gryffindor backpack

anonymous asked:

Could you guys give some gift ideas for each of the houses? The struggle is real.

If you’re looking for a gift for each house, my recommendation is something House specific (so get your Hufflepuff friend something from Hufflepuff). Gifts are highly individual and I don’t think they can be lumped into Houses easily.

For some brief ideas, though, here are a sample of things we did for the giveaway:

Gryffindor: Hand painted backpack with buttons, lion plushie, band aids, candy, keychain, sunglasses, motivational bracelet

Hufflepuff: Photo album, coloring book and crayons, fake sunflower, hand painted H, candles, bubbles, keychain (there was going to be fudge, but international shipping was iffy)

Ravenclaw: Hand painted canvas, Ravenclaw magnet, buttons, journal, pens, book, brain teasers, mug, owl plushie, candy

Slytherin: owl plushie, keepsake box, green striped socks, Slytherin laser pointer thing that shone the Slytherin crest, glow sticks, candy, glow in the dark snakes, success voodoo doll.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)