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413 days???

Well like I told @tea-lief, my original post showcases the magazine on the shelf lol butttt… I have the big version:


Fun fact: Aside from 413 Days, this omake volume also contains Fairies Punishment Game, Welcome Home Frosch, Fairy Tail of the Dead Meeeeeeen, and Fairies Christmas. All of which have some Gruvia moments~ xD

The power of trash is real.

Oh and Mashima said in the afterward for 413 Days he thinks that both Gray and Juvia had a boom inside of him (impact for him).

WTF Mashima!!!

WTF, Mashima! I don’t understand what’s going on in FT anymore. I’m so confused. There’s too much nonsense going on. First we found out that Zeref is Natsu’s brother and father plus he has a son who has “Loki” issues and uses “pleasure” magic. Then Natsu is unconscious again and dying. So Lucy is obviously the only one who can save him. On top of that everyone knows Natsu is END and that he is related to Zeref and that if Zeref dies then Natsu will too. Gray and Natsu almost killed each other. Plus characters are being killed off then coming back to life then there are all these family reunions, Nalu,Gruvia, Jerza & Gajevy moments. We also find out Anna made Natsu’s scarf. Now we find out that Erza is basically part dragon and in a way royalty…..WTF Mashima ?? Its becoming so hard to keep up with all this information all at once. I’m happy that everything is coming together and finally being reviled but there are some things lately that is unbelievable bs. 

Fairy Tail Love

Fairy Tail chapter 507 had just dropped in the states and all of the fans are going crazy for the Gruvia moment:


And the Nalu moment:

As a Nalu and Gruvia fan, I loved these scenes because it showed the further romancing of these eventual couples, however, these don’t show love. This scene shows love…

For some reason, this scene sticks out to me more than shipping scenes. By now it is clear that Erza views Gray and Natsu not as guildmates, friends, punching bags or pains in her neck - which they are - but of as the only family, she has left. Erza has gone from a girl who lost everything:

To a woman who commanded respect and fear:

But under it all, she was afraid of being weak: 

And from at her lowest moment, came out stronger:

And though she views Natsu and Grey as idiots - which, again, they are:

Her attitude towards them is more of an older sister dealing with her idiot brothers:

And in the end…

Stay lovely, and be good to yourself.

What in the world with Mashima sensei?!!

Fairy tail 507: awwww our babies reunion!  NaLu and Gruvia reunited!

Fairy tail 508: Virginity, Orgasm, Exposed, Revelation…. WTF?

Mashima sensei does know how to slow down (Nalu and Gruvia moments) and speed the shit up (Larcade’s virginity disclosure magic)…….. I’m totally confused now hahahaahaha

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I like gruvia b/c I enjoy them separately while also together but I guess I can't really get into the ship as much as the others b/c of how actively grey denied her affections. It's not my thing but I love how passionately you feel about gruvia, it's always nice to see things from a different perspective.

Actively denied her affections? What? 

There’s been one “rejection” (and I put that in quotations because it didn’t change a thing) that was a red herring and was meant to throw readers off. Gray is a closed up person and emotionally scarred. He doesn’t like PDA, but is different when he’s alone with Juvia. All major Gruvia moments are initiated by Gray. Oh, and he’s a typical tsundere. For different perspectives, feel free to browse through my essays/analysis list. Every single anti-Gruvia argument has been taken care of there. Gray has reasons as to why he hasn’t gotten into a relationship with Juvia yet, and it’s not because he doesn’t love her. Luckily he decided he would be ready to settle down and give her his answer after the war. Most of the time Mashima purposely has Juvia go through crazy antics to catch Gray’s attention and his reactions are for laughs. Thank you for your kind words about me personally!

FYI, there’s a form of denial in every ship. For example–Natsu and Lucy don’t have confirmed feelings with Lucy (actively as you put it) flat out denying she loves Natsu, and Jellal pushing Erza away because he doesn’t feel worthy and lying to her about having a “fiance”.


I can stand here…and pound away at you all day and night…It won’t bring Juvia back. She’s…never coming back.

Gray Fullbuster╰☆╮Chapter 500