so strong, but now he stood in front of her, falling apart faster than she could patch him up.

“What ever it is, Remus, I’m sure-”

“But (y/n), it’s you!” he shouted, sending his words echoing off of the stone walls. (Y/n) backed away slowly, drawing into herself farther and farther with each step. Left completely speechless, she swallowed hard. His words had knocked the wind right out of her.

“Rem…Remus,” she breathed in a barely audible whisper. Her eyes soon matched his, filled with an irritated sparkle of the stars above them.

“I-I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.” With his realization, he collapsed onto the cobblestones, shaking in rhythm with his sobs. (Y/n) swiftly dropped to her knees in front of him and cupped his face.

 “Remus Lupin,” she demanded as her voice shook, “I’ve been scared of these feelings too, believe me I have, but that’s just a part of being in love.” (Y/n) moved her thumbs over his jawline, while his dampened cheeks glistened in the light of the great hall.

“But what if I hurt you?” He now sounded frantic. “I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself,” he sniffed. “I don’t want to lose you.”

“You won’t,” she calmly assured him. She kissed his forehead and held him to her chest. “It’s going to be okay… I promise.” (Y/n) felt him inhale and bury his face in her robes, attempting to pull her in impossibly tighter.

“I really do love you,” his muffled voice sounded.

“I love you too,” She sighed. “Hey, Remus?”


“What do you think of heading in for some dessert?” she smirked, pulling away. “I hear they’re putting out your favorite,” (y/n) teased.

“Pudding sounds good right about now,” he said with a restored grin. Helping her up, he shot her his usual smile. “And please… Call me Moony.”