28. Ravenclaws don’t have anything against slytherins. In fact, they chill out with the slytherins most of the time; planning mischievous things, discussing things (because really slytherin is the house of the brains if you want to think it that way), and just discover new jinxes to use on people. And it’s all good fun.

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Instead of a Boggart turning into the thing the person fears the most, it turns into the thing a person most desires.

Imagine Harry going up to see what he desires the most and it turns into everyone he loved that died in the war and them being confused when he asks them why they are there when they are supposed to be dead. Then, because they are still looking confused, he asks them about Voldemort and Sirius snorts and says “What a stupid name, what kind of idiot calls himself Voldemort? Hah” and he, James, Remus and Fred start making fun of Voldemort’s name while Lily looks at them, smiling to herself. And Harry is just standing there, tears of happiness running down his face


Bard is a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, Thranduil is a Slytherin.

Bard loves playing Quidditch and Thranduil loves the Care of Magical Creatures classes but he won’t admit it that easily.

They’re idiots so Thran tries Quidditch and Bard keeps trying to be the best in class right after Thran. All that to impress each other.

Obviously everyone knows they don’t need to, except them.

Forget all the reasons why  

                                               it won’t work

                                                                   and believe the one

                                                                                               reason it will