grunt love

Imagine the aliens of the Normandy crew absolutely confused and terrified over human birthday traditions

Liara with a very strained smile as the humans scream-sing a weird song ritualistically at her

Wrex threatening that if anyone even thinks about blindfolding him and purposely disorienting him to play some weird game called ‘Pin the Tail on the Pyjak’ he will murder them

Garrus trying to be polite but getting more and more overwhelmed what with all the noisemakers, the setting food on fire and Shepard vehemently insisting he wear the weird Cone Hat 

James getting way too excited and hanging up a piñata and screaming “Hit the piñata Tali! Beat it! BEAT THE PIÑATA!!” and Tali is just sobbing that she doesn’t know what kind of animal a piñata is but she definitely doesn’t want to kill it with a stick and eat its innards

Turn Ons

Ass grabbing + slapping
Back scratching
Neck biting
Lip biting
Wall slamming
Urgent kissing
Roaming hands
Thigh kisses
Being pinned/held down
Thigh slapping + grabbing
Being told: “you’re fucking mine”
Male domination

Basically “fucking” is better than “making love”. Period.

best team skull grunts:

rah rah cool cats

  • grunts A and B ask you if you remember them, and if you say no they shrug and switch places to see if that helps, even though they look exactly the same
  • the one that tries to steal berries from an old man, gets called out, and tells him not to say that because his “self-esteem is already low”
  • the grunt squatting on a route that says he is in pain because squats are hard
  • grunts stealing the bus sign
  • the one female grunt who really loves carnvine but doesn’t have one on her team yet (someone get her a carnvine)
  • the rapping duo manning the po town pokecenter that are broke and probably spent too much time practicing that rap 
  • the guy passed out (drunk?) in said pokecenter next to a spinda
  • two miscommunicating male grunts: one is trying to send a signal about being invaded, the other, “does he think I’m hot or something?”
  • whichever grunt has that cute room decorated with plushies
  • the grunt sleeping across two beds
  • two fourth-wall-breaking female grunts arguing about their tank tops
  • the one that gets really confused when you sit on guzma’s chair
  • “wanna see me get hit with hyperbeam?” grunt who will do anything for money
  • the grunt that knows he will loose, so he just leaves without fighting you
dating Bucky Barnes...
  • he’s definitely really hesitant around you at first because this is all so new to him and he doesn’t wanna fuck it up
  • he ends up pushing you away as a defence mechanism 
  • you’re not upset though, you understand and give him a little room
  • then one day it’s just you and him in the tower
  • so you decide to watch a movie (he let’s you pick)
  • so you go with Titanic because a) it’s a classic and b) he’d never seen it 
  • there’s subtle touches 
    • like his hand grazing yours in the popcorn bowl
    • or his side pressed against yours
    • he’ll definitely be paying more attention to you than the movie
  • that’s when he realises he’s in deep and you’re the only thing that matters to him 
  • he doesn’t even realise but he’s pulled you into his lap, crashing his lips onto yours

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BTS REACTION to Breaking Bed During Rough Sex

Smut week: day 1


He was going at a rougher pace than usual, fucking you absolutely senseless as you screamed out his name and begged him for more. His thrusts grew sharper, his breathing uneven as he moaned with you. And then, all of a sudden you hear a crack coming below you both. You squeal as the bed breaks, and Jin lands on top of you with a scream.

“Ah! That’s what you get for begging me to go harder, Y/N!”

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He had one of your legs over his shoulder, going at his normal rough pace. He grunted in your ear, loving the way you were clenching around him. He picked up pace, making you scream his name. One hand was holding himself up on your headboard, while the other was rubbing your clit. You were close, when all of a sudden the bed falls. You moaned, him still inside of you. The pressure made him grunt as it buried himself deep inside you.

 "Fuck,“ he pauses, catching his breath, "Couch. Now.”

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 He lost control over you that night, making sure you knew who you belonged to. You were his, and he wanted everyone in the whole neighborhood to know that. So, he was pounding into your tight pussy, saying how wet and good it felt around him. You heard a spring in your bed, and you tried to smack him away from you, but just as your orgasm rippled through you, the bed broke. You screamed, your orgasm intensifying.

 "That’s it, baby. Let everyone know who you belong to.“ He wasn’t really phased by the bed breaking, considering he was the god of destruction already. 

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 He had you in cowgirl position, thrusting up into you as you moaned his name countless amounts of times. His hands on your hips, surely leaving bruises. His fingers made its way towards your clit, rubbing it furiously, making you jolt your hips towards him. This caused you to accidentally break the bed, hearing his grunt as you squealed.

 "Shit,” he chuckled, “You need to slow down, babygirl. Don’t worry, I’ll buy you a new bed. Get on the floor and finish." 

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 He was about to cum. You could feel his dick twitch inside you as you rode him, your arms resting on his shoulders. You had him tied to the bed frame, blindfolded, as you picked up your pace and he moaned loudly. He was so close. And just as he came inside of you, the bed broke from your last thrust. He moaned, his cum filling you up.

 "D-did the bed just break?” He asked, softly laughing, but his laughter soon died down as you rode him once again, overstimulating him.

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 This man had both of your legs over his shoulders, fucking you at such a fast pace that you just couldn’t keep up anymore. You were a moaning mess for him, arching your back. He groaned in your ear, his deep voice raspy and rough. You shouted his name, chanting him on. Your walls clenched, making him lose control all over again. But just as he did that, the bed collapsed. You were quick to cling yourself around him. But he continued to thrust into you, not phased one bit.

 "Fuck the bed, we needed a new one anyways.“ "Cum for me, princess. Scream my name." 

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 He was fucking you from behind, pulling roughly on your hair. You moaned, feeling as his dick rammed into you perfectly. You felt so tight around him, so wet. And he lost all of his common sense the second he entered you. He was fucking you relentlessly, making you scream his name. It was music to his ears. Everything was good, so good. Until he snapped his hips harder and the bed broke, causing you to lose your balance and have just your ass sticking up for him.

 "Oh, fuck. Stay like that. Such a good girl.. Shit.” He was more focused on you than anything else, making him forget about the bed as he placed you both on the floor.

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