House Aesthetics

GRYFFINDOR the bonfire spitting stars// skinned knees and scabbed-over knuckles//sand seeping between your toes//wrists branded with matching tattoos//cigarette smoke and the pounding of drums//uncertainty tucked under your tongue like a beehive, like a knife, like something you wish would stop hurting you

{bonds as strong and as steady as the summer sun}

HUFFLEPUFF polaroids strung across your throat// dandelion seeds spinning across the skin of your palm//the sky crowded with stars//ferns reaching up to caress your face// minimalism and vintage clothes// tenacity rooted in you like a third lung// falling and the whole world tilting to catch you

{the world is as enchanted as you make it out to be}

RAVENCLAW calligraphy inked across the curve of your cheekbones// the personification of winter, all beauty and crisp edges// the flicker of computer screens// gowns sweeping across marble floors// standing still in a sea of people// the bass thudding through you like a second heartbeat

{stress cresting in a wave that threatens to drown you, but always comes just shy}

SLYTHERIN the moon hanging in the sky like a claw//fingers laced through chain link fences//girl cults and blood oaths//their bodies a staircase for your ambition//test answers scrawled across the skin of your thighs//distressed jeans and lipstick as red as your defiance// loyalty coiled like a snake across like crevices of your collarbone

{cowardly is just what we make you think we are until you give us a reason to be crafty}

  • draco: i love it when you call me dumb
  • harry: why
  • draco: because only a dumb person would have a relationship with another dumb person ;)
  • harry: *blinks in realization*
  • harry: well you son of a bitch
  • draco: yes daddy?
  • harry: (well shit)
  • harry: this is why i hate and love you 'lil git

The way I see it, Trump, his supporters and his cabinet members are equivalent to Voldemort and the death eaters.

Ok but what if-

-the summer Hermione went to Paris, her parents offered to bring Harry along.

He’s so excited to spend a summer away from the Dursleys, in a different country to boot, and he’s never really had a chance to become closer friends with her.

Paris is full of history and art and Hermione chatters on and on about it, meanwhile Harry just narrows his eyes at the Mona Lisa because “What’s so interesting about her secret? Was she hiding the fact she’s a witch? Did she break a slow, quiet wind while she was being painted?” Hermione is faux indignant but the snort of laughter that comes out of her gets her a few stares.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about Hogwarts' friendships? Is it true that Ravenclaws are closer to Slytherin and that Gryffindors are closer to Hufflepuffs or is it just bluff?

If I remember correctly, somewhere on Pottermore says that you’re right, but I think it was referring to Quidditch. Slytherin house and Ravenclaw house tended to root for each others matches whereas Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs rooted for each other’s matches. With that being said, it can likely tie into friendships but in no way decides who should or shouldn’t be friends.

-Justin (Slytherin)

Going off of what Justin said, the Hufflepuff welcome letter at least makes mention that Puffs get along best with Gryffindors. I feel that in canon, that might be true, but in real life, it doesn’t hold.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

Dad!Sirius AU’s

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  • When you first find out your pregnant Sirius would freak out a little bit. He would go worryingly quiet, admitting he doesn’t want to be anything like his parents, and what if he is? What if his kids end up hating him just as he had hated his parents so fiercely? 
  • You quickly reassuring him he’ll be fine, that he is too much of a good person to be anything like his parents. When Sirius realises this, his concern instantly melts into excitement.
  • Sirius sending an emergency owl to the marauders, telling them to get their arses over to your shared apartment ASAP.
  • “Merlin’s dick, Padfoot? What the fuck’s this all about?” Prongs was panting, having just apparated straight into your living room.
  • “I’M GOING TO BE A FUCKING DAD, FUCK!” He happily exclaims to his friends, when he invited them all over due to the, ‘emergency’.
  • When you begin showing he would love it so much. At night he would be the big spoon, keeping you close against him in a protective manner, all while he caresses your stomach.
  • Trailing kisses down your body to your showing belly and talking to his child to be.
  • He would be such a dork about it. But oh my god it would be the most heart warming thing ever when he says stuff like, ‘Mum and Dad are gonna’ keep you safe little one.’ It was sweet, it was always sweet.
  • Sirius being attached at the hip to you when you round the eight/nine month phase of your pregnancy, doing absolutely everything for you. 
  • Sometimes when you both were doing mundane things like watching the TV together on a Friday night, curled up with a bundle of blankets, Sirius would just gaze at you, a loving look on his face. He would be thinking how someone so beautiful, so pure, could end up with someone like him.
  • “Sirius? SIRIUS! Please help your pregnant fiance up.” You grumbled in annoyance, snapping him out of his trance.
  • “Sorry. I was just thinking how bloody lucky I am.”
  • “Well how am I supposed to be mad at you when you say stuff like that!?”
  • Him being kind of grossed out at when the baby kicks, which makes you laugh loudly because, yeah. It did look a bit fucked. But that’s your child and so help you Godric you better take that back.
  • Getting so surprised and freaking his shit when your water breaks, the idiot accidentally turns into his animagus form. Quickly transforming back and muttering out a ‘sorry’, he would apparate you to St. Mungo’s faster than you can say ‘Quidditch’. 
  • Sirius screaming at the nurses for help, and bossing them all around. 
  • “Why haven’t you given her the Epidural yet!? Why does she still have to walk around!? Someone get her a bloody room!”
  • “Sirius?” You would croak out, hunched over in the most unbearable pain.
  • “Yes Honey?” He would take your hand, looking worriedly at you.
  • “Please, just shut the fuck up.”
  • After finally being transferred to a room, and after a lot of tears, screaming, and swearing from you, you would have finally given birth. Sirius hand would be cramped from how tightly you had been squeezing it, but it had all been worth it.
  • Sirius would take the small child into his arms, instantly breaking down into tears. Happy tears, of course, but the guy was such a mess.
  • When the Marauders show up, Sirius would ask Remus in private to be your child’s Godfather. Remus holding your child, rocking them lightly back to sleep.
  • Sirius Black would be the best father. He would be so good with your child.
  • All I can imagine is Sirius with a little baby girl, rocking her in his arms, signing her some old wizarding song he heard once. 
  • Your daughter and Harry growing up together.
  • Sirius Black would be the pushover parent. Whatever his little angel wanted, all she would have to do was bat her lashes and daddy Sirius would fucking melt.
  • This may become problematic.
  • “You can’t hit your cousin! It’ll hurt his feelings.” Sirius tried to be stern with your daughter, but when she starts welling up, he quickly takes her in his arms, hugging her tightly.
  • “Sh, c’mon no more tears, look, we’ll get some ice-cream.” He would try to reason.
  • “Sirius, you can’t condone that behaviour with ice-cream.”
  • “(Y/N)! Look at her!” He whispers, your daughters big eyes wide, and her lip wobbling.
  • You sighing deeply, grabbing your purse. “I’ll get the keys.” 
  • Don’t imagine Sirius black giving his child colouring pens to draw inside the lines of his chest tattoos. Don’t do it. It will hurt you.
  • He would tear up the first time showing you, exclaiming how they’re going to be an artist one day.
  • “Sirius it’s beautiful but-”
  • “No. (Y/N) they’re going to be the worlds greatest artist I just- know it.”
  • Coming home from shopping and finding the two lying on the couch, fast asleep, Muggle cartoons playing in the background on the television. 
  • Sirius would be so bad at explaining things when she would get older. Periods? NAH. Sex? No way. He would go pale when your daughter would ask him about anything puberty related.
  • “Uh-I what?- I- Go ask your mother!”
  • Being such proud parents when they get their Hogwarts letter, yet at the same time, becoming extremely upset over the fact you both would have to go each term without seeing her.
  • You three would be the most attractive family on platform 9 3/4′s. 
  • Your daughter being in the same year as Harry, and would be sorted into Gryffindor too, making friends with all of her housemates, along with (to everyone’s surprise, and some’s disgust) Draco Malfoy. They were sort of cousins after all.
  • “YES! I KNEW IT. HAHA!” Sirius would have been taking bets all year with you which house your daughter would be sorted into. You were convinced she would be a Ravenclaw, but Sirius the little shit just knew.
  • The house would be a lot more quiet without your daughter. You would be making dinner a few nights after your daughter’s departure to Hogwarts, when you would feel secure arms wrap around your waist, stubble brushing against your neck.
  • Sighing happily, leaning back into your husband.
  • “Let’s have another.” Sirius leaving kisses to your neck.
Prompt 94- Marauders Era: Sirius

Request:  Could you do number 94 with Sirius, please? :D

  • 94. “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.” 

The day is bright, the happy chirp of birds filling the warm air, along with the flutter of butterflies’ wings and the crackle of thin tree branches snapping under the hopping feet of cheerful rabbits. The roots of a willow tree surround the folded legs of Y/N, her knees resting on them, supporting an open book. 

“You know,” the sudden appearance of a familiar voice prompts her to turn around to face Sirius Black, leaning against her tree and looking out at the lake, a cheeky smile on his face, “I just realised screw rhymes with me and you.” He averts his gaze from the river and meets her eye, biting his tongue lightly as he gives her a wink.

“See, I just realised that it must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

Her response earns raised eyebrows from the boy, his smirk never fading as he stretches out a hand. She rolls her eyes, fighting an obvious smile on her pretty face as she closes the book on her lap with a thud, placing it under her left arm and extending her right to grab his. He pulls her upwards forcefully, face to face with him a moment later, placing a soft kiss on his lips, feeling them pull into a smile against hers before they pull apart and she sticks her tongue out at him as he throws a long arm around her shoulder and gives her the smile she so adores. 

Things Slytherins Appreciate In The Other Houses

They fact check.
Their wit. And sarcasm.
They can surprise us.
Their analytical minds are similar to ours but in a different way so they show different angles and issues.
Conversations with these guys are always interesting. Sometimes hilarious and other times enlightening.

They are so kind and honest.
They try to not be automatically afraid of us.
Always happy to help.
They’re not afraid to call us out on our bullshit, in a kind way and not being nasty.
They’re adorable. So adorable.

Their guts. It’s kind of hard to not appreciate it.
Their perseverance. It can be quite impressive.
The fact that they find it hard to be dishonest.
It’s generally easy to predict their reactions.
They understand that you can insult & take the mickey out of your friends as a form of friendship. Decent duellers.

Mind you we’ll deny this to everyone else.

barbarianoctopus  asked:

Just wanted to say I'm so in love with your version of Sirius 😍 He's perfect. Could you draw him with Bellatrix ? I'm curious to see how you can make them interact ! And... Love your art!(I'm sorry if there are mistakes in my english, I'm French ^^)

Sirius and Bellatrix in their youth. Probably something like “You’re the fucking weirdest cousin I swear”  “Shut up, who knows, I’ll maybe kill you one day”  “…”