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Wizards are kinda kicking our Muggle butts in terms of gender equality, as evidenced by the fact that Hogwarts has an equal number of men and women on its staff, gender is irrelevant on Quidditch teams, and women have been prominent in politics for CENTURIES.

With that in mind (as well some recent “this patriarchy is gross AF” events), we couldn’t resist imagining the ways in which the signature traits of each Hogwarts house would play into how they express their feminism.

We asked the exceptionally talented @taryndraws to illustrate our Hogwarts feminists, and we are in absolute AWE of how perfect they are. Sexist a#*holes, run for cover, because these brilliant, fierce women are COMIN’ FOR YA. 

being brave enough to do math in pen, leather-bound bullet journals, looseleaf papers spilling over your desk, studying with your dog curled up next to you, seven-hour breaks, keeping a candle on your desk, logging memories in your bullet journal, coffee stains on homework, annotating a rented textbook, a warm study nook made of blankets and pillows, studying to overcome

romanticizing self-care, refusing to take the easy way and read the sparknotes, keeping hydrated, “i have extra binder paper if you need it”, taping positivities on your wall, study picnics, volunteering, bright binders, a study space illuminated by morning light, keeping three pots of flowers on your desk, studying to contribute

finding doodles in secondhand textbooks, researching the origin of a word you don’t recognize, pens in mason jars, walls crowded by sticky-notes, the inspiration of a blank notebook, finding your favorite library seat available, being excited about your essay prompt, scrawling notes in the margins, being so utterly engaged in one subject you forget you have a lab due tomorrow, studying to learn

quotes about conquering the world and achieving goals, finding the perfect black pen, the feeling of checking off boxes on to-do lists, friendly grade competition, compiling resource masterposts, being genuinely excited to get your score back on a test, getting the perfect calligraphy line, studying to succeed

Ginevra Molly Weasley

Pureblood / 11th of August, 1981 / Gryffindor

‘anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve’

Happy 35th Birthday


As much as we love JK Rowling and the blessings of this gif forever more, the world of Harry Potter isn’t without the patriarchal trappings of Muggle society.*

Still, two of the House founders are women (Helga Hufflepuff! Rowena Ravenclaw!), and JK herself is something of a hero to us all, on top of which Hermione IRL (Emma Watson) gets feminism in a serious way. That’s why we are bringing you these clutch feminist posters by artist Louise Reimer, one for every Hogwarts house. This way, you can wave about your house pride and fly a feminist banner at the same time <3

Illustrations by the brilliant @toby-lou


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