Fairy Tail Girls

Inspired by seiikas because her manga colourings are absolutely amazing!

Here’s the post that I was inspired by↓ http://seiikas.tumblr.com/post/98473676528/every-b-r-o-k-e-n-enemy-will-know-that-their

My OTPs about each other
  • Natsu:Lucy is very important to me because we're nakama. I'll protect her at all costs.
  • Lucy:Natsu's my best friend. He's always there for me.
  • Gray:I took away her rain and I will always be with her.
  • Juvia:Gray-sama has faith in me. I won't let him down!
  • Jellal:I named her after her hair and tried to save her from my darkness. She's the light.
  • Erza:It's painful, but he's worth the waiting. He'll guide me through the paths I'll choose.
  • Gajeel:I helped her through her S-Class exam. She gave me air when I was fighting.
  • Levy:Yes, and that was after he nailed me to a tree!
  • Gajeel:*stares from Levy to his bag back and forth* Wait, weren't you in here?
Just finished

Just finished drawing, enjoy this gif set of the process:

                                       FINISHED PRODUCT:

With all the recent anti-gruvia hate I think we all need a little cute gruvia <3

I received the inspiration from seeing a post over gruvia being similar to the Pucca so I decided why not? Plus they are so cute!

Anyways I will be posting less regularly, still have college classes all day but I will try to posting new art every week!

Remember to send requests to my ask!


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“What d’you want?”

Juvia’s head whipped up to glare at the unobtrusively rude waiter and opened her mouth to scold him  — only to end up trying to speak and failing at it, because she had it so bad and ended up gaping like a fish.

He was absolutely gorgeous.

Disheveled, effortless raven hair, a dark expression, slanted eyes and sexy mouth looked at her seated self, a perfect eyebrow hitched up as he waited for her order. Juvia’s eyeballs nearly popped from their sockets as she slowly tried to look away, but only to end up staring at his uniform, abs forming around the tight cloth.

Juvia felt hot. Hot enough that she wanted to take her clothes off, but more preferably if a certain guy took it off for her.

“I  —  er  — Juvia  — “

“Not everyone has all time, you know.” The waiter scoffed. Juvia scowled once more, officially turned off.

“Well, if I order you to smile, would you get it for me?”

The boy gaped at her like she was insane, and she kept watching him  — it was an eye-to-eye match for a few moments until the guy burst out laughing and slid into the seat in front of her, watching her with vague interest.

“Fine,” he said. “you’re pretty cute, anyway.”

He gave her a tiny, boyish grin, and that was how Juvia Lockser officially met her soon-to-be fiancee.