gruvvulous gloves


Oh hey there, Kid. I’m assuming you mean Nut-Ler since his presence sticks out like a sore thumb. I don’t know who he is other than the reason my mind’s going numb. He’s constantly talking about voices in trees and how evil my Thneeds are. Haha. Please. You and I both know none of that is true, but until he realizes that I’ll just have to make due. I’d store your Thneeds somewhere safe if I were you, especially since you work so hard on each one. Boy I remember when it took me half an hour just to get a single Thneed done. If you need any help feel free to phone me.

Evil-how are my Thneeds evil! I’m not just running a business for personal fulfillment here, I’m trying to do some good by making everyone’s lives easier for an affordable price! What’s so ‘evil’ about that? Some people just don’t get it.

I think I’ll be fine. No one ever wanders in the middle of Trufulla Forest, and if they did, I think the critters would warn me. That’s right, I’ve figured out how to tame these guys. *holds up a marshmallow*

ask-the-72-onceler  asked:

I just woke up from the strangest trance. I was young and poor--before I got my big chance. You know what I realized? Your green's got me hooked; I plan on BIGGERING, so I hope you're not too booked.

Apologies for not replying much much earlier, old friend. I completely missed this, until now…however, I must remind you to never forget to consult with success