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Hehe you know when Yang Nam show suprise us with that sexy jimin predebut. Where i can see the videos when members watching it? Im dying to see their reactions!!

you can dl the full thing here to watch it and for the subs you can watch the first part here (BUT please be careful because there are a lot of popups, so at your own risk)

Do you ever stop to think why Tooru killed his entire family, not only his father who at least seem to have caused most of the horrible things to him? I guess there might have been a few reasons why. Now, I am now basing these things on the idea that Tooru`s father was the one who treated the family and Tooru horribly. And this only trying to think about why, not if this was “right”.

1.) Tooru was bitter because his other family members were too scared or powerless to stop the horrors that happened in that house. When Tooru is dragged by his father, you see a small glimpse of who probably is his mother, hiding away after she sees this. Tooru facial expression is interesting:

I guess he thought that his mother could have made a difference, but she was too scared to do anything. Maybe that is why, with the burst of rage that triggered him to such an overkill with his father, he murdered the rest of them. Maybe Tooru thought that he was left alone in that situation, and nobody helped him when they could have. Now, I am not saying this makes the murder of his entire family justified. His mother could have been beaten too and was just too scared of his husband to do anything. That place must have been a hell to live for all of them. 

2.) It was done to make the scene look like a ghoul attack. Tooru dismembered his fathers legs and body, which made me think that maybe he did that to frame the scene like a ghoul had attacked. Or maybe he was just so blinded by rage that he “went with the flow”. 

There is one other thing that Ishida did with this to but emphasis on how broken that house was. If you look at the panels, you see that all of the things in there are in a mess. Nothing is organized, there are even big black trash bags everywhere. Like an symptom of the messed up state of the family.