The Six Lost Houses of Hogwarts


Kind, clever, hardworking, loyal, passionate.

The sort of brainy student who’ll frustrate their teachers by taking a caring profession instead of a “real job”.

At their best, Ravenpuffs are innovative and skilled people who want to make the world a better place and are forever coming up with better ways to do that.

At their worst, Ravenpuffs are a bit smart for their own good and think they know the best for everyone. 

Notable Ravenpuff - Dr Alison Cameron

House animal: Owl


Brave, cunning, ambitious, formidable.

Discretion is the better part of valour. Gryfferins aren’t afraid to fight dirty if the situation calls for it, but that doesn’t mean they have no moral code - even if you don’t like them, Gryfferins inspire a certain grudging respect.

At their best, Gryfferins are shrewd tacticians - leaders whose ruthless tactics are backed up with the nerve to put themselves on the line, and whose reckless courage is tempered by clever manoeuvres.

At their worst, Gryfferins are formidable foes - sometimes dislikeable antiheroes, sometimes all-out villains.

Notable Gryfferin: Magneto

House animal: Wolf


Kind, cunning, hardworking, ambitious, subversive.

Some people seem harsh but are big softies underneath. Some people seem soft and sweet but have a core of steel. Both could be Slytherpuffs. Slytherpuffs want to make the world a better place and will use any means necessary to do that.

At their best, Slytherpuffs are creative and subversive, with no respect for authority figures who are only interested in power, status or a quiet life above the needs of vulnerable people. 

At their worst, Slytherpuffs are annoying troublemakers who claim they have the best intentions. 

Notable Slytherpuff: Nanny Ogg

House Animal: Fox


Kind, brave, loyal, honorable.

Huffledors are uncomplicated. They know the right thing to do and they have the courage to do it. So they do it.  

At their best, Huffledors are epicly heroic, rescuing anyone from any situation, unable to falter from the path of right.

At their worst, they are really annoying. They find it nigh on impossible to lie and might even tell a harsh truth if they think it will help a person change for the better. Also, they’re so squeaky clean that it hurts.

Notable Huffledor: Steve Rogers (Captain America)

House animal: Hare


Clever, cunning, wily.

Do not mess with the Slytherclaw - unless you’re a Huffledor. They are smart and sly and know all the tricks. They have their own agenda.

At their best, Slytherclaws are the best person to solve a murder or help you out of an impossible situation.

At their worst, they are evil and highly dangerous.

Notable Slytherclaw: Sherlock Holmes (or nearly anyone else who has been portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch)

House animal: Dragon


Brave, clever, adventurous.

There is not a thin line between bravery and stupidity if you are a Gryffinclaw. Gryffinclaws are always prepared, and not afraid to do a little research before tackling a tough situation.

At their best, Gryffinclaws are calm, collected, and ready for anything.

At their worst, Gryffinclaws are so convinced they are ready for anything that they sometimes get into deep shit.

Notable Gryffinclaw: Belle (Once Upon a Time)

House animal: Hawk

Slytherin + Gryffindor friendship would include...

  • looking at each other across the room whenever someone says something stupid because you’re thinking the exact same thing
  • lots of sarcasm
  • “I dare you to…”
  • getting in a lot of trouble together / getting the other one in trouble
  • “Lets do this!” - “This is a stupid idea.” - “LETS DO THIS!”
  • the gryffindor always starting fights and the slytherin joining in because they can’t possibly leave their reckless friend dealing with it on their own
  • arguing a ot because both want to be right all the time
  • competitive to the point where others think both have gone crazy
  • laughing in the middle of a class because the other one told a stupid joke
  • the gryffindor introducing the slytherin to all kind of muggle activities
  • What are you doing?”
  • stupid nicknames for each other
  • they snuck out at night a dozen times and tried to enter the forbidden forest at least once
  • “Can I hex her?” - “Yes but not now, there are too many witnesses.”
  • trying out new spells on each other
  • the slytherin teaching the gryffindor potions
random cross-house things to make you smile

Slytherclaws/Raverins are excellent at planning revenge and will wait until the perfect time to get the most satisfaction out of your embarrassment, they are the ones who just sit back and quietly watch people fail instead of having to lift a finger to aid in your destruction. But they’re the best kind of friends because, unlike Slytherdors or Gryffinpuffs, they won’t die for you; they’ll find a way out of death for both of you, and if you ever have a problem with someone or are having a bad day, they’ll cheer you up by hurting whomever is responsible and giving you a day off by coming up with excuses for all your teachers while you relax.

Slytherpuffs/Hufferins are the sweet ones who will fool you into a sense of comfortability and then have no problem getting/taking what they want from you or wiping the floor with you in a competition; they often win things by playing up the shy/quiet/lame sterotype of Hufflepuff and then surprising people with wicked smart tactics and strategy. They won’t correct your ideas right off the bat, but you can expect them to come running in a week or two later, shouting about how to fix what was wrong with your plans.

Slytherdors/Gryfferins are forces to be reckoned with; they hate injustice and dishonor and have no problem with destroying the wicked, they will rejoice in the demise of people they don’t like. You know if they don’t like you because they will vocally ignore you and random crappy things will happen to you when they’re around. The quiet Slytherdors/Gryfferins are even more dangerous. If they’re your friends, they’ll risk their necks to find crazy loopholes out of or into things for you. They’ll either loudly correct your ideas or just sit back and watch you fail; most of the time they end up loudly calling you stupid without telling you what you did wrong and then they’ll sit back and watch you fail.

Huffleclaws/Ravenpuffs always love helping people with homework and they’ll constantly suggest their favorite books to you (and expect you to read them), you can expect to see them hanging around random rooms and hallways and their common rooms drawing or writing or reading or just people watching, taking in everything they can about their surroundings and friends (and enemies). They know the most random trivia and will quietly correct your strategies or plans from the back of the room.

Gryffinclaws/Ravendors are totally witty and wickedly intelligent smartasses, they hate losing at anything, which makes them view everything as a competition; school, eating meals, running up the stairs, reading books, finishing homework, witty banter (you’ll either lose or you’ll get smacked with a book or broomstick) and even who gets the most bruises from Quidditch. They’re such smartasses that no one listens to them when they correct people; everyone’s been called a “blithering idiot” too many times and don’t even want to know how their plans can be better, no matter how loud the Gryffinclaws scream it.

Gryffinpuffs/Huffledors are the ones you want on your side in a battle, they’ll fight to the death and would rather die than let any harm come to their friends; they can’t fathom letting anyone get hurt if they have anything to do about it. Also, Slytherclaws love their precious Gryffinpuffs and will murder you if you hurt them. Gryffinpuffs will die for those that they love. They will loudly but politely correct you from the front of the room, sometimes their ideas are unconventional, but they’re always kind about how they correct you, so nobody shuts them up anymore.

Dating Neville Longbottom and being a Slytherin would include...

—Being paired in Herbology and Potions.
—Neville helping you with Herbology and you help him with Potions.
—Neville is afraid of you.
—But he sees you are really nice for a Slytherin.
—Being the first Slyffindor couple of your year.
—The Slytherin’s stopped talking with you.
—Neville being super supportive.
—Romantic dates.
—Protecting him from other Slytherin’s.
—Neville cheering you in your Quidditch games, if the game is against Gryffindor he cheers for both (Even if he wants Slytherin to win, because he loves your victory smile)
“That’s my girl!” In Quidditch games.
—Being part of Dumbledore’s Army instead of Inquisitorial Squad.
—The Golden Trio tries to convince Neville that you’re with him so he can do your homework.
—He knows it’s not true.
—Hearing him talking about Herbology even if you don’t understand.
—Being dominant as fuckkkkk.
—But sometimes he take control.
“I would love if you ride me like you ride that broom.”
“I can do it if you want to.”
—Him blushing hard during sex.
—Your parents don’t approve him.
—His grandmother loving you.
—Being the family shame for dating him.
—Sometimes he talks you two should break up because of your family.
—You say you don’t care about what they think.
—When he kills Nagini, you scream “That’s my boy!”, because of the cheering in Quidditch.
—Marrying him and having 3 childs.
—Nathan Frank Longbottom is sorted to Gryffindor.
—Veronica Alice Longbottom is sorted to Slytherin.
—Anthony Mortimer Longbottom is sorted to Ravenclaw.
—Neville teaching Herbology, while you teach Potions in Hogwarts.
—Life is good.

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How to Get Along With Your Slytherin Friend Pt. 4

From a Gryffindor’s Perspective

• Ooh this is gonna be one argumentative relationship boys

• Whatever stupid thing you’re thinking of doing, please do it because they’ll love to laugh when it fails

• they may kill you if you change their robes from green to red tho

• if they hug you or seem vulnerable at all then you should feel honored that they trust you enough to let the mask fall

• No, the Forbidden Forest at midnight is not a great place for adventure, Merlin

• all of your camaraderie will be in the form of insults and belittling but it’s okay because that’s just how you both are

• don’t get on their bad side because you may wake up in a pool of vile potion that’ll make you grow an extra finger or something

• Their favorite drink is Campbell’s Finest Old Whiskey but if they have too much they’ll puke and/or spill all their secrets so careful bout that


*Defining* the Hogwarts combos pt. 1:

Gryffinpuff: Devoted; Selfless
Gryffinclaw: Orderly; Scrupulous
Gryfferin:  Resolute; Tempestuous

Huffledor: Obliging; Stalwart
Huffleclaw: Attentive; Expectant
Hufferin: Compulsive; Indulgent

Ravendor: Empathetic; Singular
Ravenpuff: Exhortative; Understanding
Raverin: Canny; Opportunistic

Slytherdor: Fickle; Reckless
Slytherpuff: Conservative; Cultivating
Slytherclaw: Conniving; Masterful

What’s your Primary/Secondary combination??

Which Disney Movie You Should Watch Based on Your Hybrid House

Gryffinpuff | Huffledor | Mulan

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Gryffinclaw | Ravendor | Moana

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Slytherdor | Gryfferin | The Lion King

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Huffleclaw | Ravenpuff | Beauty and the Beast

Slytherclaw | Raverin | Big Hero 6

Slytherpuff | Hufferin Tangled

Lost Children

Pansy rolled her eyes. “Mission ‘Saving Draco Malfoy’ is well and truly a go, so it’s time to begin the second part.” Her red lips curled into a smirk, “which I like to call ‘Educating Draco Malfoy.’” Draco let out an indignant splutter, but Pansy just ignored him and continued, “Our aim is to educate Draco about the muggle world, tolerance, and how not to treat people like shit for disagreeing with him.”

“So basically, we’re giving him a personality makeover,” Blaise deadpanned, grinning as Draco pulled a childish face at him. Harry was just glad that stoic mask was gone.

“I hardly think either of you two are qualified to educate me about tolerating muggles,” Draco muttered, and Harry had to give him that one.

“We’re not, but luckily we happen to have a blood traitor, a muggle-born, and the Saviour himself at our disposal,” Pansy grinned, waving her arm at Harry, Ron and Hermione as if they were a celebrity panel. “What more could you want?”

Draco’s cold eyes drifted over all of them, and he sighed, “What more could we want indeed.”

“A team name?” Blaise interjected.

“I thought we were team saving Draco Malfoy?” Ron asked, his nose wrinkling at his blatant distaste of the name. Draco flipped him off, but there was no heat behind the action. Harry snickered, and Draco caught Harry’s eye and smiled before looking away quickly when Draco realised what he’d done.

“We are not having a team name,” Draco sighed.

Blaise rolled his eyes, “Spoilsport.”

“How about Team Slytherdor?” Pansy piped up, looking particularly pleased with herself.

Ron and Draco both started to protest, but they were shut down with a wave of Pansy’s hand that reminded Harry of Kingsley. Harry hadn’t been wrong when he’d decided that Pansy and Hermione could rule the world if they set themselves too it.

“Grifferin?” Hermione countered, her eyes alight with amusement.

“That’s even worse,” Draco groaned.

“I quite like Slytherdor,” Blaise mused.

“We are not having a team name that sounds so much like Slytherin!” Ron said.

“You’re all idiots,” Draco muttered, causing Harry to laugh.

“Well Gryfferin sounds too much like Gryffindor to be neutral,” Pansy shrugged.

Harry leaned back on the sofa and watched as his friends and the Slytherins began coming up with even more ridiculous team names. He smiled at how much everything had changed in the last three weeks. They had just over a month until Draco’s trial and had a lot of progress to make, but as he caught Draco’s eye when Blaise suggested the team name Muggle Lovin’, Harry knew it wasn’t going to be as hard as Kingsley or Robards thought. There was something so beautiful about Draco’s unguarded smile, and Harry let that thought sweep him away.

Chapter 5 is now up!

The Fellowship's Hogwarts Houses

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[Someone’s been flicking through our blogs… forgive me if this becomes a super long post discussing personalities and events possibly with direct quotes that last forever and whatnot ��]

Frodo: Ravenclaw. He literally never stops asking questions. The entire time. Questions. At one point, he asks Gandalf, “What news of the outside world? Tell me everything.” And Gandalf’s response is, “Everything? You are far too eager and curious for a Hobbit. Most unnatural.” At the start of the series, he’s shown to be a great deal like Bilbo, in that he is always reading. Frodo is forever thinking, which can confuse Pippin a little, “And now leave me in peace for a bit! I do not want to answer a string of questions while I am eating! I want to think!” His curiosity does not end once the Ring begins to corrupt him, but he does become more understanding. When Gollum tries to steal the ring, and Frodo is advised against trusting him by Sam, Frodo is very reliant on his own intellect, almost to a fault. While his judge of character in the past may have been pretty good (such as with Boromir, “I know what you would say, and it would seem like wisdom, but for the warning in my heart”), it isn’t always as perfect as he may think, such as when he offers the Ring to Galadriel. But still he relies on it, and values it above all else. I think he’s definitely a Ravenclaw.

Samwise (may I just say I hate his name because it literally means halfwit and he’s anything but): Hufflepuff. “Don’t leave me here alone. It’s your Sam calling. Don’t go where I can’t follow.” If Sam isn’t the epitome of undying loyalty, I don’t know what is. His pure faith and trust in Frodo is undiminishing. He’s loyal to a fault, and he knows full well that this endeavour could easily get him killed, “If you don’t come back, sir, then I shan’t, that’s certain,” and still he chooses to stay by Frodo. When Frodo tries to leave the Fellowship, Sam knows exactly what Frodo’s doing, chases after him, and wades into deep waters even though he knows he can’t swim, trusting Frodo with his life. If Sam isn’t Hufflepuff, then I don’t know who is.

Meriadoc & Peregrine (same sorting): Gryfferin. These little shits (and I say it in the most affectionate way possible) are both incredibly brave and chivalrous and still cunning as characters can get. Remember at the start of The Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo’s being an angsty baby and they’re just, “something’s up” and literally get Sam (Sam being… not worried… concerned (sorry not sorry for the Night Vale reference) about Frodo) to spy on Frodo for them so they can figure it out and when they do they’re not even afraid they’re just, “hey we’re coming too” and they completely ignore everything Frodo (angsty Frodo) is saying about certain death and whatnot. And then they completely defy the rules about the “secret” meeting (they figured Frodo was up to something yet again) and spy anyway and just burst out out of the bushes the second they know they’re going to Mordor and oml they display both the traits of Slytherin and Gryffindor. Fight me on this.

Legolas*: Slytherdor. This little shit (and I’ve done it again) is literally one of the most resourceful characters. He pulls the orc arrows from literally everywhere (probably Boromir’s dead body too fight me) even though they’re not so great and fixes them up and reuses them literally every time he runs out of arrows and all the time he’s making no big deal about it. Like a Slytherin, his loyalty does not extend to literally everyone the way a Hufflepuff’s does, and, once his loyalty’s earnt (see Frodo being brave enough to take the Rings to Mordor even when everyone bigger and stronger than him is fighting over that responsibility, admiration for Sam’s undying loyalty, the pure cunning and positivity of Merry and Pippin, Gimli being kind and brave and then being accepted by Galadriel with the strand of hair thing, also Gimli surviving Helm’s Deep and beating him in death count (Legolas accepts this entirely in the books because he’s so glad to see Gimli alive), Aragorn’s heritage and bravery and leadership, I could go on) being so completely loyal he’d kill anyone who harmed them with zero hesitation possibly even if it wasn’t an enemy (see Éomer). He’s also really super brave (fight me) and he values this to no end. Legolas is definitely Slytherdor.

Gimli: Gryffinpuff. “Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.” He’s incredibly brave and fiercely loyal to the just cause. Galadriel and Legolas both trust him. Two elves. Elves hate dwarves and dwarves hate them in turn but here we see Gimli defying those roles because he believes it is what is right. Isn’t that terribly Gryffinpuff?

Aragorn: Gryffindor.First off, if there’s anything he’s not, it’s Slytherin. He could so easily have gained so much power (kingship and the Ring) and yet he turned it down without a second thought (granted he wound up being King anyway) despite him being resourceful (being a ranger and all). He’s not Hufflepuff, either. His loyalty is something to be earnt. Perhaps he’s not Ravenclaw either, simply because he is primarily brave, chivalrous, and just and those are hid defining traits and those are what make him a great leader and eventually a great king. Nothing he does makes me doubt for a second he’s anything but Gryffindor.

Boromir: Gryfferin. “Warning? Against what? We are all afraid, Frodo. But to let that fear drive us to destroy what hope we have… don’t you see? That is madness!” I think Boromir is, like Merry and Pippin, Gryfferin. Primarily, he’s clearly Gryffindor, though his type of bravery and justice is different to his brother’s. His sense of bravery is that of the one wielding the power, and the ambition to come into power is a Slytherin trait. His leadership is Gryffindor in that he feels it his duty to defend his people and he feels the best way to do that is with power, and therefore with the Ring. And he’s prepared to sacrifice anything for it (dramatic music plays).

Gandalf: Gryffinclaw. His logic is unparalleled and he only ever uses it for just causes. Better than most Gryffindors is his understanding of justice and what is right and we see this when he explains to Frodo why Bilbo’s decision to spare Gollum’s life was a good one, “ Pity? It was pity that stayed Bilbo’s hand. Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends. My heart tells me that Gollum has some part to play yet, for good or ill before this is over. The pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many.” He sacrifices himself to save the Fellowship, the one power doing anything at that time to stop Sauron, in the hope that maybe, just maybe, they could make it. That’s a very Gryffindor thing to do.

This turned out to be a 1226 word essay. Sorry.

~ Tara (Slytherin)

* Legolas’ house may be slightly biased I love him.