Who is this?

Whaddya mean you saw “young me”? Like a photo?

Yeah, I’m not ashamed to say it, I was quite a looker back  in the day.

Those were good times, I didn’t have the law on my tail yet, didn’t have to wear my glasses all the time, weighed a lot less…


Not saying I lost any of that, though! Lemme tell you, I can still pull in the ladies left and right, no question about that!

Geez, kids today, when did you all get so nosey?

Look, I already got over that problem because my grand-niece tricked me into standin’ on a water tower with a muffin painted on it!

Nice kid, a little “cray-cray” though.

And I wish I’d never let her have that grappling hook, she’s always shooting and hangin’ off the rafters, which makes me worry, because the Mystery Shack ain’t exactly made of grade-a lumber,if you know what I mean, and it’d really kill my wallet if I had to rebuild this dump…

Sorry, what were we talkin’ about, again?

The whatsa-whozit-cast?

Listen kid, you’re gonna have to not use made up words if ya start askin’ me questions. The only things I’ve been on lately are The Gravity Falls Police Blotter and the Freddy and The Weasel in the Morning Show

Oh man, that Weasel guy cracks me up! How does do all those hilarious voices? And then with those crazy sound effects! Heh heh, great guys! Really classin’ up this two-bit town!

(OOC: Hello all, I haven’t been meaning the neglect this blog, it’s just that I’m running low on the makeup I use, and I’d love to be able to answer a ton of questions all in one photo session. In the meantime I’ve been working on some props and Gravity Falls related things for this blog. Stay tuned. and make sure to keep sending in those asks! Thanks!)