The Borders of Russia 

A complicated Soviet past coupled with the vast geography of Russia has made border territories a problematic area politically, physically, & culturally. The Inherent disturbances of boundaries, whether due to the process of unification or disintegration, have always been connected with the issue of self loss. Border territories, as the most distant & disturbed areas of the countries, illustrate like no other, the state of present-day Russia; how it is shaping its identity & its relationship with the Soviet consciousness, which it seeks to both outlive & preserve.

The project has taken an approach of an ethnographical journey, an investigation of the political & cultural symbols we naturally or artificially embed in the surrounding landscapes to mark the territory with what relates or signifies our identity. It explores the connection between the disturbance of territorial boundaries and identities and serves as a study of cultural symbols associated with collective identity and landscape as its metaphorical representation.

-Maria Gruzdeva