Post office abbreviations for street addresses are:

Alley (Aly), Arcade (Arc), Avenue (Ave), Boulevard (Blvd), Branch (Br), Bypass (Byp), Causeway (Cswy), Center (Ctr), Circle (Cir), Court (Ct), Crescent (Cres), Drive (Dr), Expressway (Expy), Extension (Ext), Freeway (Fwy), Gardens (Gdns), Grove (Grv), Heights (Hts), Highway (Hwy), Lane (Ln), Manor (Mnr), Place (Pl), Plaza (Plz), Point (Pt), Road (Rd), Route (Rte), Rural ®, Square (Sq), Street (St), Terrace (Ter), Trail (Trl), Turnpike (Tpke), Viaduct (Via), Vista (Vis). Compass points are abbreviated when they come after street names but are written out when used internally in an address.

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