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I used to feel bad for Olicity fans how fanboys hated on you and how Felicity is just hated a lot now. Not anymore. You guys are so bitter. If your show continues to disappoint you, you deserve it.

Actually, nonnie, I’m not bitter at all. I’m excited, appreciative and very grateful for everything we’ve gotten from Arrow as a fandom. I think it has been and still is amazing and incredibly generous of them.

I’d recommend against lumping in all Olicity fans as one people who all react and interpret things the same way. Generalisations are almost always inaccurate. I know there are plenty of Olicity fans who feel as grateful as me, just as there are others who are disgruntled and some who are just gruntled. 😊 I also know not all comic book fans or L/O fans think and react the same either.

Personally i don’t think Olicity fans need to be felt sorry for. I think we’re very lucky. Not everyone shares that opinion for sure, but then no fandom in the history of fandoms has ever shared one opinion because that is not how people work.

the signs as things my history teacher has said during the first week of school

aries: “A McRib is kind of like a vampire of the undead, isn’t it?”

taurus: “I do not have a fetish about the 5 paragraph essay.”

gemini: “Global warming… which of course is a theory!… like gravity.”

cancer: “I’ve loved the [Geico] gecko for years, apparently.”

leo: “The Coca-Cola company will figure out how to save us from global warming!”

virgo: “A basic fact of the earth is that… it’s a sphere!”

libra: “We keep the postal workers gruntled, don’t we?”

scorpio: “On a scale of 0 to cocaine, we’re on the cocaine end aren’t we?”

sagittarius: “Gang. You do not need worry about falling off the earth.”

capricorn: “Unlike Tom Cruz, you can handle the truth.”

aquarius: “A ‘none/all of the above’ usually means the teacher couldn’t think of enough options!”

pisces: “I am infinitely interruptible.”

Toc had never trusted the gods anyway.

Any god. In truth, his list of those whom he did trust was, after all he had been through, pathetically short.

Tattersail. Ganoes Paran. Gruntle.


A sorceress, a mediocre captain, a caravan guard and a damned T'lan Imass.

Would that they were with him now, riding at his side.

Reaper’s Gale
The Malazan Book of the Fallen
by Steven Erikson

Did You Know?

The verb “disgruntle,” which has been around since 1682, means “to make ill-humored or discontented.” The prefix dis- often means “to do the opposite of,” so people might naturally assume that if there is a “disgruntle,” there must have first been a “gruntle” with exactly the opposite meaning. But actually, “dis-” doesn’t always work that way - in some rare cases it functions instead as an intensifier. “Disgruntle” developed from this intensifying sense of dis- plus gruntle, an old word meaning “to grumble.” In the 1920s, a writer humorously used “gruntle” to mean “to make happy” - in other words, as an antonym of “disgruntle.” The use caught on. At first “gruntle” was used only in humorous ways, but people eventually began to use it seriously as well.

—  Merriam-Webster