I Don’t Want to Fall in Love;

A Gryffindor Ladies/Slytherin Ladies Playlist. Mostly covers, some originals.

You don’t like her. You don’t like her. You don’t like her friends when they stare at you. You don’t like your friends when they stare at her. You don’t like her eyes or her hair or the hairpin corner of her soft lips. You don’t like people telling you what to do. You don’t like being without her. You don’t like her. You don’t love her. You don’t love her.

{{Wicked Games, Parra for Cuva ft Anna Naklab // Toxic, Melanie Martinez // Break Your Heart, Madilyn Bailey // Animal, Def Leppard Acoustic Covers // Somebody to You, Bethan Horton // Am I Wrong, Kina Grannis // Do I Wanna Know, Christina Grimmie // fallingforyou, Lily Lorenz // Past Lives, Ke$ha // From Eden, Jessica Smith & Cormac Butler // Girls Like Girls, Hayley Kiyoko // Like Real People Do, Ilia Anderson // Settle Down, Daisy Nicole Clark // Take Me to Church, Daisy Nicole Clark // Clarity ft. Foxes (Acoustic), Zedd // Can’t Feel My Face, Alessia Cara // Geronimo, Bethan Horton // Shut Up and Dance, Veronika Naumova // Locked Out of Heaven, Bridget Mendler // Medicine, Veronika Naumova // It Was Always You, Ella Poletti // Only Love, Sara Cruz // Agape, Katie Roddis, Steen Bryant & Jonny Cooper // Magic, Kina Grannis // Summertime Sadness, Miley Cyrus // Work Song, Isabeau // Riptide, Taylor Swift // Here With Me, Susie Suh x Robert Koch // A Thousand Years (Harp Cover), Amélie Guiboux}}


50. Every ravenclaw study group contains at least one muggleborn. This is partially due to their superior knowledge in muggle studies, but also due to their tendency to bring tons of cheap costco snacks for all-night revision sessions

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A gryffindor deciding to leave an emotionally abusive household, even if it means they'll be alone for a while.

We will call our friends and load literally everything that belongs to us and bail. We’ll couch surf for 3 months. We’ll break into community centers. We’ll hide in libraries. We will take our shit and go and never speak to you again.

I like to think that Professor McGonagall’s son played Quidditch for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. 

He was the team captain his 7th year, which was 1971, the same year James Potter arrived at Hogwarts. Young James watched the older kids practice every day, inspired to one day play on the team as well. Young McGonagall took after his mother and was an avid player, but an even stronger student and a kind friend, always taking care of the younger students. He took James under his wing, taught him everything about Quidditch that he could before he graduated. The next year, James made the team and soon became a star player. Professor McGonagall saw so much of her son in the feisty and foolish but talented Potter, and so she looked after him and his equally as ridiculous friends. Upon his graduation, he joined the Order of the Phoenix, along with his numerous friends. Professor McGonagall was also a member and coincidentally (or not so), so was her son. Sadly though, the Professor’s son was killed by the Death Eaters, and shortly after, both James and Lily were lost as well. Facing such tragic losses, Professor McGonagall considered leaving Hogwarts, leaving the Wizarding World altogether, but the cries of baby Harry Potter echoed in her ears and she decided to stay, to watch after and protect the only connection she still has to her son and the young boy she had come to love all those years ago. As he grew, she saw so much of Lily, so much of James, and so much of her son, and knew without question, without any doubt, that she would do absolutely anything to keep this precious boy safe. She would ensure that The Boy Who Lived would indeed live, and live well.

“Throw her in, Sirius!”

“What was it you were saying earlier, Blondie? Something about wanting to see a dolphin up close…….”

-Sirius Black carrying a struggling and laughing Marlene McKinnon over to the ocean, preparing to throw her in, during spring holiday’s spent at the Potter’s, while being encouraged by Remus.

-Taken by James Potter, who was just glad the two were so happy with one another.

-Circa 1977, Sixth Year.

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Hogwarts houses
  • Dodgeball teams
  • Gryffindor:The Kid who's always picked first. gets really fucking into it, throws the ball way too hard. Brings sweat bands and shit to class. WANTS TO WIN!
  • Ravenclaw:The kid that prosperously moves in front of the ball to get out and got sit out.
  • Hufflepuff:Damn it, he's the kid that tries so fucking hard to do good. He can't trow as hard but sometimes he'll hit a foot. He really wants his team to win.
  • Slytherin:Kid that don't give a fuck about winning, don't give a fuck if they get out at some point. Just as long as they can hit that one guy in the face who takes it way too seriously.