Here’s one of the pieces I did for the upcoming “826LA"fundraiser art show at GR Works. It’s going to be great! The artists were assigned to illustrate an assigned short story written by one of the children from the organization 826LA , which helps support young students with their creative writing skills. The show at GR Works opens April 27th. Check it out!

Pen to Paper: My Imaginary Friend Show
Opens on Saturday, April 27!

This unique show combines the creative powers of child-authors and the artistic prowess of seasoned art professionals to bring you imaginative stories and their beautifully rendered illustrations! 

This is the official poster and book cover for the show, illustrated by Glen Keane! For those unfamiliar, Glen Keane is an animation veteran who has worked on classics such as Beauty and the BeastTarzan, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tangled, and so much more. We’re so honored to have him along with several other talented artists be a part of the show. Of course, we’re also honored to have the kids from 826LA provide their stories to us! We couldn’t have done this without them :)

For more information about the show, please visit our website:

To help us Kickstart the publishing of the book that will have ALL the show’s stories and illustrations, please share and donate to our Kickstarter!
Women in animation

GRWorks in LA has a great show on female artists in the animation industry (click the link above). AWESOME! And then it got me thinking, where are all the female artists in my studio? I can look around me right now as I sit here in my office and say, of the 2 dozen people here on my team, there’s only one female here. 

There’s this weird phenomena where females in the animation industry are rare. As rare as the mythical Snow Leopard. I’ve worked at several studios in film and games and can say that less than 5% of the people I’ve ever worked with are girls. Growing up, girls seemed to be the more creative ones. They were always painting or making creative posters, in general being more creative and artsy than I was.

There seems to be some sort of stigma that women aren’t fitted for this industry whether it’s an old oversimplification such as Disney’s 9 Old Men or Warner Bros Termite Terrace. But I can confidently say, that every professional female artist I’ve worked with are some of the most creative and impressive artists out there. The ones that are working absolutely knock it out of the park. Hell, a close friend of mine has one of the most endearing styles I’ve been privy to know.

There’s no doubt there needs to be a lot more women in the animation industries. It’s hard for me to know exactly why they don’t pursue this line of work. I’ve read plenty of articles and heard first hand from female friends why it can be difficult to break in or that long ago, an adult came along and told them that “art” is a man’s endeavor. Fuck that.

Girls can paint, draw, sculpt, animate, write, and make compelling films just as good as anyone else. What sets any artist apart from the rest of the world are two things. The first is something everyone has, a voice. An opinion. An idea. This is where our creativity comes from. The more personal the idea is, the more of an impact their work can carry. The other is practice. Tons and tons of practice. I’ve heard people say, “ooh, you have a gift” or “I wish I could draw”. Once again, fuck that. It all comes down to practice (and some guidance too). 

So if you’re a girl and you like art, animation, or whatever but you don’t think you can do it: START DOING IT! Pick up that pencil and draw. Bust out that canvas and paint. Stop saying you want to do something and just do it! You may suck now (we all do or did) but it all take time and practice. 

GIRLS: Get out there. Break into the industry. Flood the studios. We need women in animation. We need your perspectives and paradigms on the work we produce. 

An amazing Kickstarter just launched! It’s a book of short stories written by little kids, illustrated by big kids. GRworks and 826LA teamed up to make this happen and I’m very grateful to have illustrated a story for it. There are so many talented artists attached to this, I’m very excited to see this project come together and become a reality. Please support this and make it happen :)

Check out the Kickstarter Here

Above is a piece I did for one of the stories.

Here’s one last illustration I made for GRworks’ show “Pen to Paper” opening this Saturday. For more info about the show Click Here

Contributing artists include : Robert Kondo, Cory Loftis, Shiyoon Kim, Joe Mingoo Lee, Patrick Osborne, Daniel Arriaga, Matt Nolte, Bruce Smith, Chris Sasaki, Pam Tu, Lissa Treiman, Bobby Pontillas, Scott Watanabe, Carrie Liao, Josie Trinidad, Jeff Turley, Everett Downing, Tony Akins, Nicholas Orsi, John Kahrs, Blazo, Willie Real, and Katia Grifolis