Hold your colours against the wall when they take everything away.

So I got this song stuck in my head, and it got me thinking. It would have been neat if that, say you had killed Sugar, Zacharie shrugs it off as normal, but when you make it to the final save block, instead of Zach giving his speech, he’s just standing there, shaking, glitching out. And if you try to talk to him or pass on to the Queen, he stops you, berates you, and finally loses it, going full angel/monster/whatever, and you have to fight him then and there.

Warrior Wednesday: U.S. Marines and Iraqi soldiers with Golf Co. 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, prepare to make their way through a breach in a wall made by combat engineers to avoid walking through open streets and exposing themselves to sniper fire or opening doors which could be booby-trapped or conceal waiting insurgents, during the third day of Operation Steel Curtain, an operation to clear Husaybah (a city on the Iraq-Syrian border) of insurgents on November 7, 2005.

Life in a Fandom-Told by Grunts

Being in a fandom in the first place:

Being a fan of a certain ship:

Seeing the big bad for the first time:

When you see your favorite character:

When you see your favorite background character:

When a series comes back after a hiatus or season break:

When a series known for feels comes back:

When a creator known for feels hints they’re working on a new episode or season:

When someone in the fandom disses your character:

When a season/series finale comes:

When the series constantly attacks your heart:

When you make a good post and suddenly the fandom swarms you:

When your favorite character dies:

when he’s actually alive/came back to life:

Making theories:

Any further info about what a fandom is guys?