So I have through means unknown managed to reach over 1000 followers which just blows my freaking mind, and I want you all to know that I love each and every one of you. I’m going to be doing a little giveaway in a while, but until then I also made this follow forever of all my favourite dorks.

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You’re all fantastic.

so i was tagged by hythmkny/ to do this question thingy alright here we go lets do it woop de woop

i’ve apparently gotta tag some people so it’s going to be ineedtostartdoingsomework, hashtagpirateswag, gryffindawsome, dozeyselkey, unlimitedie aaaand chesacakeripper

  1. who was your favourite character as a child?

I don’t know probably mulan or someone similar.

  1. describe your dream holiday. who would you go with??

ICELAND with (ideally) real life friends and internet friends ^^

  1. if you could have tea/coffee with any three people (historical, fictional, celebrity w/e) who would they be?

oh golly goodness er er Sherlock, Hannibal aaaaand Gordon ramsey. because that is a conversation i would love to see.

  1. what’s your favourite outfit?

SEVERAL. my black & white birds dress + awesome waistcoat is v. good, but I also love just having a comfy cozy hoodie and jeans and a t-shirt.

  1. tell me about your most prized possession. what is it and where did it come from?

i don’t really have any prized possessions – there’s a pendant that I’ve been wearing for like a year now and I love my laptop but none of them are really the prized, ya know?

  1. what’s your favourite chocolate/sweets??

kinder bueno. and those really nice doughnuts at college.

  1. do you have any birthmarks?

yeah I have a rectangle next to my right knee. actual dullest birthmark.

  1. tell me about your crush !! ! !! !!

what noooooooooooo I don’t really get crushes except in friend ways so…. n/a?

  1. what would be your ideal breakfast??

full english + tomatoes but – black pudding

  1. what’s the best part of your body???

er…the…living parts, i guess? i have a mesiodens (extra tooth) which i had to have surgery to remove so it’s not really part of my body but it’s still cool.

my questions!

  1. what was the first job you remember wanting to have?
  2. tell us about your terrible-oc-no-one-understands-teenager phase!
  3. if you could invent a subject (as in for schools and stuff to teach) what would it be?
  4. hogwarts, durmstrang, or beauxbatons?
  5. describe your favourite pair of socks
  6. have you ever managed to complete a rubix cube?
  7. what is your least favourite musical instrument?
  8. invent a new hogwarts house, give its sigil, colours and traits.
  9. regular or mechanical pencils?
  10. explain what the hecky this thing is for: ¬