Study Playlist Masterpost

I find instrumental or wordless playlists to be a huge part of the way I learn, but I use SO many different kinds. This is a post categorizing the different online playlists (all instrumental) in hopes that some of you can use them too! 

White Noise & Ambiance:

  • Simply Noise: A simple white noise (think static) generator. Has white, pink, and brown noise.
  • My Noise: A more complex white noise machine that you can customer quite a bit. (Hint: Blast the first five colors and turn off the last five to mimic an airplane in flight.)
  • A Soft Murmur: Simple ambiance generator that lets you choose different noises like waves, rain, a coffee shop, and etc.
  • Noisli: A rather beautiful ambiance generator with a simple interface and a few more options than A Soft Murmur
  • Ambient-Mixer: A sort of famous ambiance generator that is meant to take you away to a different place. Has playlists like Harry Potter, Supernatural, and Game of Thrones

Normal Instrumental:

  • 8tracks Study Instrumental: Over 9,000 custom instrumental playlists. Search until your heart’s content.
  • 2 Hour Piano: Two hours of piano instrumentals. Multiple composers and multiple songs.
  • 8tracks Film Scores: Almost 700 playlists of scores. If you love movie scores, you’ll find them here. 
  • Explosions in the Sky: The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place (Full Album). A great full-band instrumental album. 
  • Chillstep Large: Youtube’s biggest and most popular Chillstep video. Over 2,000,000 views and half of them are me. 
  • Chillstep Small: The first in MANY electronic instrumental playlists meant for studying. 

Harry Potter Themed Instrumental:

  • Gryffindor: For the brave at heart. For weekend mornings spent sitting sideways in an armchair with a mug of butterbeer and the contents of a school bag, sorting through broken quill bits and paper scraps to find essays and textbooks, and making notes in the margins with erasable ink.
  • Slytherin: For those seeking the way to greatness. For late night cram sessions, creating study games, splitting into teams to see who knows the material the best, and who will win the prize bag of hogsmeade candy and knowing the seventh years can always be approached for questions and homework help.
  • Ravenclaw: For those with wit beyond measure. For sprawling out on the floor surrounded by piles of books, color-coded parchment rolls and energy potions, making personalized study guides for each subject, and engaging in intellectual discussions for a deeper understanding of the core topics.
  • Hufflepuff: For those unafraid of toil. For spreading out in small groups across the common room, sharing notes and ideas over a plate of fudge, and creating flow charts and visual representations of the material that everyone can follow.
Hogwarts Headcanons

Here, have some various headcanons that have been rattling around in my brain for awhile now.

Room of Requirement Parties:

Sometimes the houses will all get together after exams and just spend time in the room of requirement, talking and laughing and having fun as a way to unwind. The Gryffindors are the life of the party. They’re naturally the loudest, and naturally, they’ll be the most willing to start interesting party activities. They’ve got grand ideas which are sure to keep everyone entertained. Hufflepuffs are in charge of snacks, and they almost become the hosts of the get together. They’ll wander around from group to group, making sure that everyone’s getting along and having a good time. The Ravenclaws are the primary force behind the planning, but they’ll have to sort through all of the other houses’ party suggestions and determine which ideas are good and which ones to disregard. The Slytherins are the best at figuring out how to get the shindig going without all of the teachers getting everyone into trouble. Slytherins are in charge of the “cover story,” and once it’s concocted, the Ravenclaws will proofread, just to ensure that it’s believable.

Mealtime Shenanigans:

Sometimes, the houses will all change which table they sit at, just to confuse the professors.

Really lame nicknames are often hurled across the great hall between the Slytherins and Gryffindors, in honor of the old house rivalry.

Ravenclaws will often help both houses come up with increasingly terrible puns to use against each other.

The Hufflepuffs will start by trying to mediate, but they’ll often add their own clever quips to the mock war.

One time, a Gryffindor was dared to stand up on the table and start singing ‘I’m a Little Teapot.’ This ended with the entire great hall bursting into a variety of songs and a slew of concerned professors.


I think the Ravenclaws and Slytherins are bros, so they’ll usually support each other in matches, unless the game is against one another, of course. Same for Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.

Gryffindors are the loudest spectators of the houses, but the Hufflepuffs usually show them up when it comes to how they wear their team’s colors.

Ravenclaws rely the most heavily on strategy, which causes them to be a pretty strong team, unless a player on the opposite team acts in ways which defy logic.

Slytherins respect hard earned victories, but they also have the least qualms about giving themselves an advantage in any way possible.

Daily life Headcanons for each house:


Most Ravenclaws’ days start with tea and coffee in the great hall at breakfast. The morning persons will be talking excitedly about the upcoming day’s events while the other, more sleepy students will listen quietly and drink their hot beverages in the hopes of waking themselves up quickly.

Ravenclaws usually spend time between classes doing homework. They like to get classwork done as soon as possible so the remainder of the day can be spent pursuing their own kind of knowledge (or just relaxing with friends in the common room).

After dinner, Ravenclaw students will flock to the library for study sessions and tutoring.

Later in the night, the common room is busy, full of students who’ll spend their evenings chatting and trading interesting stories and facts. Other students will curl up close to the fire and drown out the chatter of their friends so they can read.

At the end of a day, the Ravenclaw students retire to their rooms, often with a good book in hand, ready to get some sleep before the following day’s adventures.


The Slytherin students are the most likely to sleep in because their dorms stay dark most of the time.

Meals at the Slytherin table are usually pretty quiet (unless a pun war is initiated).

Slytherins are pretty diligent about studying, but they aren’t above putting minimal effort into schoolwork.

After classes, the Slytherin students will often gather by the lake to relax.

Evenings in the common room are pretty quiet, but a lot of students go to bed later.

It’s pretty difficult to tell what time of day it is down in the Slytherin dorms, so students will frequently lose track of time. Eventually, someone brings in and enchants a clock so that it’ll tell students when to go to bed and when to wake up.


They’ll often wake up and do their homework from the day before during breakfast.

Gryffindors like to explore the castle and grounds between classes. They’re a pretty restless bunch, always seeking a new adventure.

Meals are loud, and Gryffindors will often go from table to table, chatting with friends from other houses.

Dares, bets, and pranks are often swapped between Gryffindor students on a daily basis.

Nights in the common room are louder than they are in other houses, but the students are more subdued than they are at other times. People will talk or play chess or other fun games until it’s time to turn in for the night.


Hufflepuffs wake up to sunlight streaming in through their windows.

It’s a Hufflepuff tradition to have tea with honey in the mornings during breakfast.

Free time is usually spent outside when the weather is nice.

Hufflepuffs are notorious for humming and singing while they work.

Hufflepuff students are always trying to be optimistic and will usually spend conversations focusing on whether or not whoever they’re talking to is having a good day and what they can do to make them happy.

Mealtimes are usually filled with happy chatter and laughter.

Evenings spent together in the common room are laid back. Everyone who decides to sit in the common room will eventually get pulled into a conversation.

Hufflepuffs usually go to bed relatively early because they end up waking with the sunrise.

ladystephanieofstumpage said: Hi! I love your posts, and I have a question... If the house had a flower to represent it, what flower would it be?

Uh, thank you so much honey! Now onto the question, I think Chrysanthemum fits very well to Ravens because they come in all sorts of colors and shapes, look them up, you’ll find they are really pretty to look at as well. Also they are believed to bring good luck and are full of energy. Mostly they are associated with cheerfulness and the depth of a person.


For some reason, i feel like it would be a sunflower. They are very beautiful with their bright yellow, and they stretch high, reaching out to the sun. I’ve always seen them as representing bravery. 


I don’t know much about flowers, but I would say a Rose. It’s beautiful, but it has it’s thorns.


I think the flower would be a dandelion. It might not be the most spectacular flower, but it can bring joy and wishes and the whole plant is edible and thus useful. In the US during times of economic downturns people would regularly pick and eat dandelions.

anonymous asked:

My friend and I believe that gryffindors and slytherins have a lot of sexual attraction between them, but a relationship wouldn't last long. Do you think that's true? (Sorry if this has already been asked, I love you guys!)

I can see why you might think that, as there is a high chance of them having fiery personalities that generate a lot of passion, but there is a fair chance for the 2 to end up disagreeing.

I think they main issue they would end up having is that neither of them are likely to be willing to compromise when they do disagree on things.

In the end of course it really depends on the two people involved.

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

Definitely depends on the two people involved.

The most striking difference for me when it comes to a relationship is that a Gryffindor is more likely to be adventurous and risky while a Slytherin would rather be more grounded and structured. 

- Justin (Slytherin)

anonymous asked:

Which other house would slytherins get along most with?

I feel like it depends on the Slytherin. The more calm ones who study hard to get good grades so they can beat out the rest of their classmates would get along much better with the Ravenclaws. Slytherins that feel the need to protect some students might get along much better with the more quiet of the Hufflepuffs. Reckless Slytherins find a lot of comfort in having someone to go to anytime they need to just get out of the castle and break a rule or two, so they might have more Gryffindor friends. Overall though, I feel like they’d get along with the Ravenclaws the best, just canonically.



Imagine being Draco’s girlfriend and you see him getting everyday a little paler and stranger than usual.
Finally you decide to ask him what’s going on and he confess that enjoyed the dark lord only because he would have killed you.