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Remember when Dan use to think he was a Gryffindor and even has a Gryffindor sweater. Damn those were dark times

it was the great sexuality crisis all over again. he didn’t want to be a slytherin because they’re always unfairly portrayed but then he went to see the cursed child which has two of the best characters in the franchise who both just so happen to be slytherins and he realised they aren’t so bad and finally embraced who he is

Each house when: the house is on fire, the first thing you grab
  • Gryffindor: favourite luck sweater – moving forward
  • Hufflepuff: precious photo album – protect your favourites
  • Ravenclaw: sketch book – creativity first
  • Slytherin: childhood stuffed animal – preserve your roots

the boy who stole sweaters

| x | x | x |

Remus catches you stealing his sweaters


You sat curled up in one of the enormous lounge chairs in the common room, reading a book and cuddling a box of tissues. The seasonal devil of sickness had gotten to you and now you were going to be sniffling in all your classes. Not only that, but to even consider getting out of bed you had to put on three sweaters. It’s a good thing Remus basically lived next door.

By some miracle, good ol’ Shrimpy (otherwise known as Remus J. Lupin) had grown to be 6 feet tall in the last few years, allowing you to layer an extra two of his sweaters over yours and comfortably navigate he drafty castle.

Just as you turned the page- hoping dearly that Achilles and Patroclus would finally be allowed happiness- your book was snatched out of your hands. You frowned and glared up at the 6'2 monster towering above you. “What on Earth possessed you to do that?” You growled, snatching your book from his hand and carefully marking the page you were to continue on to. In the near silence of the common room you couldn’t help but notice as Remus grumbled something under his breath.

“Would you like to share with the class?” You prompted, standing and putting your hands on your hips.

“I said that that is my sweater,” Remus accused.

“Yes, it is,” You agreed, looking down at the dark grey sweater hanging to your thighs.

“I almost missed breakfast looking for it.”

You smiled slightly and shrugged, reaching for a tissue to wipe your running nose. “I’m sorry, but as you can see it’s for a good cause,” You said, settling back in your chair.

After a quiet Remus-like sigh he joined you, sitting down in the chair next to yours. “We missed you down at dinner,” He said, pulling out a little napkin and unrolling it. Inside was a slightly crushed berry tart. You smiled.

“Is that so?”

“Of course,” He nodded, passing the treat over and then relaxing in his chair.

There was a moment of silence.

“This doesn’t mean you can keep my sweaters.”

“We’ll see.”

the houses as autumn aesthetics
  • slytherin: cold and grey mornings, walking barefoot on the cold floor, drinking coffee in the morning, wool socks, relaxing after a stressful day
  • ravenclaw: waking up early, looking out the window while drinking hot tea, staying up for too long reading a book u like, falling asleep to the sound of rain
  • gryffindor: sweaters that are too big, walking in the forest while quietly singing, sitting infront of the fireplace when its cold, vanilla scented candles
  • hufflepuff: wearing jackets that are too big, taking a walk while its raining, wool sweaters, kicking leaves while ur walking, autumn scented candles
The photoshoot

Inspired by these beautiful and hot hot pictures ;)

Draco had no idea what had possessed him to say yes to the photoshoot. The editor of Witch Weekly had practically begged him. She had been over the moon that famous Harry Potter had agreed to a very personal photo series and the editor wanted the best photographer for this. So naturally, she had come to Draco. 

“I want the Chosen One as we’ve never seen him before. I want sultry, I want sassy, I want steamy, I want sex!” she had practically screamed at him.
 He had been reluctant at first. He had no desire to be anywhere near his former arch-nemesis. But this was a great opportunity.

So here they were, in Draco’s studio, Potter in his old Gryffindor uniform. It clung to his body more tightly than Draco remembered. The prat had filled out quite a bit.

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Dear Journal,

It’s Teddy again. Today I met James Sirius in my tree house so we could kiss without being seen by his parents. They didn’t know about him and I yet and I wanted him to tell them when he was ready. It wasn’t a rainy day but the sun was no where to be found. The dark clouds were floating above us. I had set up a comfortable little pillow fort inside of the tree house so we could cuddle. I was waiting for him with a bowl of buttery popcorn and two sodas, smiling like an idiot because I was thinking of him. He had that way to make me feel better.

“What are you daydreaming about?”

I quickly turned around and saw James in his gryffindor sweater. I smiled and he walked closer, his face only inches from mine.

“Hey..” I said, my lips brushing slightly on his.

He closed the gap between us and smiled through the kiss. He pulled away and pulled me back for a hug. He was so much shorter than me that he was standing on his tippy toes with his arms around my neck. While he was hugging me, I saw my dads looking at us through the window of the house showing me thumbs up. I motioned them to go away and they laughed, walking away.

“So, ready to see your suprise?” I asked James, looking into his smiley eyes.

He nodded excitingly and we walked up into the tree house. When James saw what I made with it, he gasped and smiled.

“Ted this is so cute!” He said, sitting close to me in the pillows.

“I told my dads about my sexuality yesterday.” I said, taking his hand in both of mine.

“How did they react?”

“They were very suportive and kinda happy too!” I laughed.

“I knew they would react that way. Your dads are great T..” He said.

“Are you feeling okay with everything? You know you can talk to me right?” I said, brushing my hand on his cheek.

“Yeah.. But i’m okay.. I’m just scared of being judge for only being myself..”

“It’ll be hard but at least we’re together in this. I won’t let you live it alone okay?” I said, looking into his beautiful eyes.

“Okay.. I love you Teddy.” He said, hugging me like it was the most normal thing to do.

“You love me?”

He looked at me like I was saying some nonsence.

“Of course I love you!”

I smiled and blushed.

“I love you too Jamie..” I said, kissing him slowly.

We spent the afternoon talking, kissing and eating popcorn. Suddently we heared a far thunder and I jumped.

“Was that thunder?” I asked, getting nervous.

“It’s okay Ted, let’s go inside okay?” James said, taking my hand.

We gatthered the pillows and walked inside as the rain started. Pads and moons were watching a movie cuddled into eachother in the living room.

“Party’s over already?” Sirius asked.

“It was raining and the storm is coming..” I said, taking James’ hand and heading to my room, trying not to start an awkward conversationwith my curious dads.

We walked into my room and both layed on my bed. I picked a movie on my laptop and we cuddled closer. The thunder storm started and James comforted me when I got scared. We fell asleep cuddled into eachother…

June 7 2014

Hogwarts in the fall

Hogwarts in the fall is clusters of children wrapped in striped scarves sporting flushed pink cheeks. It’s first-years with sweater paws and seventh-years who sit with their friends around the fire, trying to soak everything in before they go. It’s leaves hued with red, and gold, and deep earthy browns crunching under foot. It’s the fringes of the Forbidden Forest turning orange and the Whomping Willow losing its leaves.

Hogwarts in the fall is feasts of hearty soup and pumpkin-flavored treats. It’s candles flickering in the library, only to be blown out with a gentle breath. It’s long hallways with dust in the corners, and the stones that are just a little too cold underfoot. It’s Potions classes that make students regret not bringing a sweater and Charms classes where they burn their fingers with heating spells. It’s the smell of smoke, and spices, and home lingering in empty classrooms.

Hogwarts in the fall is a veil of owls in the sky, swooping in to drop off letters and candy. It’s a Hufflepuff’s black cat who scares a pair of superstitious Ravenclaws senseless as it sprints across the path in front of them. It’s Quidditch games that everyone comes to, because their team isn’t losing, not yet, and it’s the parties that rage deep into the night. It’s clouds that cover the stars in patches and fog in the early morning.

Hogwarts in the fall is mismatched socks shoved into boots for a trip to Hogsmeade. It’s fourth year students who jump into piles of leaves and second years who complain about having too much homework. It’s ink stains on fingers and breath that smells like butterbeer. It’s piles of blankets and dorm windows that don’t close all the way. It’s wool hats, and gloves, and mittens, and it’s friends with their arms slung around each other’s shoulders. It’s a time of laughter, and ease, and comfort, and it feels like a warm hug.

It’s Hogwarts. It’s fall. And it’s home.

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Have you done a "dating Harry Potter would include...", and if not could you do one please? I'm finding it so hard to find any Harry Potter x reader fics that are actually about Harry Potter and not malfoy or longbottom😂 thanks🖤

Dating Harry Potter Would Include:

Originally posted by teenageers

  • The two of you would rely on each other to finish assignments the other didn’t have time to do
  • Teasing him with the nickname “Chosen One”
  • Making enough Quidditch references to make Oliver Wood proud
  • “Why aren’t you a catch”
  • “You’re a keeper”
  • “No, I’m a seeker Y/N”
  • “You’re ruining all of my fun Potter”
  • Calling each other by your last names, because Potter has a ring to it. And you can also simultaneously make fun of Malfoy
  • Playing with his constantly unruly hair, loving the way the curls bounce back
  • Stealing his glasses
  • “They just look so much better on me, but bloody hell Potter you’re blind”
  • “Well I am now”
  • Loving when sassy Harry comes out
  • Stealing his Gryffindor sweaters, hoodies, pants, anything really.
  • Harry having this sort of woodsy scent to him and it coming off on his clothes. 
  • Harry never really being one for PDA, but slipping little kisses in here and there.
  • Wanting to save him from the long summer’s at the Dursely’s, so you send him plenty of lengthy letters to keep him occupied and let him know you’re thinking of him.
  • During the yule ball in fourth year having to spend extra time teaching him how to dance because he was just god awful.
  • “You’re never alone Potter, you’ve got me, Hermione and Ron with you all the way”
  • His awkwardness sometimes, you usually have to make the first move. 
  • Going to all of his games and cheering him on. 
  • Him being oblivious to your feelings for him, for about 3 years. 
  • “Bloody hell Potter I’ve been in love with you since second year”
  • “Really?”
  • “Thank you for always being there Y/N, Hogwarts is my home, and you’re my family”
Sweater Weather || Remus Lupin x Reader

{summary: you were known to get cold very easily while spending your years studying at Hogwarts, and it seems as though someone else knows about your dislike for the cold as they leave you a sweater to help with keeping you warm one late evening.

but the question that constantly plagues your mind is this: just who left you this sweater?

little did you know, this incident would be the start of your story}

warnings: none

word count: 3,800+

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story**


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Do you have any Harry Potter knitting DIYs?

Yeah, I do!!

DIY Hogwarts Scarf

The classic Harry Potter knitting DIY. Knit the house you represent…or all four, because they’re all great.

DIY Hogwarts House Cowl

A modern take on the classic Hogwarts scarf.

DIY Weasley Sweater

This is still on my to do list. 

DIY Mad Eye’s Mad Eye

A quick knit quirk.

DIY Hogwarts House Hats

This page should have the patterns to the other three houses as well! I think I might knit one to match my scarf.

DIY Gryffindor Pride Socks

Bit of an advanced knitters’ pattern (which is why I won’t be doing this), but this might interest you! I also linked patterns to the other house socks below.

Slytherin Pride Socks / Ravenclow Pride Socks / Hufflepuff Pride Socks

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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Okay so, I have a gryffindor sweater - nothing wrong with that, right? But people in my class for some reason keep making fun of it and it's annoying. Idk what to do, any ideas?

Andy: keep wearing it. Don’t let people take away something that you love. Wear the fuck out of it, and it they say anything here’s a move that I had to learn when people made fun of me.

Turn around and look at the person
Look from their shoes to their head (a once over)
Smirk and kinda laugh to yourself like something is ridiculous
And then turn and walk away.

That’s it. Just walk away. You have ruined their day and proved that you couldn’t give a shit about what they think

Fine Frenzy - Chapter 2

Fine Frenzy Masterlist

Warnings: Smut & everything that goes with it

Originally posted by it-is-just-the-begining

She woke up to the sound of somebody slammed the door shut, causing her almost fell off from the bed. Her head fell back on the soft pillow while a quiet growl left her mouth. “I’ll never drink again.” – She muttered to herself, but a light voice answered back.

“For like, what? Two weeks?”

Marlene raised her head up, seeing the smirking redhead standing near to her, leaning against the doorpost of the bathroom. “Maybe three.” – She said with a hoarse voice, clearing her throat. Lily shook her head and walked to the small table next to the door, grabbing a goblet and conjured some water, giving to her friend. She sat up and quickly drank all of it; the cold drink settled her stomach a bit immediately. – “Thanks.” – She breathed out, falling back on the sheets. – “Can you make some potion for this?”

Lily frowned. “Well, there’s something for hangover, but it looks really complicated… and I don’t want to poison you.”

Marlene let out a crying sound and buried her face back into the pillow. “Just do it. It’d be better.”

Lily laughed and jumped down to the bed, lying next to her friend. “Now come on, tell me what happened yesterday.”

She told her about the date with the seventh year Ravenclaw guy who couldn’t stop talking about himself, and in the end of the night was really offended, when she didn’t let him to kiss and touch her. After she finished but before Lily could’ve started to scold the guy – as she always did – Marlene quickly added. – “And I get drunk with Sirius. He was also in the common room, had a hard time with sleeping.”


Marlene smiled smugly. “Well, I think he had to hear something like “Oh, James, yes, right there…” – her moans changed into a laugh after Lily hit her with a pillow.

“Shut up.” – Her cheeks were flushed. – “I think we forget about the silencing charms.”

“Don’t worry. Sirius left and he said Remus and Peter can sleep really deep.”

But she still saw the embarrassment on her face as she let out a tired sigh, though Marlene found the situation really funny. They fell silence for a minute, before Lily carefully turned back at her. “So… you and Sirius…”

“Absolutely not.” – She cut her off. – “I’m not an idiot.”

Lily let out a long, relieved breath. – “I was scared. I mean, I love you both, but you know him and… I don’t think you’d need another heartbreak.”

“As I said, I’m not an idiot. We’re just friends.”

“Alright then.” – The redhead girl smiled and jumped up from the bed. – “Get up, have a shower and eat something. Gryffindor – Hufflepuff game starts in an hour.”

Marlene growled again. She completely forget about the match, and now wasn’t sure her throbbing head would bear it without exploding in the loud quidditch pitch.

But she crawled out from the bed and took a nearly cold shower, washed her hair, and felt herself a lot more fresh a half an hour later. She put on a Gryffindor-quidditch sweater with a short, black skirt before she walked down to the Great Hall alone, since everyone else had already left.

Half of the place was decorated in red and golden colours, and her house table was already loud and crowded. It was the last game of the season – and also James’ last chance to win the cup again. He was clearly nervous and excited at the same time.

“How’s your head, Marls?” – Her gaze met with Sirius’, and suddenly, she felt herself smaller than ever. I talked about my fears and feelings with this boy. She gulped and smirked, sitting down in front of him.

“Wonderful, really. But I might skip that another bottle today, if you don’t mind.”

Good idea, his own pounding head screamed to Sirius, but other words left his grinning lips. “Oh, don’t be such a pussy.”

She cocked an eyebrow at him while poured some coffee in a cup, but Peter next to her spoke up. “He’s right! This is our last game, we have to celebrate.”

“See?” – Sirius grinned even more.

Marlene rolled her eyes and tried to eat a toast, which finally calmed her angry, burning stomach down. The headache remained with her, no matter what she had done.

Fortunately, the match didn’t take long as the Gryffindor seeker caught the snitch in the first twenty minutes, earning a win and the house cup as well. The common room was extremely loud and smelled with the mix of every alcohol they could buy at The Three Broomsticks after fifteen minutes. She sat in a comfy armchair at the corner, thinking about what she’d give for a quiet, empty room, when Sirius suddenly appeared with weary face, collapsing in a seat next to her.

Marlene looked at him with raised eyebrows, mimicking his words from earlier. “Oh, don’t be such a pussy, Black.”

He turned his head towards her. “That’s your fault, McKinnon.” – He said with a sulky voice. – “I wanted to have some fun in our last Hogwarts party.”

She rolled her eyes. “By “fun” you mean that blonde over there? I see you can’t take your eyes off his arse.”

He tilted his head on the left side with a half smirk. “Even you couldn’t say no for an ass like that.”

“That’s probably true.” – She shrugged, making Sirius laugh. He slipped closer with his chair and rested his head on her shoulder, closing his eyes with a growl.

Lily tried to pull up her several times to make her dance, but she didn’t move. “I think we look like an old married couple here who can’t have fun.”

He said nothing but chuckled, his head stayed on her shoulder. It was long past midnight when the common room finally emptied – thank to McGonagall, who had to come in three times to send the students to sleep. Marlene and Sirius also went toward their dorms, but the boy stopped when he saw Lily and James hurrying up together. “Oh, come on.” – He growled, head tilted back. – “I think I just sleep in the couch, then.”

Marlene giggled. “You can go. I don’t think she’d forget about the silencing spells ever again.”

“Not going to risk it.” – He mumbled and collapsed on the comfiest couch.

She stood between him and staircase awkwardly. A sudden feeling made her to want to stay, but she wasn’t quite sure she should. She made a half step towards nowhere, when Sirius spoke up. “Will you stay?”

Her heart gave a happy jolt, but shrugged. “Okay.”

Thanks for the lack of sleep from yesterday, both of them fell asleep quickly in the warm common room. The couch was big enough for the both of them, but still, when Marlene opened her eyes up several hours later, their bodies were pressed together tightly.

It was still dark, and she had no idea how much she slept, but her headache finally vanished. It was the first things she noticed, as it was like a heavenly gift. Right after that, she noticed something else – Sirius’ boner against her from behind and his hand on her hip. He lied still, and Marlene had no idea if he was sleeping or not.

She didn’t know what to do. Maybe she should get up and leave, but she couldn’t bring herself to stand up. On the other hand, another part of her had a really hard time to prevent herself from make a move with her lower half, and she gave up after a half minute. She softly rubbed herself against him once, but he was still motionless. He was probably asleep.

But Marlene craved for more; any bit of friction to get some relief from her own, growing, tingling sensation between her legs. She grind herself against his lap again, harder this time.

And he thrusted back.

Her lips parted and she felt her heart beating in her ears. She didn’t dare to move, no matter how badly she wanted, but Sirius thrusted again; his hand slipped lower to her belly.

She started to make small, but constant circles with her hips, but a low growl from Sirius make her more eager. She felt her body burning with desire. Reaching back, she tried to unbuckle his belt, but it was hard from that position so he helped her, and she slipped her hand into his boxer in the moment she heard the satisfying clack sound of the clasp. She moved her hand up and down slowly but firmly, while he attached her lips to the soft skin on her neck, covering with open-mouthed, wet kisses. I didn’t take long before his hand moved lower and rolled up her skirt, touching her through her damp knickers. She could practically feel him smirking, as he noticed she was already so wet for him. He gently rubbed her with her underwear still on, but Marlene was too impatient and aroused for his little games. She quickly draw off her panties; not completely, just to give enough space for him. She grabbed his hand, placing where she wanted it to be.

Sirius wanted to say something sarcastic; he wanted so badly, but her confidence made him completely lose his mind. He growled into her ear again, rubbing long, soft circles between her wet folds while her small palms find her way back to his cock. Tiny gasps left her mouth several times, but when Sirius slipped two fingers inside her, she couldn’t help but let out a loud moan. It went on for another minute, and though he really, really enjoyed it, he needed to stop her. “Try to keep her voice down, doll. They’re going to hear us.”

Marlene just chocked back another moan and bit her lip, before she opened her mouth in the next moment. “Inside me. Now, please. Please.”

She didn’t need to ask twice. Sirius grabbed her hip again, pushing himself inside her slowly, and Marlene had to bit the back of her hand to hide another moan. He gave her some time to adjust, making only slow and long moves before he picked up his pace. She couldn’t stop grinding herself against him too, making the friction even stronger as they slammed together. His hand wandered up under her sweater, stroking and massaging her soft breasts. They weren’t big, but he couldn’t stop thinking about how perfectly they’re fit in his hand.

“Faster.” – She whined, though the position didn’t really let them to do it any faster. Sirius was afraid if they’d change positon he’ll come right away, but he wanted to give her what she wanted. He pulled out, made her to turn on her back and crawled on top of her fast, but stopped suddenly as they could finally look into each other’s eyes. It lasted one, long second, gazing into her desire filled eyes before he entered into her again, and he knew he was right and won’t last long. Because she was so hot and wet and tight, and moaned so sweetly into is ear – he didn’t even tried to make her keep her voice down anymore.

His body stiffened above Marlene with the last growl with his orgasm before he collapsed on top of her. It took him a long minute to collect himself and look up at the girl, her eyes closed. “Did you not… I mean…”

“No.” – She said, but her lips hovered into a satisfied smile. “But it was still amazing.”

He smiled back, but his hand wandered down on her.

Marlene shivered as his fingers brushed against her still wet folds again. She closed her eyes when he thrusted two of them inside her, pulling them in and out, in and out; she was long forget about he said she should shut her mouth. “Oh, Sirius.”

He dropped his head on the crook of her neck. “I love when you moan my name.”

She softly giggled between two moans, while started to loses control over her own body, moving it upwards for more pressure. He gave it to her, pressing his thumb against her clit, rubbing circles which quickly made her shuddering and shaking beneath him. She cried out one last time, arching her back before she let herself go completely.

Sirius lied down next to her, an arm still around her waist. “You’re really loud, Marls.”

Her eyes fluttered open and murmured a low “Sorry” under her breath. She was always insecure about she can’t control her voice.

“What on earth for? I loved it.”

As their body started to cool down, both of them came to realize how stupid was that they’ve done – both of them for quite the same reason.

Marlene was the first who stood up, pulled up her underwear and adjusted her skirt whilst started to speak. “Well I uh… I just go… to my room.” – She cleared her throat. – “It wouldn’t be good for anyone to find us like this here.”

Sirius sat up. “Yeah, you’re right.” – He ran his fingers through his hair while Marlene turned around, slowly walking towards the staircase. Before she could’ve reached it, he called after her. – “We’re going to talk about this, aren’t we?”

Marlene bit her lip before she turned back to face him with a tiny smile. “Sure. Tomorrow.”

Sirius nodded and waited her to leave before he let out a deep, weary sigh.